Playtest - Through the Ansible



  • So, yo? If there's something you need or obstacle from continuing / finishing out Ansible, post it here and we can work it out.
  • Good call, Dev. I'm kind of hesitant because what my character is involved with is pretty tied up with Ben's character, but Ben's gonna be out of the loop for a little while. I'm having to reconsider where I'm going with my next post, and aim it more towards you or Rich.

    I think it's a problem with the game that it doesn't really build to a climax, and jus tkind of stops. It puts a lot of pressure on the last few posts to kind of conclude things. I think maybe we shouldn't worry too much about a big dramatic finish, and just kind of wrap things up to our satisfaction, or leave them tantalisingly inconclusive.
  • I'm back, gonna post my last in-game tonight. We had a baby last week so it has been crazy around here. Babies are really noisy and messy. Anyway, see you guys at the finish line.
  • Congrats Ben!
  • Nice posts, all.
  • Thanks! I kinda liked being able to punt something back to Rich, as well as setting things up for you. I think there are a lot of changes that I need to make to the game, but I'm enjoying the core concept.
  • That was really cool, Dev. It's a nice place to start wrapping things up. I'll post my last contribution soon.
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    I am really enjoying the way were are inter-weaving our narratives. I am finidng it the most sastifying part, being abe to skillfully touch our stories together. Especially now, at the endgame, with so much of the story laid out, it becomes easier and very fulfilling.
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    Hi guys,

    I think maybe there are a couple of posts left to go here, but not much enthusiasm for making them. That's fine, and I think the game's in a pretty good place to leave it right now. Unless anyone wants to post again, I'm happy to call it finished. I'd really like to talk about what worked and what didn't, in terms of the game's design.

    What do you think?
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