[Sorcerer SoC]Scene 6: Questions [Dalomo]

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Thankfully Ardruk had not been in the lab. Dalomo had left the corpse there along with a note that he would be back to talk, and Ardruk should wait until they talk to do anything with the body. Now he approached the richly decorated door to his lordships chambers, as he had many times in the past. This time though, two of Dalomo's grim faced guards stood outside the door. Dalomo could hear voices from inside, raised.

"Captain, this is intolerable. I will not be a prisoner in my own keep! You and your men are dismissed, go immediately."

"I'm sorry your Lordship, your own emergency protocols do not permit me to obey that order. If your lordship will be patient..."

"I've been patient enough, I have other work to be getting along with. You think this country runs itself. We would be better served if you were out investigating this disturbing occurrence?"

"But... , your Grace..."

"But nothing! You do believe I am myself I take it. "

Pause. Uncertainty in the Captain's voice, though Dalomo had told him less than an hour ago that Balun was not who he claimed to be. "Yes, your grace."

"Good, then take your men and depart, search the palace for other conspirators."


  • Every sample he'd ever used had come from ancient cell line stock. It shocked him to think someone would try to cross that with human cell line. How else could the duplication be done? Dalomo thinks. If anything, it must be a copy of a copy. And, as his experience in the labs had held, copies of copies come with errors. He had to look for the errors in this imposter, they might be subtle, but he could tease them out and exploit them.

    From the labs he gathered some equipment: a chemo-volt controller, acids and tracer hormones, some of the enzyme powders and a sheet of simple resin paper. He couldn't be sure, what he felt was a mixture of cells would respond exactly as he'd like, but he knew these things did influence the ancient cell lines.

    Dalomo waits for his man to leave the Lord's chamber. With no sound, he catches the soldier's attention. From their many years of training they can easily communicate with simple hand gestures. Dalomo signals for him to not go far, hide and observe the perimeter.

    Dalomo then continues to listen, lurking by the door. He knows the emergency door in his Lord's chamber has a distinctive click when opened. If he can hear it, he should know if this imposter tries to leave.

    If nothing happens, then . . .
    With a deep breath, Dalomo enters the chamber.
    Hopefully I can roll a Lore check over to either a Command or a Punish or Contain ritual. I don't have the book on hand, so I'm not sure which will work best for Dalomo's needs. He needs information, and I think a Punish might be the best thing to start with-- using the equipment from the labs to help him.

    Can Dalomo tease out the power of this demon? Find out its Needs? Banishing him might be the best, ultimately, and getting a humanity increase check might help since he lost some on his initial binding.
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    [My book's right here:

    You have at your disposal Bind, Punish, Banish, and Contain.

    Binding would generally require that the demon be already unBound, which might not be the case, so you probably want to leave that alone for the moment.

    Punish is your Will vs it's Stamina, removing Power equal to your number of successes. Probably fairly useful, particularly since Will is your best stat. If nothing else, it would soften it up for a Banish or a Contain. However, if it is bound to someone, the binding strength acts as a penalty to your roll.

    Banish gets rid of a demon: you roll your Will+Humanity vs its Power+Will. If it's bound, the binding strength is a penalty to your roll. This nets you a Humanity gain roll if its Power is greater than your Humanity.

    Contain is your Lore against its Power, preventing it from crossing a boundary that you define. However, you first prepare a focus of some kind, rolling Lore against your own Stamina to gain bonus dice on the main Lore vs Power roll. The text implies that this takes time, but it doesn't really suggest how long (moment? minutes? hours?).
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    You have one more option from Sorcerer and Sword and that is Pact which is a short term bargin with a demon where it agrees to perform some specific task. I'd have to look up the roll later as I don't have that book handy at the moment.

    All rituals take from 1/2 hour to three hours to complete with bonus dice added for extended preperation (8 to 24 hrs.) Rituals attempted shapshot have the Sorcerer's relevant score reduced to one die, which of course can be mitigated with rp bonuses/rollovers. Commanding a demon is not a ritual but is possible with will vs. will with binding strength adding bonus to the demon if it is bound. The only demons you can punish instantly without rolling are demons that are bound to you.

    Part of what makes this a little hard to judge is we have a pretty loose idea of what bio-sorcery looks like in this world. A contain ritual may mean strapping him to a table and injecting him with some substance keyed to his biological makeup. The focus may be the table or the injection. Or it might mean setting up a Superman II style prison ring generator or something. (Sorry that was a wierd image I got in my head.) Or maybe something like an electric fence for dogs. Something that generates some sort of tone that he can't stand. Or maybe some electified cell. You get the idea.

    With extensive laboratory testing Dalomo might begin to understand something of the demon's power. As for it's needs he'd probably have to ask it, or again research it extensively.

