[Serial Homicide Unit] First Investigation Meeting

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OK. The serial killer strikes for the first time. This being the first time it is NOT one the civilian chracters, but a John/Jane Doe.

Each of us will take the role of a member of the elite Serial Homicide Unit assigned to the case. These are the Investigators to choose from:

Homicide Detective
Crime Scene Technician
Forensic Pathologist
Crime Scene Photographer
Psychic Investigator
Psychological Profiler

Choose one you fancy. Each role has some helpful questions to help you come up with clues for that particular role.


  • I would like Crime Scene Photographer if that is OK with every one?
  • I'll take Dr. Lee, Forensic Pathologist!
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    Fine by me, Jason. I'm leaning towards either Crime Scene Technician or Forensic Pathologist.

    EDIT: HA, Ludanto beat me to it. I'll be the Crime Scene Technician Sergeant Miller.
  • OK, for each meeting one of us will actually be the CI (Chief Investigator). The CI collects the clues from the investigators and organises them on the Body of Evidence sheet, which I have tried to replicate here: http://sites.google.com/site/serialhomicideunitplaybypost/Home

    The CI player doesn't get to play his investigator at the meeting where he's the CI.

    Who wants to be it for this scene? If more than one wants it we roll a die.

    So, basically, in the meeting scenes the players playing investigators come up with clues and the CI tries to connect them, make sense of them, hopefully enough to eventually catch the killer.
  • Per, I think either you or I should be the Chief Investigator, and I don't want it to be me. ;)

    So unless you really don't want to start, I vote you.
  • I agree not me scine I do not know how this works.
  • I was thinking the same, actually. Right, I'm the CI.

    A body has been found, a J Doe, whom we know nothing about yet except he/she fits the Profile.

    I need you guys to roll five dice each. Each even number rolled enables you to provide a clue for this particular murder.
  • *KER-DICE!*

    #DiceRoller( 5d6 )
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  • OK, four clues from the pathologist and three from the photographer. The rules does not state whether you actually roleplay investigator meeting or if you just come up with clues and list them on the Body of Evidence.

    So, let's hear some clue form the latest crime scene. The rules say: "A clue is a single detail of the murder which addresses the classic investigative questions:Who? What? Where? When? Why? or How?" So this is where we learn what your investigators have found on the crime scene.

    The CI is standing at the end of the room while his team arrives and sits down at small tables - the entire end wall is a huge blank notice board ready to hold all the facts about this case.

    "Settle down people, will you? There's a killer out there and I want to nail that mother before the sun sets, you hear? Let me hear what you've got! Hit me!"

    The CI looks at the photographer, who is a new member of the team.
  • [For Jason's benefit:]
    [Crime Scene Photographer - Officer Davis]

    [When the Chief Investigator asks you for clues, imagine the physical details of the crime scene:]

    [•What type of place is it? (park; field; warehouse; basement; lake; etc.?)]
    [•Are there indications of how the body got there? (drag marks; signs of a struggle; tire tracks; shoeprints; etc.?)]
    [•Are there any foreign objects that might belong to either the victim, the killer, or a witness?]
    [•Was the body prepared in any way? (distinctive position; markings or items on or around the body; etc.?)]
    [• Does anything about the crime scene match previous crime scenes?]
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    "Well, the cause of death was strangulation", Dr. Lee says matter-of-factly.
  • "The victim had a letter "F" cut into her forehead," Officer Davis pushes the photo to the head of the table.
  • The CI studies the photo. "Grade school teacher, huh?" The photo and a a note with the cause of death both go on the large notice board, as two small pieces in a yet unknown puzzle.

    "What else?"

    Body of Evidence
  • "The victim also bore a collection of narrow bruises on the backs of the hands, wrists and forearms, likely sustained shortly before death", Dr. Lee adds.
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    [I'll put that in a separate chain for now, not sure how or if it connects to one of the other clues.]

    "Hmm," the CI says, "was she defending against being strangled or being cut?"

    Body of Evidence
  • "Next to the body was found a page of a grade school year book with the eyes cut out of all the childrens faces. It is yet to be determined what school this year book is from." Davis hands over another photograph to the CI.
  • "That's good work, Davis. But it sure as shit doesn't make much sense so far. What about the murder scene, what have we got there?"

    The CI hangs another note on the board and takes a deep look at the clues assembled sof far.

    [Jason, you have one clue left, Ludanto you have two.]

    Body of Evidence
  • "Here is a photo of the over all crime scene," Davis hands over his final print of the public playground where the body was discovered. "Not much else to see."
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    [I'm going to combine the murder scene with the page from the schoolbook on the Body of Evidence, since it was found on the scene. Question is: who brought the page to the playground, the killer or the victim? Hmmm.]

    Body of Evidence
  • "There's a crescent indentation in the top left forehead, perhaps from a pistol barel", Dr Lee continues. "There's also bruising and laceration on the right side of the face."

    [That's two.]
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    [OK, I have grouped the face bruisings together, hope that makes sense so far. And that ends the investigation meeting - we have to have one more killing and before that another round of civilian scenes. Questions so far?]

    Game continues here
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