Dogs in the Vineyard



  • Quick IIEE primer
    This Anyway post helped me really grasp the Dog's mechanic.
  • As luck would have it I have a very long day today, so I might not get to posting about the town until later than usual.
    Normally my Tuesdays are pretty dull. Go figure.
    At any rate, that will give Trevis a chance to catch up.
  • Right on. No rush. I think we went through the initiations fairly quickly.
  • Just checking in. Hopefully Trevis can catch up soon.
  • Just a head's up, I'm thinking I'll be using the Afraid NPC dice pools for the NPCs.
  • Sounds fine to me. :)
  • As the town begins to be revealed-- if you ever want to go somewhere, confront someone, put a scene request in this thread and we'll flesh it out. Don't feel you need to stick together as a group, as I think we can handle it.

    Also, I'm trying to wait for everyone to reply before I post. If it goes more than 36hrs. I'll be sorely tempted to post. So if you know your character is not going to do anything, chime in with some color, just so we know.
  • Hey all, after today, I'll have only intermittent internet access for a week or so. I'll still post, but probably I'll miss a day here and there.
  • Check in time.
    We've been doing great, just want to see if everyone's still on board.
  • Hey, I'm here, its looking good
  • I'm good.
  • Cool.
    Let me know what your characters are planning next and I'll frame the scenes.
  • I'm looking to confront the Steward about Collins.
  • Looks like we've lost P1nback to Germany.

    Lets give him another 24 hrs to chime in. Otherwise, lets get the victory narration for the Collin's conflict and close out that scene.

    Karlm, do you want your character to also hunt out the Steward?
  • RusRus
    edited August 2009
    KarlM, can you give us a victory narration to close out that other scene, please?
    Then let me know what your character will do next.

    I'll then frame the next scene.
  • Ok. I'm declaring this Dogs play by post game indefinitely ended.
    If we get an upswell of interest to continue from P1nback and KarlM, then I'll revive it.

    I had lots of fun with the game, particularly the introductory conflicts.
    The resolution system was very slow-- and I thought some of our free-form roleplay made some of the Sees and Raises redundant.

    I'm thinking Dogs mechanic is just too nuanced for pbp play.
    I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts, as I want to learn what makes for a good pbp game.

    Thanks all for participation.
  • Hey All!

    Long time. Sorry for dropping off the face of the Earth. I was gone to Germany longer than anticipated and then had some personal dealings when I got back that kept me pre-occupied. Kind of got those sorted out and I'm interested in picking this game back up. I figured you guys would have kept on without me, but I see that the game kind of fizzled. Rugrsi, I really enjoyed the town and roleplay, so I'd like to get some more going. Email me or something if this is still a possibility, or maybe we can try a different game if you didn't enjoy Dogs.

    my email: michael.p.pfaff at


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