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Note: For now, this game is by invitation only.

Geographical Map of Chult:
Photobucket (by Markustay on deviantart)

Current Relationship Map in Chult (this will be updated throughout the game):


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    This rules guide is being refined in the Webwinding Rules Thread - please post rules comments/questions/suggestions there!

    This game is played in a forum, and with a dynamic relationship map (web). It is a game where heroes (or villains, but lets just say heroes) exert their influence on competing groups to attain the heroes' own ends.

    The forum is used to describe player actions that manipulate the factions depicted in the web. The web is used to track the relative prosperity of various groups, factions, tribes, monsters, and individuals; and the tone of their relationships to each other and to the heroes. Prosperity of a node is the number in that node's circle. A relationship's tone is denoted by the number on the line between the two nodes. Players also have relationships to any nodes they visit in the web; these are recorded in the forum as they arise. Play proceeds in rounds - in a round, each player gets to take a turn as described below, and then the moderator makes some random adjustments to active nodes and relationships (active means there is a player on or adjacent to the node).

    Determining your Influence for the turn:
    Start with a post that rolls (level)*d100. Post it so you can see your results. These are your influence dice. Compare their value to your relationship with the node you're currently positioned on. If the value of a die is less than your relationship score to your current node, the die is worth 2 positive points which can be spent on improving your relationship to the node, its prosperity, or the value of one of its relationships. If the value of an influence die is greater than or equal to your relationship to the current node, it is worth 3 negative points toward decreasing your relationship with the node, its prosperity, or the tone of one of its relationships.

    Spending Influence Dice:
    You must spend all influence dice during your turn. Most turns, you will have a mix of positive and negative points to spend. Spend them on the following things:
    1) The relationship to your current node (note decreasing your relationship to your current node gives you more destructive power towards it and its relationships, and increasing your relationship to the node improves your ability to positively influence it)
    2) The prosperity of your current node
    3) A relationship of your current node to another node or to another player. If you spend influence dice in this way, you have the option of moving (see Moving Between Nodes) and may spend the remainder of your influence dice based on your new node.

    You may not mix positive and negative pools. As you will have to explain the way your dice get spent with your story for the turn, it is recommended you try to keep it as simple as possible by not spreading dice out too many different directions. In any case, you may not positively influence more than 2 scores, neither may you negatively influence more than 2 scores (and you may not positively and negatively affect the same score, naturally).

    Special Prosperity Cases:
    If, during the course of your turn, one of the following situations occurs, it has the stated effect on what you may claim in your story:
    1) If at the end of your turn node has a prosperity of more than zero, and you have at least twice its prosperity as a relationship score to it, AND you have a higher relationship to it than any other node or hero, you may take over the node 'peacefully' - that is, you are chosen to lead it by its people. Congratulations! Make sure to tell us just how that happened.
    2) If a node reaches zero prosperity, the hero whose turn it is may decide what happens to the node; specifically whether it is destroyed totally in some way and removed from the web, or whether it becomes a slave or vassal to one of the nodes with which it has a relationship (for example, if on my turn I traveled from the Pterafolk with whom I have a good relationship to the Lizardfolk and bring the Lizardfolk to 0; I might decide the Pterafolk have enslaved them). If and when this actually happens, we'll deal with how nodes get combined.

    Moving between nodes:
    You may move a maximum of one time per turn. To do so, spend one or more influence dice based on your current node to affect one of that node's relationships. Once you have done so, you have the option of using your move action this turn to move to that node. If you do not currently have a relationship to the node you're moving to, determine that by choosing either to take the (just-modified) relationship you traveled on, or choose a fresh start as a d100 roll (if the story so far indicates you are known to the node you're traveling to and this d100 contradicts that, you'll just have to be in disguise or charmed by a shaman or something. Be creative). If after your move and relationship establishment you still have influence dice left to spend, you may spend them only based on the new node (affecting your relationship to it, its prosperity, or one of its relationships (without the option of moving a second time). To simplify storytelling, it is recommended that you move at the beginning of the turn if you intend to spend influence dice on the new node. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to justify too much happening in too many different places.

    When you've spent all your influence dice, give a short narrative description of what your hero did that more-or-less matches what you did with your dice. That is, if you spent dice to increase or decrease a relationship, tell what you did to help or damage it and what effect that had. No matter what you do, you must justify what changes you make with a short story of your hero's actions and their outcome.