    Punish could work. Conatining first might be a good idea as it will take some time to get the appropriate punishment, unless you can really rock the imagery.

    To answer yellow on the Lore vs. Stamina roll I think that's an hours thing. How much single minded effort can you put into the focus before you can't focus any more.

    Of course it's a physical demon. You could just beat the crap out of the thing. Not everything about a demon is necessarily superhuman.
  • No sounds come to Dalomo's ears. He enters Balun's chamber quietly. It was the familiar simple but comfortable room that where he and Balun had spent long hours talking over the years. The room is fairly large. Two chairs and a small table are by the fireplace. Colorful tapestries telling the legends of Jeddek and portraits of current and past houshold members hang around the room. Balun's desk, an antique, sits in one corner. Scrolls and Books sit on a finely made shelf on the wall next to the desk. The floor is covered by a rich rug, a gift from the royal family of Saar. The whole room is illuminated by glowglobes. Dalomo could see the phosperescent worms crawling on the interior of the one nearest him. Dalomo had been here even before it was Balun's room at all, when it had been old King Ivo's room.

    Dalomo scans the room and at first does not see the prisoner. He looks towards the secondary door. It looks secure, and he did not hear it click. Movment catches his eye and he suddenly sees his quarry, standing in shadow. The false Balun doesn't appear to notice him, as he is looking at a group of pictures behind Balun's desk. The central and largest picture is a painting of Balun and two girls, Ismene, around 13 summers old, and her older sister Agathe, who died later that year.

    The imposter reaches out and gently strokes the cheek of Ismene's image.
  • Strange, for an imposter construct to show such behavior. Emotional attachment to it's source's memories, perhaps. I can use this. Dalomo positions the syringe of tracer hormones to his left hand, to the side of his body. He knows much about the nature of consciousness within ancient technology, if he can only exploit it's discontent. It must be horrific for it to be both ancient and mixed with the modern.

    "Technically, she's not your daughter, you know. You might have his face, maybe some of his memories. But you are not her father. Her father is dead.

    What are you feeling for Ismene?
    Tell me who killed her father, and maybe I can help you and her."

    Not sure how Sorcery really ports over to Ancient tech, in a color sense. I'd welcome any suggestions or ideas. If the imposter does not open and discuss, then Dalomo will go for a Punish check. What that would look like, again, I'm not sure. Hopefully maybe roll over some Lore successes, if any.
  • Just remember that punish is a ritual too. If it isn't your demon and you don't take the time to do it right, it's a snapshot ritual, rolling only one die. You might want to pin him down. For punish like I mentioned above it could be anything that would cause it pain. Some form of ray or light or radiation, exposure to some chemical or gas otherwise harmless to people, Injection of somthing. Exposure to some sound or vibration that would cause it pain, again harmless to humans. As for contain, the idea is that the contain prevents movement across a boudary. A contain can trap a demon or it can prevent a demon from approaching something that the boundary is put around. Using the ideas from above, contain could be some specially made cell. Or some chemical or radiation beam it can't cross. I see the science in the world as being very alchemy flavored. The tech of the ancients isn't well understood.

    "Balun" looks at Dalomo contemplativly. "Ah, Dalomo, what a history we've had together. Perhaps you'd like to sit and discuss old times?" At Dalomo's silence, he continues. "Or perhaps not now. Things are confusing I'm sure." He looks back at the painting. "My feelings for my daughter defy description, as they always have. She is my greatest treasure, as I've told you many times. You perhaps understand my feelings, and how inadequte words are to describe them, as you've been her mentor for so long" He pauses and begins to pace the room, thoughtfully touching the little mementos that lay about it.

    He picks up and looks at a small pendant with King Ivo's portrait on it. "What is it, Dalomo," he says slowly "that makes somone who they are? When our oldest men, like my father, get the memory disease and all that they know fades from their minds, are they still themselves? I remember that he didn't know me. And now you act as if you don't. But Dalomo, I know who I am. I am still Ismene's father, more truly now, perhaps, than my old self was, and still your freind. So you see," He looks into Dalomos eyes, "your question is non-sensical. No one killed her father, for I am not dead.

    "It is hard to explain, but in a sense no death has occured. Merely a shell has been sluffed off, like the great Ohmu when the season is right. The season was right... " He trails off. "I'm truly sorry, old friend," he says, patting Dalomo on the shoulder, "that you were so alarmed by your find. And old Creo too." He smiles. "But now we can let it pass, and have things as they were."
  • Dalomo steps and grabs him by the shoulder. He brandishes the syringe high.

