Dogs in the Vineyard

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Hey all,

I'm interested in participating in a Play By Post Dogs in the Vineyard game. I think I have a decent grasp on the rules, and I actually got a friend and a wife to play with me last night for one session, but I'd like to get involved in a game here to help me further understand the mechanics of the game.


  • Hey Pin, good to see you made it over here.
    I'm game.
    Did you want to Play or GM?
  • Right on. I'd like to play at this point and learn a bit from a more experienced GM if you don't mind GMing?

    Whattya say?
  • Lets see if we can find one more.
  • Anyone else out there interested?

    Should I go ahead and come up with a character proposal?
  • Sure. We can even do the Introductory conflict.
  • Hey there, I'd love to play DitV PbP....
  • Hey Karl, sounds good to me if rugrsi is down with that.

    I'll post my character soon!
  • I'm interested too. If you need another.
  • Actually I will unfortunately be off-line for a few days. Don't let my absence hold anything up.

    It is Friday morning for me now, I will be back online Tue morning.
  • Excellent.
    I am going to mull over how I'll run this.
    Meanwhile, you can post your characters.
    Trevis, do you want to host a Wiki for the characters?
  • Sure, the address is

    You guys can send me an email at trevisDOTmartinATgmailDOTcom and I'll email you the edit password. Rugrsi already has it.
  • RusRus
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    Thanks for signing up for this Dogs in the Vineyard Play by Post game.

    The game will be organized by Scene.
    Any player can request a scene (i.e., frame a scene). If no player has a particular scene they want, or if I feel like I want to mix it up a bit, I'll frame the scene.
    Scene framing tells us what character's are present and where, and maybe the context.

    To request a scene, simply post what you'd like, frame it as a request, so I have a bit of wiggle room to modify it.
    Example, "Ok, in the next scene I want to confront Sis. Harlen early the next morning, before the Riley Gang gets back from the river."

    Each post should include fiction with the default color and font.
    If you have out of fiction comments use a color. I'm fond a Maroon.

    Remember the dice function here at Snail's locks the post, preventing further modification. Try to keep dice rolls in their own post, so we can attack and kill typos.

    Given the back and forth nature of Sees, Blocks, Reversing the blow and Raises with Dogs we might like to try the Strikethrough BB code format [s ][ /s].

    Example: Raise (12): "Riley pulls his skinning knife, hidden in his boot, and drives it deep into Blake's stomach."
    Block(13) Riley pulls his skinning knife, hidden in his boot, and drives it deep into Blake's stomach. "Blake sees the glint of the blade, pivots in the sand and rolls away from the attack."

    I like this method because it removes the hesitancy to propose things in the fiction. Go ahead and really describe vivid things, knowing that, if other players have the dice, they can back track the fiction.

    I want to try something different with this game.
    I would like to set one day each week where we all try to check and post many times throughout that day.
    I would think Tuesdays or Wednesdays would work great. I'd like to get the habit of "Its Tuesday, I wonder what will happen in the Dogs PBP game this week." This would not mean that is the only day we could post. I plan on checking in daily. Though I think a rhythm to participation would help keep everyone enthused and motivated.

    I vote Tues or Wed, do either of those days work for all of you? Is there going to be a Time Zone issue? (i'm mountain standard time).

    If something comes up in the realworld and participation is going to be too spotty or haphazard, or if the game just isn't working like you thought it would it is OK to bow out gracefully. Just Whisper me or something and we can write your character out of the fiction. I'd like a clear cut way to always know who is participating so we don't wait around for players who have no intention of continuing with play.

    Of course, I'd like to hear any ideas or suggestions on running the game, as well. So tell me your thoughts.
  • That all sounds great for me. Tuesday sounds good. I've got National Guard drill this weekend so I'm busy this weekend, but I'll have my character up at the latest by Tuesday.
  • It all sounds pretty good to me. Whichever day is best for everyone, I can probably go with it. (At least I can't think of anything that would interfere right now.) I'm in central time but I post oddly because I'm a night worker.