    Prosperity Scale Guide:
    0-10 - Brink of extinction, defeat, exile, destruction, or assimilation.
    10-20 severe danger, natural disaster, fire, plague, warfare, or other serious badness
    20-30 notable decline, war casualties, disease victims, poverty, injustice, and bad cooking
    40-50 seen better days, but things might turn out OK yet
    80-90 Notable influx of power, wealth, etc
    90-100 Riding high. Unprecedented prosperity, wealth, the faction's hopes and dreams (or perhaps nefarious plans) have come to fruition

    Relationship tone guide (one way to think of this one is "what percentage of contacts between these two groups occur without violence or enmity?")
    0-10 brutal warfare of the worst kind
    10-20 open warfare, but usually between recognized combatants
    20-30 covert warfare, riots against control, or other flashpoint situation
    30-40 dislike, fearmongering, protests in a vassal state, or otherwise declining relationship
    40-50 mistrust, trepidation, rumours, avoidance, etc
    50-60 Peace, minor trade, mutual respect
    60-70 noteable trade, occasional joint ventures or allies, common views or enemies
    70-80 good relations, often found together or helping each other, shared goals
    80-90 close relations, occasional intermingling of populations if possible
    90-100 strong allies or complete melding of populations into a single faction
  • Roll dice like this at the commencement of your turn: #DiceRoller( 4d4 )
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    All players start in Port Nyanzaru, so here's some background on the Port and its relationships:

    image Port Nyanzaru is a trade colony founded by Amn, which has grown into a powerful city on its own. The harbor of Port Nyranzaru was designed with defense as its first priority, because pirates roam the sea north of Chult. Protecting against threats from the interior is just as important, and thus a high stockade wall of stone fronts the jungle, pierced by three well-guarded gates. Amn owns and controls all activity in Port Nyranzaru.

    Taxes are high, but those lucky enough to be employed by one of the major trading companies live in relative safety inside the walls of this ultimate frontier city. Those not affiliated with any of the trading companies are forced to live in the expansive shantytown beyond the wall. They survive as best they can, dealing constantly with disease and threats from the jungle.

    Current Prosperity: 97. Business is booming. Dinosaur Ivory, gems, and rare alchemical plants are just a few of the many treasures that make Port Nyanzaru both wealthy and powerful.

    71 - Amn: The Port is a faithful colony of Amn. Sure, here and there you may find someone complaining about the taxes imposed by Amn or spouting some nonsense about breaking away independently, but most citizens here are staunchly pro-Amn. Amn also funnels money through Port Nyanzaru in the hopes of buying control of Fort Beluarian and to pay the pirates not to attack Amnian ships and to harrass the ships headed to and from Fort Beluarian.

    68 - Pirates of the Trackless Sea: Port Nyanzaru's relationship with the pirates is good, because Amn funnels money through the port to pay protection money to the various pirates. They are paid not only to avoid Amnian ships, but also to attack Beluarian ships in the hope that Baldur's Gate will become more willing to sell its own Chultan colony to Amnian interests.

    70 - Fort Beluarian: Port Nyanzaru is also funneling money toward the key officials in Fort Beluarian in hopes of getting them to sell the colony to Amn. At the moment, the Flaming Fists that control the Fort have no idea that Nyanzaru is sponsoring the pirate attacks that plague the city. Should they find out, the relations between the two Chultan colonies could turn very sour, very quickly.

    57 - Batari Goblin Tribes: At present, the goblins are valued trade allies of the Port. They gather plants deep in the jungle, trade with the Albino Dwarves for gems and gold, and sometimes hunt dinosaurs for ivory or alchemical components. In return, they trade for weapons to sell to other tribes and to defend themselves against the Chultan Tribes and against the newly-reappeared Eshowe, tools and foodstuffs to trade to the dwarves, and even the occasional magical item. Should the stream of wealth the Bataris supply to the Port begin to wane, many in Port Nyanzaru would suffer monetarily. But for now, the Batari need the Port's support in order to conduct their jungle-wide war on the human Chultan tribesmen.

    42 - Mistcliff Aarakocra Tribes: The Aarakocra used to obtain pearls from the Pearldiver Sahuagin and trade them to the Port, but since the Sahuagin, Pirates, and Aarakocra are now locked in a three-way war in the Sea near the Mistcliffs, there is little reason for the bird-men to deal with the Port. Furthermore, they suspect that the pirates are getting their arms, weapons, and support from the Port and that spells doom for the Aarakocra that hope to rid the Mistcliffs region of men and fish-men that hunt them for food and sport.

    21 - Chultan Tribes (Tabaxi): Port Nyanzaru is effectively at war with the human jungle tribes. Not only do the human tribes conduct their trade with Fort Beluarian (and the Flaming Fists sometimes send "Combat Advisors" into the jungle to train them), but the tribes have attacked the city's shantytown time and again to steal away sacrifices to the Mezroan Lich King. In return, the Port's soldiers now hunt the tribesmen and kill them on sight.