    "What have you done?! Who helped you? Are you really my Lord or some sick parody of life? You've made mistakes, the people who knew you, know something is wrong. I know something is wrong. You can't expect to lead anymore. How will the people trust you if your very power relies on deception?!

    Prove to me that you are Balun."

    Dalomo adjusts his grip on the syringe and waits and hopes.

    Dalomo wonders. Has he found the key to immortality? Is my Lord not really dead?
  • "For god sake! Dalomo please! " Balun, clearly unnerved, struggles against the grip. "All right, all right!" He speaks carefully. "Do you remember when I caught you and Jacinda together? You came to me after, and asked me not to reveal your relationship. I've never spoken of it. I kept your secret, especially from Creo, not just because I didn't want to lose him needlessly in the duel he no doubt would have challenged you to, but because you are my freind."

    "That's the best I can do. If you're not convinced enough to let me explain, then you better stick me with whatever you have there."
  • The syringe slumps from his hand. Slowly, his arm comes down.
    Cautiously, Dalomo knells at the feet of his Lord; his milky eyes lose their glare of doubt and betrayal.

    "My Lord, forgive me."

    Dalomo bows his head. The syringe falls to the floor.

    "I fear I've made a terrible mistake. I've told so many. Many that might not understand that you still are Balun. What would you have me do?"
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    Before Balun can answer, a key turns, and the door slams open with a loud bang. A red-faced, crazy eyed Creo, carrying a naked long knife, interrupts with a snarl, "What can you do, you treacherous snake? I say you can die!

    free and clear phase! Creo intends to run straight forward towards Dalomo and Balun, screaming at the top of his lungs, and drive that knife through Dalomo's neck.

    Balun is going to try and body check Creo and knock him down.

    Remember the description of the room. It's furnished nicely, it does have a high ceiling with a glow globe chandelier. There are varioius glow globe lights around the room. There is a fire going in the enormous fireplace with appropriate tools, and a sitting area next to it. There are mementos around the room, paintings, fine rugs. Bookshelves with books, and Balun's desk. At the moment Dalomo and Balun are both standing near the fireplace surrounded by a group of chairs and a low table. There are windows at the far end, but this is pretty high in the building. You can ad hoc any appropriate details.
  • Before Jacinda. Back when Dalomo had just earned rank of officer, Creo would often enter the training grounds, looking to spar.

    Sparring with Creo was always tricky. Many times Creo's rage would bring just enough unpredictability that, thankfully for the wooden training knives, you'd usually end up with several bruises. Soon Dalomo realized Creo used his rage as a tool. Used to let his opponents mistakenly assume he was out of control. But it wasn't just luck and chance that Creo dealt out more bruises than he received, it was deadly skill with knives and deception.

    This rage, as he drove forward with his knife, anger and bloodlust in his eyes, however, looked real. It was Jacinda. Dalomo wondered: Why did matters of Jacinda always come with plenty of rage?

    Dalomo channeled his disgust with himself and with Creo for letting it to come to this. With a snarl he makes a fist.

    Dalomo intends to punch Creo hard in the ribs. Hopes of knocking the wind out of him.

    Maybe try to roll over Cover victories (military training with Creo) should that apply.
  • Okay so lets see how it goes.

    First thing is to roll Dalomo's past (he really should have soldier, etc in there also.) to see how it affects the duel. This is pretty much up his alley so it will be a relatively easy roll. Creo too, will roll his military past into the mix.

    Dalomo's Past of 4 vs 2 dice.

    Creo's past of 4 vs 2 dice
  • Creo ends up with one bonus die, Dalomo doesn't get any. But you do get 1 for rp descriptions.

    It's a stamina roll. I'm going to assume you use fast from your parasite. Balun is using fast. Creo just gets his bonus. Remember for the future that Fast allows you to include a little bit more in a combat action as well.

    Dalomo's roll
    His stamina +1 for rp #DiceRoller(4d10)
    plus the extra dice up to demon power for fast #DiceRoller(4d10)

    Creo's roll
    His stamina +1 from rollover #DiceRoller(4d10)

    Balun's roll
    His Stamina #DiceRoller(5d10)
    plus the extra dice for fast #DiceRoller(2d10)

  • Dude! Even with Dalomo and Balun having Fast, old Creo's action still goes off first! Suck! Action order is Creo, Dalomo, Balun. Do you want to abort your punching action and defend against the incoming knife with your full stamina or do you want to roll one die to defend and keep your action?

  • Abort and defend.
  • Sorry I should have told you to go ahead and roll whatever you were going to do.

    So Dalomo aborts the punch in order to get the hell out of the way

    Again to see if his military training helps out
  • Nope.

    Okay then

    Dalomo's defense roll.

    (dude, I forgot your price on the first roll -- next time.)