    I'll use teal
  • Hey I'm back !

    That looks excellent. I'm in Australia so my time zone is +10, mostly I would be posting from work. Not sure how that will impact things.

    I might try green
  • RusRus
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    I think we can make it work.

    I'll try to focus on posts Tuesday nights (6pm to 10pm MST;GMT -7)
    According to my wife's palm pilot, that should make it Wednesday for you (10am to 2pm GMT +10)
    Does that work with your night shift Trevis? Are you east or west of me?

    Again, this is just for added connectivity, I'm still planning on posting throughout the week.
    Also, if we want to bust out a combat quickly, Skype is an option.

    I've got my Town in my head, I just need to transpose to paper. I will be ready to frame the first scene as soon as we have characters.
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    OK I have put a first draft of my character Porter Rockwell on the wiki.

    Comments welcome please

    Edit: link rather than straight text
  • Karl, I really like your character and his traits. Good stuff. I think all that makes for excellent conflict inducing stuff. What's your initiation conflict?
  • I'm tempted by "The Governor of the Territorial Authority was shot: will I be proven guilty?"
    leaving open whether or not I actually shot him, and why, to the development of the conflict.

    What do you think?
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    That's good. I dig it. :)

    I've just finished up my character here:

    Still thinking about an initiation conflict...

    Also, I guess I'll use crimson as my non-fiction color.

    I'm new to the forums. How do I do a dice roll?
  • Rugrsi has some concerns about my character, so we're discussing that. I will probably change my initiation conflict.

    P1nback, are you going to give Prudence to Adrien Fitzroy as a belonging? I just thought it might fit.
  • Posted By: KarlMRugrsi has some concerns about my character, so we're discussing that. I will probably change my initiation conflict.

    P1nback, are you going to give Prudence to Adrien Fitzroy as a belonging? I just thought it might fit.
    That's actually probably appropriate. I'll make that modification right now.
  • P1N,
    To roll dice just type #DiceRoller( 1d7 )
    chance the last number to any dice type 1d14, change the number in front to change the amount. 4d7 etc..

    #DiceRoller( 2d15 )
    Rolls 2 fifteen sided dice.

    After you hit send it locks your post so you can't edit. you can click on the results to organize them.

    #DiceRoller( 4d4 )
    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
    #DiceRoller( 5d6 )
  • notice how i said chance, when I meant Change? I can't go back and edit that now. :(

    The Forums change the color of the font when it puts it in the diceroller.
    Just hover over those and you'll get the result.

    You can start a new thread for your introductory conflict whenever you're ready.
  • Ok. Lemme test that... #DiceRoller( 6d6 )
  • For for my initiatory conflict I am thinking something about pride, authority, having a relationship with the Dogs rather than being a Dog.

    Maybe there's another Dog in training, let's say Brother Ezra. My character Brother Porter is concerned that Brother Ezra is doing better than he is,so Brother Porter wants to prove he has a better understanding of what the teacher (Sister Miriam) thinks. They are discussing the text "They have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind." (which I just took from the quotes here

    The conflict would be that Brother Porter proves to Sister Miriam that his understanding of the text is closer to hers than Brother Ezra's

    What do you think?
  • Looks good. I shall frame the scene in a different thread.
  • Here's the draft of my character

    Comments welcome.

    Her initiatory conflict should be about trying to not lose her temper when being condescended to, or mocked by, a male trainee. It should probably be reversed (i.e. I play the side of trying to lose my temper.)
  • I'm thinking my initiatory conflict will involve Adrien hoping to resist the urge to get to "know" [the biblical know] Sister Elsebeth one evening on the second floor of the barn at the Dog's training compound...

    I guess if he fails he needs to get married? :) I don't know. What do you guys think?
  • Hi all, it's the weekend for me now so my internet access is less reliable. I won't be able to make any substantial posts today but I will try to do so tomorrow.
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