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I'm thinking... Josephine and two other Dogs-in-training are out in the city of Bridal Falls, preaching to travelers. Josephine has been approached by an attractive, rugged young man who's more interested in flirting than hearing of the King of Life. That's when the other male dogs in training begin to mock her.

Sound good?


  • Sounds good to me!
  • Where yah at Trevis? :)
  • "By the King," Jo muttered under her breath, "It never fails." She didn't like witnessing in Bridal Falls, she wanted to be out on the trail. She and Brothers Caleb and Joshua were near one of the bigger hotels. It was maybe the biggest building Jo had seen outside the Dogs temple and the King's temple here in town. Their coats made them conspicuous among the people, horses and wagons moving busily around the hot, dusty street. The faithful glanced at them, sometimes nodded and smiled and moved about their business. The traveller reaction was more varied. Some paid little attention. They'd been here before. Others stared at them and their distinctive attire.

    And that is where the problem began. Most of the travellers were men. So they soon went from staring at them to staring at her. Her teachers at the temple kept telling her that her looks were a gift from the King and that she should take joy in them and use them to further his glory. She swore she should just take a cattle iron to her face. As it was she had pulled her brown hair back severly into a functional braid and was wearing the plainest clothes she had.

    "Hmph" Caleb said from his lofty 6'2". "Looks like we'll have to spread out, or no one's gonna listen to you and me, Joshua."

    Jo shot a look up at him, irritated, but didn't say anything as the two men walked away in different directions, looking for someone to witness to. Jo sighed as she surveyed the various opportunities in front of her. Finally she spotted a traveller who was probably in his 60's, checking the harness of the horses on his wagon. A younger man was loading boxes into the back. She liked old men. They were nice to her and didn't usually trip over their tongue, or slobber when talking to her. Yes, he would do. She took a grip on her battered book of life and started across the road towards the old fellow.
  • Oppositional Dice
    #DiceRoller( 4d6 )
    #DiceRoller( 4d10 )
  • Stakes: Does mockery make Jo lose her temper?
    I’ll be playing Jo’s sense of civility and restraint. Feel free to describe the NPC’s actions if need be.

    “Well hello there young lady, now aren’t you just a ray of sunshine. How may I help you?” The old man asks as you approach, a kind smile on his face.

    The younger man looks up. You can tell he’s forgotten to breathe, struck by your beauty. He is instantly smitten.

    “Everett, come on over here, I think the young lady has something to tell us.” He looks at your copy of the Book of Life. You’re starting to think he’s heard the message before.

    Everett stumbles, of course. His shy awkward approach ends with a trip, causing him to stagger. You have to jump to get out of his way.

    “Sorry, sorry madam,” he whispers. He can’t keep eye contact with you and he skulks behind the older man, his face red with embarrassment.

    From behind you hear the tale-tale sound of Caleb and Joshua’s laughter, consisting of mostly snorts.

    “Try not to scare him, Jo.” Caleb says. Joshua laughs again.
    “Maybe if you took your hair out of that knot you wouldn’t have spooked the kid,” Joshua says. “That darn hair makes me think of my schoolmarm, that’s enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.”

    RAISE ( 5, 2)
    You are overcome with a calm sense of duty, dignity and the station of a woman. You know what you need to do: you’ll apologize to the boy, you’ll take Caleb and Joshua aside and tell them, quietly and meekly, not to joke around.
  • Rolling Acuity + Heart for self talk at least.
  • SEE [5,2]
    I'm not a WOMAN," Jo thinks, her fury erupting internally. "I'm a WATCHDOG OF THE LORD, and they should show me some damned respect."

    RAISE [4,2]
    Jo smiles at the Old Man and the boy and says "Excuse me." She turns that glare that momma used to give on Caleb and Joshua and smiles a tight smile "You have other things that need doing, move along." She turns back to her charges, a much sweeter smile on her face. "Now..."
  • SEE (10) reversing the blow

    With your back turned, Joshua darts in and pulls your hair loose. “That certainly needed doing,” he snorts.

    RAISE (10, 10)

    That’s when you see shy Everett’s face fill with rage. He lunges at Joshua, fists moving with speed and skill. He’s fighting for your honor.

    You realize it is best to let the men sort it out, now that fists are involved, and that it would make it much worse if a lady started to brawl, particularly since it was your fault for not covering your hair in addition to pulling it back, in the first place.
  • Hm...okay rolling in body for physical action. Call BS if you don't think it fits.
  • Damn also rolling in my Book of Life
  • SEE (6,5,5,2,1,1) taking the blow
    Josephine steps back out of the way of the fighters, biting her lip hard, eyes squeezed shut as she holds her worn book of life to her lips, praying.
  • Rolling in "As good as any man" and "with that temper"
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    RAISE (4,4)
    She opens her eyes again just as the kid lands another good right hook on Joshua, Caleb is approaching from the young fellow's side, but the old man is trying to get in the way. Her anger wells up strong inside her. NO! I'm as good as they are. A Dog does her own fighting! Jo throws her book to the ground and lunges toward the fighters!
  • SEE ( 4,1,2,2) taking the blow
    You strike quick, strong and sure. And it feels good. The prim, proper cautious self seems like a distant, childhood memory as you grab Joshua by the ear.


    With that, I’m out of dice. I just wanted to describe your cautious self take the blow.
    Describe how the stakes resolve and then Roll that fallout!
  • The young fellow stops, surprised to have the 'girl' come between him and the other man. He starts to say something but is stopped cold by a look from Jo, and steps back. Joshua wriggles, trying to get loose from the hold Jo has on his ear. Jo smiles tightly at the old man "So sorry we troubled you." She then turns and flings Joshua away from herself by the ear. As Joshua is recovering she hauls off and hits him across the jaw, a solid punch knocking him backward into a water trough. She looks at him coldly as he sputters and says "Don't you have any damn dignity?"

    A strong wizened voice comes from behind her "I might ask you the same." She spins around and finds old Ezra, from the temple, standing behind her, looking at her calmly with his watery blue eyes.

    Her face reddening furiously, she walks quickly away into the city.
  • Need to roll fallout

  • Hm, temp fallout and no experience.

    Allright then. For the accomplishment...Hm...thinking.
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