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  • I thought it would be handy to compile a list of all the keywords, so here they are:

    bone, superior, debt, conditioning, sport, infrastructure, festival, execution.
  • I did not know that we were to use two words per post! But I think I'll live.

    Rich: great post!
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  • Yeah, one or more word, each word no more than once. Once you're out of words, you're out of posts.
  • As per my the new category... does anyone mind if I start a new Audience thread?
  • Go for it! I'd really like comments, in fact, to help with version 1.1.
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    That's an interesting issue, Rich. I guess I see it as as much an opportunity as an imposition. Sorry if that wasn't where you saw the story going for your character. I guess I wanted to see what would happen if I took more liberties with other people's narratives, something I want to be a major feature of the game. Bear in mind that nothing in my character's report has to be "true" from the perspective of your character's reports, so you can outright deny anything I've written, or make it seem like my character has misunderstood. He doesn't grasp the language too well, so it's very possible he's misheard something.

    If you're not happy with the situation, there are plenty of ways you can write your way around it. Maybe you're in an enclave elsewhere on the planet? Maybe you're in the future, and I'm in the past, during a brief hiccup in the regime's power. Maybe your character is still alive in the "current day" of the story, due to some life-extending technology?
  • Ok, I see what you're saying. Yes, that is an issue. I'm not sure what to do about it though, or it it needs something to be done. Given that it's relatively easy to get out of being in the "past" of everyone elses reports, I'd figure that if you're there, it's because you want to be. Are there any reasons to want to be? I can definitely see your point about how it's harder to mess with the other players' stories, aside from the "time capsule" thing. You can set things in motion which could have big outcomes in the futue, but it's pretty much up to the other players if they pick up on those things.

    On the other hand, I tend to think that if lots of other people are writing things which directly affect your character, that kind of puts your character in the spotlight. What the story is ultimately "about" is determined exclusively by which parts are interesting. I think that being in a position where the other characters are throwing events at your character from the future kind of makes your character a central part of the story, if you can deal with those events in a way that makes the other players want to keep writing about them. You are giving up some ability to affect the broader plot of the story, but in return, it's possible you're getting more ability to determine what the story is about. For example, is Bob's story about one man's struggle to stop a violent revolt? Or is he the spark that ignited a revolution?

    I think that wht you're talking about is a valid issue. The only thing that really matters is how much fun it ends up being in play. Is having your character possibly in the past making the game less fun for you, or just more challenging? I can understand it being less fun, and if that's the case, then it's a serious issue.
  • Yeah, I think it's important that the reports are not neccesarily true, but you're right that flatly denying what someone reports can lead to a breakdown in the narrative, as it splits into two seperate realities, each clinging to their own version of events. There's always going to be some of that happening. The trick, I think, is to make it seem like the other party has some reason for making a false report. Making it out to be a difference in perception based on differnt status is kind of what I had in mind. But you're right that sometimes that's just not very feasable.

    I'm glad you've brought this up. At this stage, I think I'd like to see how the game develops, and see if this event has a major impact on how things turn out. If it's impacting on your fun, long term, then that's a serious thing, but I'd also like to think that there could be positive outcomes too. I'd really appreciate it if you could keep posting here about your experience of playing the game. I'm really interested in hearing about how this development affects your experience of the game.
  • Oh, neat post, too, Rich. I really like how you threw a mention of the Delonites in there, giving them a bit of history, and how you explain the naming of the festivals. That's cool!
  • Hey Dev, can I just confirm that you're still onboard with this? There's no obligation to post if you don't want to, I'm just wondering if you're still enjoying the game.

    Everyone else, how are you feeling? I'm having fun, and the slow pace is fine by me, but if you've got reservations or the game's not doing it for you, that's cool too.
  • I'm still in for it and enjoying; I haven't been in a mood to post, but I'll try to.
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    I'm still in. And, at three posts, I am totally winning this game! *flex*
  • Nice post! Is it intentional that you refer to the fourth festival, wheras elsewhere it's the fifth? If so, it's an interesting move. Does that put Shann in the future?

    Also, my mobile could kick your mobile's ass.
  • MOBILE KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Playtest note: I am actually finding myself a little intimated at posting, because there's all these other (cool!) threads going on, and I'm not sure how to stitch them together in an appropiately awesome fashion. I'm clearly overthinking it... but I did catch myself using it as a reason to hold back.

    Well, enough of that. I'm going in.
  • Sweet! I got a soccer reference in. LOL.
  • Interesting. That's not how I saw Looming at all. Also no mention of the bone bobbin. More evidence that your character is in the future?

    How did you find posting once you've actually started? I've found it quite difficult to get started, not knowing which threads to pck up, like you say. But once I start writing I seem to find a rythm.

    It is an issue though. I think the lack of mechanical structure can leave you feeling a little adrift. I have some ideas for version 1.1 which might help with that.
  • Yes, I intended to place us between devp and richd.
  • I'm not sure where I was trying to place my narrative, relatively speaking, but I think I describe that my Looming is related to Simon's looming (in one direction or the other) but is still different. Writing the thing was easier once I knew which keywords - and specifically, which of the other players' riffs on keywords - I wanted to play on, and from there figured out where I wanted to push at. Was my post too "out there" relative to our other posts?
  • No, not at all! I think it's cool to try to take the game in new directions, to explore new territory.
  • Heh. Sorry Ben, I hope you're ok with that. I'm halfway done, having used four keywords. I wanted to get some action going.
  • Yeah, I'm still here. Ben has had some exciting events this week, so I think he's pretty occupied. I wanted to wait for Ben before posting again, but I might go again soon. I think Dev was eaten by a bear.
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