    Now, let's determine the players' starting relationships to Port Nyanzaru. Let's do this by straight d100 role for now:
    Artvirous: #DiceRoller( 1d100 )
    Calen: #DiceRoller( 1d100 )
    Moro: #DiceRoller( 1d100 )

    Players, in your first turn, please explain why your relationship to Port Nyanzaru (where all of you currently are) is as good or as poor as it is. Use that as a backdrop to explain how you've come to be in the Port, your role there, and anything else you wish us all to know about what's happened to your character since our last session (Moro, if you have a child, explain that too).
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    Okay, starting statuses:

    Arty <-- 11 --> Port Nyranzaru. Ouch - looks like that city does not agree with you. You are at war with the city; you tell me how & why.
    Calen <-- 31 --> Port Nyranzaru - not a great deal of love lost between you & the Port either. Tell me why.
    Moro <-- 73 --> Port Nyranzaru. Moro, on the other hand, would seem to be a friend of the city, or at least have some reason to have a favorable relationship there. What is that?

    We'll do a quick round of that storytelling and then I'll explain a little more (and hopefully better) how I think an influence turn should work.
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    Fort Beluarian

    Photobucket Baldur's Gate Trade Fort; Population 1,000 This outpost has weathered much over the years, and twice was completely eradicated by native uprisings. However, Baldur's Gate retook the fort both times. The high stockades are manned by elements of the Flaming Fists mercenaries. Amn has lately made offers to buy out the city's interest in the fort. Most suspect that if the Amnians acquired Beluarian, they would merely shut it down so that their competing Port Nyranzaru would control all water traffic to and from Chult.

    Current Prosperity: 13 The colony is on its last legs, although few outside the Fort know as much. Plague has swept the city and has left it ill prepared to continue on its own. Pirate attacks on ships to and from the fort have prevented proper supplies from arriving, and have damaged the fort's reputation as a viable trading point for goods. The Flaming Fist masters back in Baldur's Gate know there have been numerous pirate attacks but know nothing of the disease that has taken hold of the city. Although relations with the Chultan tribes are better than in the past, the blue-tattooed zombies of the Mezroan Lich King and the Pteramen are starting to smell the weakness of the Fort and may choose to attack it soon. It would not take much to mean the end of the Fort. Because of this, the leaders are desperate to either get word to Baldur's gate to send reinforcements as quickly as possible, or they may sell the town to Amn through its representatives in Port Nyranzaru (who also don't yet know about the plague).


    88 - Baldur's Gate: The Fort is run by the Flaming Fists, who are the militia, police, and military of Baldur's Gate. They are highly trained warriors, and their loyalty to the Flaming Fists is strong. Likewise, Baldur's gate would do whatever it could to help its colony if it knew about the current troubles. Even if the fort should fall a third time, it is likely that Baldur's Gate would send a new wave of Flaming Fists to rebuild the fort and pick up the pieces. Assuming, that is, that the Flaming Fists don't decide to just cut their losses and sell the Fort to Amn.

    70 - Port Nyranzaru: Officials in the Port still know nothing of the plague that has wreaked havoc on Fort Beluarian. They have been making generous offers to purchase the Fort to please their masters in Amn, and sweetening the deal with personal gifts for the leading Flaming Fists in the Fort. On the other hand, they have also secretly been paying the pirates to attack the Fort's shipping. Revelation of that fact to the Fort would damage this relationship. If the city's plague should become discovered, or worse, spread to Port Nyranzaru, this would also damage the relationship.

    70 - Chultan Tribes: Fort Beluarian has finally managed to attain peace with the native population of Chult, who have become its main trading partners. The Chultans need arms from the city and the expertise of Flaming Fist "combat advisors" in their jungle-wide war against the Batari Goblins. For now, the Chultans have been content to steal their sacrifices for the Lich King of Mezro from the shantytown surrounding Port Nyranzaru, but that could change if the Mezroan Lich King senses an opportunity to take over Fort Beluarian and turn it into a second zombie-ridden city of the dead.

    41 - Pterafolk & Spirit Nagas: The Pterafolk and their Spirit Naga leaders inhabit primarily the Eastern jungles of Chult, with population centered in the Luo Peaks region. Nevertheless, they range as far north as Fort Beluarian, and their airborne scouts have noticed the hastily buried dead outside the city walls. They may decide there is an opportunity to be had in attacking the city.

