[Serial Homicide Unit] Civilians scenes, round 1

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OK, we each get to set a scene with our civilian, as Ludanto explained in the start-up thread. The scene should show everyday life for the character facing one of his/her obstacles. Procedure:
So, choose an obstacle.
Set the scene.
Cast other players as supporting characters.
Play the scene and get your character to try and overcome the obstacle.
Success or failure.
Play out how the scene ends.

Anyone got an idea for starters?


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    Ok, Gabe's working two jobs.
    At his call-center cubicle, the manager has caught Gabe working on his manuscript when he should be taking calls.
    Per can be Mr. Ekkerd, the call center manager.
    Jason can be the nosy guy in the next cubicle, Steven.

  • Mr Ekkerd, in a white short-sleeved shirt, loose polkadot tie, is standing behind Gabe in his cubicle. He's probably shouting a bit more than he anticipated.
    "Mr Davenport, seriously, wft? What the hell did you think 'monitoring' meant? That you could use a monitor? Huh? And your stats, they're down the drain. Down the drain. And when you fuck up, WE fuck. Hell, I fuck up. 26%. Pfff! What a joke!"
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    "Yes, yes, this is good", Gabe thinks to himself as he scribbles away at a sheet of notebook paper covered in a week's worth of notes as well as fanciful sketches.

    At the sound of Mr. Ekkerd's voice, Gabe jolts upright. Turning bright red, he turns to the manager and stammers, "M-Mr. Ekkerd! I'm sorry, I was just... just taking a moment. I had an idea and I wanted to make a note before I forgot about it." Smiling nervously, he leans forward with conspicuous nonchalance as he attempts to surreptitiously push the paper under his keyboard with his elbow.
  • "Again," Steven thought to himself, and then spoke into his head set, "Yes, ma'am. Let me put you on hold while I look that up for you." Pushing the hold button he slides his chair over to the edge of his cubical nearer Gabe's.
  • [Waiting...]
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    [...just home from work...]

    Ekkerd shoots Steven a 'I'm your manager' look, and the suddenly drops down next to Gabe, kneeling on one leg, trying his best to look fatherly.
    "Look, Davenport, Gabe...you're making us all look bad. My ass is on the line at the next stats meeting if we can't get to at least 35%. And when my ass is in the wind, YOUR ass in in the wind. And so is your neighbor's, understand?"
  • "No problem, sir!" Gabe replies with a wink and a "thumbs-up". "I understand. You can count on me."
  • "And that's why I need you to stay after work and punch in enough overtime to make up for it."
  • "Sir, I can't tonight! I've got papers to grade and this one publishing house gave me an entry deadline for tomorrow morning. Please, maybe I can switch days with somebody and make it up then! Steven? How about you? Huh? Wanna switch days with me?"

    [I feel a die roll coming up...]
  • [Go for it - the code for d6 rolls is #DiceRoller( 1d6 )]
  • [shooka-shooka-shooka!]


    #DiceRoller( 1d6)
  • [I am fail!!!]
  • "Oh, sorry man, but I've got tickets to the game tonight."
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    "Give them to Steven - and put those damn private notes away, will ya? Don't let me see them again. Last warning, Davenport. I MEAN it."
    Mr Ekkerd gets up and makes his way out of Gabe's cubicle, sending Steven a stern look.

    EDIT: Sorry, I read this as Gabe speaking about the tickets - just realising it was Steven. Doh.
  • "Grrrd! I hate that guy!" Gabe hisses between clenched teeth as he folds his notes with exaggerated forcefulness and puts them in his pocket.

    After a few seconds spent staring at the screen and breathing heavily through his nose he begins to calm down, and then...

    "Wait a minute. Did he actually SAY 'doubleyew-tee-eff'?"

  • [Jason, do you have an idea fr a scene or do you want me to give it a go?]
  • How about you give it a go.
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    Alright. Liz is dropping by her girlfriend's house, early evening.
    Jason, you can play Hanna, and Ludanto you can be Frank, her husband. Hanna and Liz are colleagues from school.
    Liz stops her car and gets out. Frank is standing in the doorway, with their daugter Pea next to him holding her father's leg. Liz gets back in the car and grabs a pile of essays from school and walk up towards the house.
    "Oh, hi Frank. Hi there, Pea!"
  • "Hey, Liz", Frank calls back. "I'm surprised to see you again so soon. What's up?" He turns and calls into the house, "Hanna! Liz is here!"
  • "Just wanted to give Hanna these." Liz holds up the essays, smiling goofily. "Work, eh?"
  • [Waiting for Jason, I guess.]

    [Not sure where this is going or where the conflict is. Might I suggest that Frank wants to postpone Liz, Hanna and Pea's "girls night out" camping trip until he can join them, because, you know, "a girl needs her dad and all". It seems nicely analogous. Just tossing it out there. This is Per's scene, after all.]
  • Hanna walks into the entry, "Hey, Liz." She gives a half smile as her eyes dart to her husband and then back to Liz. Stepping past Frank out onto the front pourch she continues, "Dinner is just about ready. There is not really enough for more than the three of us or I would invite you to stay." Hanna lightly grabs Liz by the elbow and edges her off the pouch, "Let me walk you to your car."
  • [This could work, too. This is more between Liz and Hanna anyway. No need for me to be there just for the sake of being there.]
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    [Both are fine - I don't think you have to know where a scene is going, but just go with the flow and try to shove obstacles in the civilian's way.]

    The two of them walk down to Liz's car. "Are we not going out tonight? You promised. I thought Frank was working the night shift? And don't push me like that, please, will ya?"
  • "Look, I think Frank is starting to suspect something."
  • "Yeah, so? Let's meet after dinner at Ronnie's, just the two of us. And let's plan a day out with Pea over the weekend - it's getting warmer, perhaps we should bring a tent a stay overnight. Wouldn't that be great?"

    Liz gets in the car and opens the window. "And Hanna, please stop letting Frank run your life. It's yours, woman!"

    [I'm fine with a roll now or after Hanna reponds - but a roll now could inform her response perhaps]
  • [Roll whenever you (or Jason) are ready.]
  • [I'm ready as I said - Jason, do you want to let the scene roll a bit further to get the obstacle more in play?]
  • #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
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