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Welcome to Meridian.

This is the home thread for GOTHIC/ECHO, a play-by-post role-playing game using GOTHIC/ECHO a hack of John Harper's GHOST/ECHO.

The wiki for the game may be found here.

This game is currently by invitation only but others may comment on the game in this thread if they wish.


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    Reserve Scene 1
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    Conclusion Scene 2: Harkin's Introduction

    Nice. Jort and Seth should make some good foils going forward. And Whiff and Smidgen grateful allies.

    The scribe's ledger shows:

    Whiff retrieved unscathed.
    Harkin's sole Fate Point spent. (Protective)
    Danger THE COLLECTOR KNOWS HARKIN'S "ON THE JOB." is manifest. This may have implications for other people who resist the Shadow as well as for Harkin.

    Harkin's contacts soon reveal that someone out there is paying a premium for children's teeth. They're not content to have them fall out naturally and buy them at a going rate. There has long been some market for such teeth, some mild arcane purposes associated with the extraction of innocence. But the demand and accompanying price has increased dramatically of late.

    Harkin knows as long as someone is paying a premium (perhaps they found some new application that requires greater quantities?) that neither Smidgen, Whiff nor any of the other orphans of Meridian will be safe from violation, whether from the likes of Seth and Jort or some other unsavory middlemen. The practice is officially frowned on, but the corrupt government does next to nothing to protect the less fortunate.
  • We can do a lot of it via e-mail, but this home thread is also a good place to kibitz, talk about assumptions about the world, make suggestions for going forward, request possible scenes, etc. Each of us create the world as we go, but if there are things we want to see, we might mention them here.
  • Hey - I've got an idea for an opening scene for Harkin. Can I just make the thread and go?
  • Absolutely.

    The thead title should begin with [GOTHIC/ECHO] Scene 4: ...

    and the title should not overly restrict the ultimate content of the scene. Otherwise, go for it!
  • Conclusion Scene 3: Rook's Introduction

    A quiet scene with no conflict. A contrast from Lux and Harkin, I think.

    Rook understands that Vermillion will support Rook whatever her actions, protecting her from any ire earned from others on the Council. He will not likely support her formal return to more dangerous pursuits while her faith and discernment of Mysteries are weak.

    He does NOT want to hear that Axelrod Deimos is a triple agent. He doesn't believe it, can't believe it. Any attempt to harm/discover Axelrod will be a very serious matter unless proof of his lack of loyalty to his original cause can be found.

    As usual, not certain where to go next. If you have an idea we can roll with that. Harkin's begun another scene. Rook might be connected to that or she might not.
  • In retrospect we might have made getting Vermillion's help a conflict, with him extracting some promise from me if I failed. I'm sure I'll have plenty of obstacles to deal with going forward, though, so no worries.

    How soon I meet Harkin is basically a matter of how soon you want to start putting characters together. I'd say, give Harkin a quiet scene with the lady and explore some other sides of the character, and if you want to bring me in do so at the end. We haven't synchronized times yet, so it's just as likely that my scene was a day ago and I've already secured permission to go into town for the holiday (Night Carnival, maybe?). We could do a scene with me at the manor, but it feels like we'll have other chances to do that later.

    My two pence worth, anyway.
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    What do you all think about having Ol' Tom be the ghost that haunts Harkin?
  • You mean like a ret-con, instead of the woman? Hmmm... I had a strong idea for her.

    But I can conceive of Harkin having muliple hauntings. Maybe he's a magnet of sorts for some reason right now.

    Love the John Hurt pic on the wiki. We'll figure out some way to get him in there.
  • We don't have to ret-con it. Maybe the ghost is the long-dead daughter Harkin sired with Elena?
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