    40 - Mezroan Lich King: When Mezro fell into its chasm it killed all the inhabitants of the city, but a certain priest had made dark preparations. Now he reigns as the Lich King in a city filled with ghouls and zombies tattooed with his symbol, a blue triangle on their foreheads. Chultan tribesmen throw humans stolen from Port Nyranzaru over the edge to feed and appease the undead there, but the Lich King may decide Fort Beluarian's decline is a chance to expand his undead empire into the ruins of the Fort.

    22 - Pirates of the Trackless Sea: Although they are locked into a war with both the Pearldiver Sahuagin and the Mistcliff Aarakocra, the pirates are being well funded from Port Nyranzaru with a single purpose: disrupt shipping to and from Fort Beluarian. They have been extremely effective in this task lately, stealing many precious cargoes and supplies of food, arms, and provisions that might have saved Fort Beluarian from its current state. However, the fact that captured sailors from ships leaving the Fort are being pressed into service on pirate ships may allow the plague to spread to the rest of the pirates.
  • I'm assuming that on this turn, we don't roll, right? It's just backstory and exposition?
  • Ok, so Moro has a good relationship with Port Nyranzaru for a couple of reasons. He's known as a good knock-around guy, and will go drinking with anyone and have a great time. He got to be known, though, for helping train the Batari tribes. He's good - as in "Alignment: Good" - but he doesn't mind a fight for the right reasons at all. If you remember, he's been a guerrilla fighter. In Amn, his tribe fought a hard-won war against bandits in the Forest of Tethir, and he's been a specialist in taking down humans ever since. The Batari are naturals, and under his disciplined hand, they've been successful in their fights against the Lich King's subjects. Moro's got a squad of elites he personally commands from time to time.

    There's been a complication recently. Moro's Myrmidons made a night raid on a group of filed-tooth Chultan lich-worshiping cannibals. They had intelligence indicating these cannibals had been stealing children from the shanty-town. In the black of night, Moro and the goblins took down the entire group, leaving only a runty human child. No one in the shanty-town claimed the child: it might be of the tribes, or perhaps its parents in town are dead. Either way, there was no place for it to go: there's no orphanage in Port Nyranzaru. Moro's adopted the child and named him Arturo, after Moro's brother lost in the bandit war of Tethir long ago.
  • Posted By: ClintonI'm assuming that on this turn, we don't roll, right? It's just backstory and exposition?
    Correct. I don't think I've got the influence rules even remotely right the more I think about them. This will give me some time to try to fix them.
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    Batiri Goblins

    Photobucket The Batiri are bloodthirsty goblin tribes of Chult. Nevertheless, they have a knack for commerce and a nose for profit.

    The Batiri live in clans of 25 to 200 members. They hunt and travel at night, moving from campsite to campsite throughout the jungle. In a few places, the goblins have constructed permanent buildings-ramshackle huts poised over shallow pits that serve mostly to shield them from the sun. These belong to no clan in particular; arguments over use of a site are always settled by violence. They also inhabit caves and caverns, some of which stretch into the Underdark.

    A queen rules over the Batiri, holding her crown only so long as she can defend herself in arena combat against any and all challengers. The current queen is from the Pteradon Clan, and her court is on a floating junglemote reachable only by flying; the Batiri have an elite guard corps of pteradon-cavalry that accompany or attack any visitors.

    Each Batiri clan has a patron deity, to whom they offer sacrifices. These many gods, the Batiri believe, are represented in the jungle by the various monsters and species of dinosaurs. Each tribe has a particular creature to which it offers worship; for example, a clan may pray to Oogra, whose avatar is the stegosaurus. For a ritual, any stegosaurus will do. Obviously, this means religious ceremonies often hinge upon chance encounters with these beasts. Nevertheless, clans will hunt the totem dinosaurs of other clans, and trade in dinosaur meat (to the Albino Dwarves) and Dinosaur Ivory (to Port Nyranzaru).

    Clans sometimes name themselves after these deities, but just as many are identified by other titles. The Gouged Orbs are a particularly large clan, and very easy to identify. Upon reaching adulthood, each goblin ritually blinds itself in the eye of its choice. Batiri favor the use of short bows and spears. Their weapons are crude, their clothing often little more than rags. Some especially skilled warriors have blades stolen from unfortunate adventurers or ambushed Tabaxi. The most influential Batiri generals wear crude dinosaur-hide and animal skin breastplates and helmets.

    Most intelligent creatures in Chult fear the Batiri. They are relentless trackers, skilled in jungle lore and the use of the bow and spear. Rumors that the goblins devour foes captured in raids are absolutely true, though their cannibalistic tendencies never extend to other Batiri. Such behavior is considered barbaric and brings a penalty of death.

