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Snail's Pace

  • The Audience category is for threads where folks outside a game to offer their comments, compliments and kibbitzing. (Remember, only game participants can start an "Audience" thread. but once they give their approval, it's fair game. Keep it positive!)
    8 discussions 84 comments
  • This is the category for in-game play. You can post rules and stuff here, but maybe try to keep it as on-topic as possible.
    592 discussions 35,001 comments
  • This is the same as "In-Game", except that non-members can't see posts in this category. If you want to go one step further, contact me, and I can make a dedicated role and category for your game.
    2 discussions 60 comments
  • This is the category for out-of-game discussion of specific games. I guess most games should have an in-game and an out-of-game thread. You can chat about the game, clarify rules, and so on. If you don't want people from outside the game chiming in here, say so.
    197 discussions 15,301 comments
  • This is the same as "Out-of-Game", except non-members can't see posts in this category.
    2 discussions 126 comments
  • Maybe if we're playing PBP games, we might want to talk about them. There aren't many (any?) games designed specifically for PBP. It's a very limiting format, but there are some advantages as well. Let's exploit them!
    15 discussions 292 comments
  • Pitch a game here, call for players, ask for GMs, discuss game ideas.
    80 discussions 2,199 commentsMost recent: [The Island] AW? by Christopher WeeksMay 2018
  • I'm new to this new-fangled intertron, so any advice, ideas, requests or bug reports, post 'em here.
    41 discussions 2,035 commentsMost recent: Tech Administrivia by DevPNovember 2015