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The power is already going to my head. Anyhow. This is a forum for Play-by-Post roleplaying games, or story-games, or what-have-you. Maybe we can talk in this thread about some ideas for things that can be done with this forum, add-ons, and so on. I would LOVE someone with a bit more understanding of all this internet nonsense to give me some advice on how to clean up some of the artifacts of using a free hosting service, and having no notable php or ftp skills. I have a lot of free time in which to learn, though.



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    Ok, added a bunch of extensions, including "who's online", "members list", the sidebar thing you see there, allowed html formatting, and a dice roller even.

    I'm going to play around with the dice roller to see how it works.
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    Ok, I've figured out how to do the dice thing now. You need to type a hash mark - #, followed by the word "dice", an open bracket, and then the number and kind of dice you want to roll, 3d6, 2d8 etc, followed by a close bracket. You can add a flat numeric value, but not multiple different kinds of dice, it seems. Here are some examples:


    Mouse over the figures to show the results. Click on them and you can sort them and sum them and stuff.
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    #DiceRoller( 3d6 )
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    Can I request the "quote an earlier post" function as well?

    EDIT: The "whisper to this person link" might be useful for some games as well.
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    Oh yeah, "quote" is essential. I'll get that online this evening. I'm having a bit of trouble implimenting "whisper" though. It's not an extension, it's a core feature, and it says it's activated, but it doesn't seem to work. If anyone has some advice, I'd love to hear it. I'll have a tinker around and see what I can do though.
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    Added Whisper link, and Quick Quote. Whispers are firing on all cylinders too.
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    Can you do weird dice?

    #DiceRoller( 13d5 )
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    Yes, yes you can.

    #DiceRoller( 3d16 )
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    Hi! Sorry about the temporary loss of service, everyone. I'm still not quite sure what the deal was. Something to do with passwords changing and stuff. I'm not sure if it's fixed itself of if it was fixed on purpose, but it's all working now.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    These things happen.

    Speaking of weird dice, let's try Fudge dice.....

    Nope have to use d3's

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    It lives!
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    There's some talk about fudge dice support in a later update, so it might be coming soon. Here's hoping.
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    Hey everyone. It seems to be ok right now, but the site's been going up and down all day. Shortly we should be moving to a new location, without so much disruption. Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the interruptions.
  • Weird! Dice don't seem to be working. Hang on.

  • Ok, it's just when the posts are backed up, it doesn't save the database information from the dice roller. The roller is working fine. Hopefully we shouldn't have to move again any time soon, so any future dice rolls are safe.

    Don't worry about me. I started Snail's Pace in part because I have a job that leaves me with nothing to do for hours but mess around on the internet. Having stuff to do for Snail's Pace is an active pleasure. The hero of the hour at the moment is DevP, who did most of the work for the changeover. If anyone should be getting support, it should be him.
  • Oh right. Yeah, I guess it's to stop people previewing their rolls until they get something they like.
  • this is a test. <:)
  • Is the preferred use of the Board for games to keep IG threads to minimum or to create different threads for different scenes etc. (e.g., as the IAWA game is doing)?
  • Hmm, prior to the implimentation of tags, I would have said to keep them to a minimum. Now, I think, it's not such a problem.
  • So this little forum is a year old now, huh? Mayhaps we should dust it off and try to play some games again. Anybody still out there?
  • hey RIch, I just stopped in again today. I'd like to play, do you or does someone else have something in mind?
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  • #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
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  • #DiceRoller(1d6)
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