    Recently Port Nyranzaru has increased its sponsorship of the Batiri in their wars against the Chultans (and, indirectly, against the Eshowe) by providing quality weaponry and soldiers trained in skirmish warfare. Foremost among these groups is Moro's Myrmidons, led by the halfling Moro.

    Prosperity: 85


    71 - Albino Dwarves: The pale-skinned, pink-eyed Albino Dwarves who mine the Kobold Mountains are allies and trading partners of the Batiri. The Batiri Dimetrodon Clan has permanent camps near the surface of the Albino Dwarves' mines, where the gems the dwarves mine and the gem-encrusted weapons they forge are traded for pelts, ivory, and dinosaur meat. Occasionally some other luxury item will make its way from the Batiri's trade with Port Nyranzaru; the dwarves highly value such things and will pay handsomely for them. Beneath Chult, the Albino Dwarves conduct raids on the Remnant of the Eshowe and their Shadow Giant allies

    57 - Port Nyranzaru: Although few humans would trust their lives directly to the Batiri, the goblins have proven that they can produce the goods that the elite back in Amn so continuously crave: Ivory, Gems, and Gold. Furthermore, if funding the Batiri and training them can cut back on the raids from Chultans on the Port, then the leaders in Nyranzaru are happy to oblige.

    34 - Kobolds of the Kobold Mtns: for generations upon generations, the Batiri and the Kobolds for whom the Kobold Mountains are named have hated each other. Neither side can quite remember why this should be so, but ask any Batiri and he'll tell you a Kobold isn't worth the air it breathes. Nevertheless, there is no active conflict at the moment between the Goblins and the Kobolds; both are too busy fighting on other fronts to pay each other any heed. Their enmity would be difficult to overcome, but the right kind of leader might be able to unite them against a common foe, at least for a time.

    33 - Mistcliff Aarakocra: The Batiri strongly dislike the birdfolk of the Mistcliff Mountains for several reasons. Firstly, the Batiri Queen fears their ability to launch a direct assault on her floating junglemote stronghold. Secondly, if the Aarakocra could be driven from the region, then Batiri traders could obtain valuable pearls from the Pearldiver Sahaugin and trade with the Pirates of the Trackless Sea. Thirdly, Aarakocra hunt both Kobolds and Goblins for meat; they are a mainstay of the birdmen's diet. Thus, Batiri kill Aarakocra whenever they conveniently can, but the queen is worried that an all-out war with the Aarakocra could threaten her reign. She's hoping the Kobolds, Pirates, or Sahuagin will do the dirty work and then the Batiri can just move in and claim the real estate.

    23 - Remnant of the Eshowe - The Eshowe were thought to be extinct, their caves and catacombs under the Valley of Lost Honor thought to be deserted or only inhabited by monsters. But deep underground a Remnant had survived. They have now uncovered their ancestor's secrets of summoning and controlling Shadow Giants, known elsewhere as Fomorians; evil giants from the Feywild. Currently the Remnant of the Eshowe are confined primarily to the Underdark, but the Batiri who dwell in the Valley of Lost Honor are between the Eshowe and their ultimate goal: visiting complete destruction on Mezro once and for all. The Batiri and their Albino Dwarf allies are too busy defending themselves from the Eshowe's underground expansion to fathom that the Eshowe could actually be valuable allies against the Chultans.

    13 - Chultan Tribes - Once, when most Chultans still worshipped Ubtao Father of Dinosaurs, they could live in peace with the Batiri who honor Ubtao's children. But now their worship has turned to the Lich King of Mezro and they hunt both Batiri and Port Nyranzaru's humans to feed not only their own cannibalistic urges but the bottomless appetites of the ghouls and zombies who inhabit the Ruins of Mezro. The Batiri-Chultan war (each with their own colonial sponsor) threatens to wreak havoc on the populations of Goblins who once lived in (relative) peace with the human tribesmen.
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    Chultan Jungle Tribesfolk

    chultan ruins
    The Jungles of Chult are home to short, tan-skinned humans who migrated north to the Chultan peninsula millennia ago from a great island in the southern seas of Abeir-Toril southeast of Maztica and southwest of Zakhara. Two millennia ago, there were many tribes in Chult, although the Chultans and the Eshowe were the most powerful and influential. A bloody war raged between the Chultans and the Eshowe from 1800 years ago to 1500 years ago, ending only after the latter group was apparently wiped out. The Eshowe were destroyed after unleashing a great evil known as the Shadow Giant on their enemies, only to see it turn on them after being repulsed by the Chultan defenders. In the centuries that followed, unchecked by any rivals, the Chultans assimilated most of the remaining tribes of the peninsula into a single Chultan culture, sharing a common language and somewhat uniform social structure.

