[Serial Homicide Unit] Civilians scenes, round 2



  • It's still a bit thin with only two players, though, three is probably the least you need. The civilian scenes do continue even after the murder.
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    [Well, I guess we look for a new guy then, though he's going to be inheriting somebody elses fun, especially if that character dies.]
  • A new player could make up new civilian perhaps?
  • [Whatever works. Couldn't hurt, I suppose.]
  • not to intrude, but I'd be willing to step in. I'm interested in the game.
  • Trevis! Excellent :)

    You will have to write up a new civilian character, and we'll have a quick scene with him or her. The other civilians are here:

    You basically need a name and a hope, and Ludanto and I will provide some obstacles

    Again: welcome and thanks!
  • Okay um,

    Walter Madson
    "I hope my wife can get pregnant."
  • [Obstacle: Walter and his wife are too busy to find time to "be intimate" (read "do it").]
  • Obstacle: One of Walter's colleagues is very interested in him - they work together and she calls him at inconvenient times.
  • I've updated the Civilians page.

    Trevis, you may suggest a scene for Walter (see top of this thread). Any questions, just ask :)
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    [Okay, Walter's obstacle is "One of Walter's colleagues is very interested in him - they work together and she calls him at inconvenient times." Walter has made it home a little early and has managed to catch his wife, Rekha, before she leaves for her shift in the ER (she's doing her residency.) Per you can play her. They are interrupted by a phone call from Jenny (Ludnato.)]

    Walter smiles when he sees that the Camry is still in the drive. This will be a surprise. He opens the door quietly and tiptoes up the stairs to find Rekha working on her makeup. He steps into the small bathroom behind her, puts his arms around her waist and hugs her. "Hey," he says, voice warm and teasing as he smiles at her in the mirror, "What's up, Doc?"
  • "Walter? Jeez, you scared me. Watch it! No!"
    Rekha wiggles herself free of Walter and does the final touches on her eye-liner. "You're home early, aren't you. And I'm late."
    She turns around and let's Walter embrace her again.
  • The phone rings insistently, jarring the couple from their cuddle.
  • Rekha pushes herself past Walter to get to the phone first.
  • "Er, um... Hey. May I speak to Walter please?"
  • Rekha turns and looks back at Walter, who is still standing in the doorway to the bathroom.
    "Who's this?"
  • "This is Jenny, from work. Is Walter there?" Jenny asks again.
  • Walter looks at Rekha with an eyebrow raised. He's not sure he likes the look on her face. "Who is it?"
  • Rekha turns her back to Walter again.

    "Oh...hi...er, I can give him a message if you like...Jenny."
  • "Well, I guess just let him know that I've got those papers from the other day for him at the office. Thanks", Jenny replies before quickly hanging up.
  • Walter closes his eyes briefly behind Rekha's back and sighs "Dammit," under his breath.
  • [resolve scene?]
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    [Sure, wasn't sure when it was supposed to happen.]

  • [Looks like a success!]
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    As she hangs up the phone Walter comes up to her. "Hey," he says, putting his fingers gently under her chin and guiding her dark eyes up to meet his, "I know that look. She's just a collegue. A weird collegue, but still just a collegue. I'm not your ex. Please... trust me." He takes one of her hands and kisses the golden brown fingers gently. "Allright?"
  • "Alright. Got to go, love."
    She quickly gathers her things before rushing out the door, blowing Walter a kiss.
  • [Scene. Who's next?]
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