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  • This actually seems like the best thread for general forum-related questions, so from someone who has never used a Vanilla forum:

    1. In the absence of private messages, a discussion whispered directly to one person is effectively the same thing, right? Does it matter what category it's in if there are no public comments in the discussion?
    2. Similarly, what are the "In-Character (hidden)" and "Out-of-Character (hidden)" discussion categories for, exactly?
    3. New whispered comments to a specific person only bump that discussion to the top for the person in question, right? Not that this makes a big deal, I just like the in-thread whisper thing but I don't want to be bumping threads pointlessly, especially if I wanted to ask someone questions about an old discussion.
  • I'm honestly not sure about the whispering. I've used it, but I wouldn't consider it secure or anything. Not sure if it bumps the forum or not though.

    Also, don't really know what those tags are for.

    I'm very unhelpful.
  • A whispered discussion is indeed this software's version of a private message. Also, you can whisper a discussion to yourself in order to create a private notes thread, or something like that.

    The (hidden) categories have no discernible use. I suppose you could use them for whispered discussions, if you wanted: in that role, you could open up those categories and they'd be like PM in-boxes. (I doubt anyone's bothering to do that, though.)

    A whisper should only bump for you and the recipient.
  • I think the hidden forums are for games that only members can see. If you're not logged in you can't see those threads.
  • True, true. If you log out, those categories disappear entirely.
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