    Chultan villages are ruled by gerontocracies - that is, ruled by age sets. Elders - both male and female - hold councils in which they decide important issues for the clan. If they wish to hear opinions, they will invite members of other age sets to join the debate. These are always spirited gatherings, with lots of shouting when unpopular ideas are voiced and an equal amount of clapping for popular ones. The mores and norms of Chultan society are complicated, but can generally be summed up by a single rule: the clan is always more important than the individual.

    Many chultan villages have domesticated behemoths (herbivorous dinosaurs) for hauling, transportation, and manual labor. Until recently dinosaurs were thought of as holy animals, since the Chultans overwhelmingly worshipped Ubtao, Father of Dinosaurs. Now, although they continue to guard against Dendar the Night Serpent by supporting the Spears of Ubtao, their worship has turned primarily to the Lich King of Mezro, who both terrifies and inspires the Chultans.

    Prosperity: 95! Although they have become carriers of the plague that is infesting Fort Beluarian, it does not infect Chultans. On the contrary, it seems to make them faster, stronger, and more fertile than they have ever been! The Chultan population is expanding rapidly, and so far at least the Jungle seems able to continue to feed as many Chultans as villages can produce. Although it is still a gerontocracy, more than 60% of Chultans are under 20 years of age. They are fighting wars on multiple fronts, but deep in their areas of the jungle are large villages untouched by warfare, except when victorious war parties bring the spoils of war to their stilted huts and the carcasses to their food-fires!


    77 - Lich King of Mezro: Formerly a high priest of Ubtao, the Lich King was known in life to most of the village elders. Now his powers are both great and terrible, and the Chultans steal humans from Port Nyranzaru's shantytowns both to please the Lich King and in the hopes that the zombies and ghouls of Mezro won't need to steal into Chultan villages to feed.

    70 - Fort Beluarian: Chultans trade primarily with Fort Beluarian, bringing gold, ivory, and rare plants in exchange for weapons, trinkets, and other goods from the 'civilized' world. Lately the Fort hasn't been getting its supplies from Baldurs Gate, and the population in the Fort has declined precipitously since the Chultan Plague began to kill off the population there.

    65 - Spears of Ubtao: The Spears of Ubtao are holy men drawn from the Chultan population with a common mystical property - they neither sleep nor dream. This makes them perfect to guard the great iron door beneath which Dendar the Night Serpent, devourer of nightmares, waits to come forth at the end of days and battle Ubtao before eating the sun. Even the Lich King knows the importance of their work, and directs the elders to continue to send sacrifices and men to bolster the Spears in their work. Rumours say he was once a Spear of Ubtao himself before advancing in the Priesthood.

    53 - Remnant of the Eshowe: it has been hundreds of years since the Eshowe disappeared into the earth from Chult; long enough for most Chultans to forget the dark tales their people once told of the Eshowe and the terrible Shadow Giants that once accompanied them. Thus, when a few Chultan-looking tribesmen show up in Chultan villages; they are accepted into the tribe even though their language is strange and their eyes strangely dark. Little do the Chultans suspect that these are just the forward scouts of a new Eshowe-Shadow Giant invasion force.

    53 - Aldani of the Olung River: The lobster men who dwell in the deep Olung River and in Lake Luo have long existed alongside the Chultans in relative peace, occasionally trading goods or intelligence. The Aldani do not trust the Lich King, however, and because of the closeness of the Chultans to him they begin to fear any Chultan may be one of the Lich King's spies.

    40 - Wild Dwarves: Chultans are not fond of the Wild Dwarves who dwell near the Peaks of Flame. Neither do the dwarves have any love for the Chultans, since the Chultans they know most closely are the Spears of Ubtao, who steal dwarven children for the sacrifices that keep Dendar the Night Serpent from awaking. Like most dwarves, they wish most of all to be left alone.

    31 - Yuan-ti House Sauringar: Because of the strong aversion to snakes taught in Chultan culture (on account of Dendar the Night Serpent again), Chultans instinctively mistrust anything too scaly. Of course, in the case of the Yuan-ti, this fear and mistrust is entirely justified - House Sauringar would like nothing more than to begin to take over the Chultans in the same way that they rule Narubel by secret proxy. There are more than a few village elders who are secretly serpenblooded, and their numbers are beginning to grow...

    21 - Port Nyranzaru: Since Nyranzaru (and the Batiri Goblins they trade with) have begun killing Chultans on sight, Chultan raids on the shantytowns outside Nyranzaru's walls have increased. If the plague that has decimated Fort Beluarian should begin to take hold there, the Port could suffer casualties on a scale that would make Fort Beluarians loss seem tiny in comparison.