    Creo's defense roll vs Balun

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    edit: whoops. I miscalculated. Creo only has one victory over you so that's one temporary penalty and one lasting for a total of two against your next roll.

    And Creo defends sucessfuly against Balun's body check, the old fox.

    I'll narrate the result in a few hours.
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    Dalomo realizes that Creo is coming in too fast, and his angle won't let him get the gut punch in, He weaves and jumps past Creo at the last moment, sending a table with small mementos spread over it flying to one side, the fragile little jars shattering. He feels the hot slash of pain across his shoulder and blood begins to soak his sleeve. Balun leaps to knock Creo to the ground as the latter turns to find his quarry, but Creo pivots and helps Balun on his way, through a chair. There are several sharp snapping sounds as the chair breaks. Balun hits and rolls to his knee near Dalomo. Dalomo can see that all the years of training him has paid off. Creo still stands, the blood still in his eye. Dalomo's blood stains the long knife. Dalomo can feel the sample humming and throbbing on his body.

    2nd free and clear.

    Creo is going slash with his knife to maneuver Dalomo into a corner.

    Balun is going to yell and order Creo to stand down.

    Remember you have 2 dice penalty against your roll. Tactics etc. will help.

  • Dalomo will try to get Creo to listen to Balun. On the off chance Dalomo gets to go before Creo he'll try to position himself behind Balun and say something along the lines of: "Creo, this is still Balun, your Lord. Yes, he is changed, but he is still our Lord. It is your duty to obey him. Stand down."

    I'm noticing, that with the free and clear stage, I might offer up tactics and actions that never actually happen. Do we want those put in colored text (like i've done above) or in regular format?
  • Like I mentioned before, Sorcerer is very similar to IaWA in that things get retconned. "Dalomo cuts off Creo's f-ing head with a mighty blow" really means "He brings down his sword on Creo's neck as hard as he can, with every intention of severing it from the shoulders." in the intent or free and clear phrase. I think the earlier phrasing is perfectly fine. And the more grabby and exciting it is, the better it is I think. One thing I didn't do is that once the intents are set we need to picture the characters beginning the motion, then rolling the dice. Ill do it this time.

    Either way is okay with me, as far as narrating intent. I personally prefer to ooc text it.

    Also there really isn't a way to hold your action until Balun acts. I'm planning on using Balun's action as a will roll vs Creo to get him to back off. I don't think Dalomo can 'back up' Balun until after he's heard him yell the command. He can however make his own request or do something else.

    (There is also full defense, which gives you two extra dice, but you aren't doing anything other than countering Creo's action.)

    What is he going to do?
  • Dalomo intends to talk Creo down, but wants to position himself behind Balun, calling on the unnatural speed of the sample to hasten his movement, and keep him safe.

    Ideally it would happen after Balun goes but before Creo, if on the off chance Dalomo goes first he'll say what he said above, maybe without the "It is your duty to obey him." But that's what is neat about this Sorcerer mechanic, you can never tell who goes when. Otherwise, Dalomo will abort and go defensive.
  • Okay so, Balun throws up his hands and begins to shout his command, Dalomo begins to move toward Balun at the same time beginning to shout at Creo to talk him down. Creo tenses to leap toward Dalomo, bloody knife at the ready.

    So Creo gets his rollover attempt again for his past.
  • Looks like two bonus dice for Creo

    So Balun is rolling Will

    Creo is Rolling Stamina +2

    Dalomo is Also Rolling will + Fast
    Will #DiceRoller(4d10)
    +Fast #DiceRoller(3d10)

  • Whoops, I forgot to include your penalties in the roll, reroll.

    You should have 2 will dice (your score minus penalties)
    Will #dice (2d10)
    +Fast dice up do Demon's power. #DiceRoller(5d10)
  • Sorry, type #DiceRoller(2d10)
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    Hmm, well that drops you after Balun. So it's Creo, Balun, Dalomo.

    Abort to defend? Your background again applies, Roll your Past (-1 lasting penalty) vs 2 dice.
    then Roll your Stamina (-1 for the lasting penalty + any bonus dice from the rollover.)

    If not, roll one die to defend.

    You know, FAST is really about reaction time, but you also have Travel, is that superhuman speed? I'm not sure how teleport would work in this setting (maybe it just looks like teleport).
  • Aborting and Defending.

    Past #DiceRoller( 3d10 )
    #DiceRoller( 2d10 )
  • Stamina (-1 penalty, +1 Roll over)
    #DiceRoller( 3d10 )
  • Okay so Creo gets two victories over you, which will just be bonuses to his next roll against you because he was maneuvering you, not actually striking you. Now to find out how Creo defends against Baluns order.

    Creo's will

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