    20 - Calishite Slavers: Slavers from Calimshan have for centuries taken Chultans as slaves, and the coastal villages live in constant fear of the vicious raiders who come in the night to steal men, women, and children away to become slaves in the faraway desert land. Because plaguewrought Chultans are faster and stronger warriors than they have ever been before, they are beginning to set traps for the slavers, and leaving the mutilated, half-eaten corpses of those they catch for the next slaver ship to find.

    13 - Batiri Goblins: Both the Batiri and the Chultans are masters of jungle warfare, but recently both groups have strongly increased their attacks on each other, not only on other war parties, but on undefended villages, shrines, and trade parties. Armed with new, steel weaponry from their colonial sponsors, the Batiri and the Chultans have devolved into total war with each other. It's ugly.
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    Ok, I think the influence turn rules are actually worth trying now, so Moro take your first turn anytime, and Calen & Arty feel free to take your first turn after you've posted about your Port Nyranzaru relationships. If you have questions about how the turn works or need an example, see the rules thread. Basically you'll post once with your dice roll and again with your influence point spending & story. Treat yourselves as levl 10, that is, roll 10d100 for your turn. We'll level up every few turns I think.
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    Calen found himself peering from an alley, wondering why he had come back to the Port. He'd been imprisoned here before, convicted as a spy for the Tabaxi. Sure, he was guilty, but he still didn't like the lock-up. After all, the Amnians deserved what they had coming. They were leeches, and usurpers of the land. They raped Chult and befriended the worst of the worst, and he very much looked forward to watching the fortress burn.

    He had withstood months of abuse during his days in prison, while at night he slowly and painfully worked on his plan. His bare cell contained only hay on the floor, thick stone walls, and metal bars. The few times he was given food or water it was thrown at him through the bars, and he licked it off the floor. At night he would rub fine crumbles of rock from the brickstones and grind them against the insides of the bars until his hands bled, while using his own spit to quiet the sound of the grating. Every night. And after months his plan neared completion.

    When a pair of young and brash guards took duty one night, he knew it was time. Luring one to the edge of his prison, Calen sprung his trap, grabbing the man's forearm, pulling it inside, and scraping it down the sharpened inner bars. To call them sharp would be a vast overstatement, for they were more jagged than knife-like. It took all of Calen's strength to pierce the man's skin on them, but once done, the musle and vein tore more easily as blood sprayed out. Freeing one hand, Calen grabbed the man's hilt, pulled the attached short sword from its scabbard, and impaled the man through the bars. The other guard barely had time to react by the time Calen had wedged the sword against the cell door and pried it open, shattering the blade in the process.

    Calen dodged the guard's sword-strike, but was taken across the nose by the follow through, a deep gash that would later scar. Still holding the hilt, Calen jammed the two-inch jagged remnant of the short sword into the man's belly and fled into the night. He was a frightful thing running through the town, blood dripping from his unshaven face, his hair a wild and unkept mess. He didn't notice. He fled back to the jungle, hoping to make it to safety before fainting.

    And here he crouched, three years later, not a block from his former prison. Though he had changed, he knew if they recognized him he knew he would be killed on sight. He pulled the hood of his cloak lower, barely leaving room to see the ground, and wondered again why he'd come back here. With a sigh he headed across the street for his rendez-vous with Arty.
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    (I rolled this on the rules thread where I was trying to figure out how, so I'll just use it)

    93, 05, 45, 56, 44, 86, 84, 83, 45, 74
  • ok, based on your rolls you have one +2 die (the 05) to spend and 9 -3 dice to spend if you stay in Port Nyranzaru. For bookkeeping ease on my part, declare your expenditures separately before writing the accompanying narrative.
  • Posted By: RichAnd here he crouched, three years later, not a block from his former prison. Though he had changed, he knew if they recognized him he knew he would be killed on sight. He pulled the hood of his cloak lower, barely leaving room to see the ground, and wondered again why he'd come back here. With a sigh he headed across the street for his rendez-vous with Arty.
    Ooh, I wonder if Arty's IN the prison! That would certainly explain the 11.
  • #DiceRoller( 3d100 )
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    Starting relationships:

    75 - Chultans - Calen has been a longtime sympathizer of the Chultan plot. And they helped him in his escape from Port Nyranzanu.
    69 - Fort Beluarian - Where Calen buys most of his supplies and has several favorite hangouts. He's liked the Fort since he traveled there with his dad as a youth, which is what brought him back to Chult in the first place.
    31 - Port Nyranzanu - Calen was previously convicted as a spy and imprisoned there awaiting extradition to Amn.
    07 - Amn Merchant Houses - Calen reviles the Amnians, mostly for their pillaging of Chult's resources for their own gain with no payback to the native peoples. He also resents the Amnian covert strong-arm attempts to bankrupt Fort Beluarian while pretending to be benevolent.
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    The trap was sprung. In the darkness of the moonless night a series of explosions rocked the central part of the Port. One would be the wall holding Arty prisoner. He should be able to escape now - assuming he survived. The others were targeted to markets, merchants, and primary ports, wreaking havoc on the outpost's prosperity-drivers.

    The Chultan warriors that had silently crept into the Port under cover of darkness were now engaged in a dance of death, driven by an uncontrollable blood rage. These were vicious warriors, skinning guards and burning civilians with terrifying efficiency. Calen knew the small army had no chance of taking the Port once the Amnian troops got organized, but that wasn't the goal - this time. They were sending a message, a declaration of war, one he hoped would finally draw the might of Baldur's Gate against the Amnian occupiers. It was the opening salvo in the war, and he smiled smuggly as he slipped out of the city and back toward Fort Beluarian.

    -15 to Port N's prosperity, bringing it to 82
    -12 to the relationship between Port N and Chultan Jungle tribes, bringing it to 9 (brutal war)
    +2 to the relationship between Port N and Fort B, riding the wave to empathy about the brutal attack.
    Move to Fort Beluarian with a new relationship of 72 to the node.
  • To Moro:
    I would definitely support damaging the relationship between the jungle-folk and the Lich, and restoring the one between the jungle-folk and the goblins. Maybe with the success of the goblin raids, the Chultans realize the limits of the lich's power and turn back to their stronger deity, Ubtao.
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    Whereas I think Moro and his goblins should wipe the rest of Fort B's population out. Clinton/Wam, note the ruling in the rules thread: you can roll 3d100 and assign those numbers as relationships to any 3 nodes adjacent to Port Nyranzaru at the start of your turn.

    The map has been updated to reflect Calen's turn.
  • Posted By: Dave YounceWhereas I think Moro and his goblins should wipe the rest of Fort B's population out.
    Yes, please do. That would make my job all too easy.
  • Artvirous felt strangely comfortable in the chain armour he wore and found an unusual satisfaction in the torchlight that was reflecting upon the bastard sword he held . He stared down at the man before him, shifted his weight and slowly raised the sword to the first position of the dragonborne fighting stance. The crowd eagerly awaiting the first blood of the night backed away.

    The man before this beast wondered how he had gotten himself into this situation, with three thoughts running through an alcoholic fog how did he offend this creature who demanded satisfaction, when were his friends going to arrive with the guard and had anyone noticed he had pissed himself.

    Artvirous had chosen wisely before the fight could begin he heard the whistles of the guard and a second later five guardsmen stood between him and his would be combatant crossbows at the ready.

    The guardsmen had never actually seen a dragonborne before but they had heard the stories and knew of their lethal reputation and each silently said a prayer that reinforcements would arrive shortly. It was a great relief when the beast lowered his weapon. They didn’t waste any time taking the dragonborne to the prison and locking him away for the night under a charge of drunken brawling or unsanctioned duelling they hadn’t decided yet, better to let someone else decide.

    Artvirous waited for the guards to leave him they had taken his sword but had not tried to relieve him of his armour, as he discarded the useless metal he breathed a breath of smoke that began to take the skeletal shape of a dragon about the size of a housecat. The creature quietly moved about the cell as Artvirous spoke a few odd words and an ornate chest appeared he took several items out including a staff and donned a set of leather armour and closed the chest as it vanished. It would soon be time, the small creature slid through the bars of the cell and shortly returned with the key. A sly smile revealing dagger sharp teeth cam across his face, Artvirous knew exactly where in the prison he was and exactly how to find what he was looking for he also knew the guards would have absolutely no chance against his arcane powers and would have shown pity if he had not noticed the jagged edges on the bars of the cage they foolishly placed him in.
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  • #DiceRoller( 10d100 )
  • Arty has no starting relationships other than port N and his street brawling arrest and hijinks
  • Arties relation to port B
    #( 1d100 )
  • Wam
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  • Wam
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    what is up with the elevens Fort B hates me too
    Bugger me the guy Arty started a fight with was a merchant from Port B in Port N collecting his bribe to keep port B down. He got there first and warned the Fort about a nasty Dragonborne stiring up trouble.
  • Lets see how the Chults like Arty
    #DiceRoller( 1d100 )
  • The Arakokra
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