[GOTHIC/ECHO] Scene 1: Lux's Introduction

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  • Lux's dark eyes survey the area with their usual insouciance, a fitting smirk playing over his lips. "I've got something he wants." Inside of his pocket, his hand is twirling the skin stones around and around. They feel smooth and warm, and Lux feels a strange sense of comfort emanating from them. "I think he may just forget my indiscretion with his daughter over it. If there's one passion that rules Lord Insiadis more than his pride, it's his greed."

    Lux steps over a downtrodden, passed out figure lying in the road as the fingers of his free hand brush over the weapon hilt within his coat. It makes sense to play on Insiadis' desires. But it would be foolish not to be prepared in case he was wrong.

    "And besides, that's why I'm bringing you. I'm sure you can make him more... amenable to what I have to say."
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    Lux adjusts his coat just so as they enter the palazzo area, making sure that there's always a flash of his smooth skin between the folds of cloth. He knows he is skirting the edge of decency as the ruling families see it, but he also knows that there's little that fascinates the nobles more than someone who walks the line.

    "The trick is to dangle what they want in front of them..." he says and produces the skin stones from his pocket. They rotate over his palm in a smooth and fluid motion. But as Violin reaches for them, he swiftly closes his hand, a sly grin on his lips as her fingers wraps around his fist. "... but never to let them really have it."

    Their eyes are locked for a few more moments, as are their hands, before he places the skin stones back in his pocket and hops up the stairs toward Lord Insiadis' manor. He takes a deep breath and gives Violin another smile. "Trust me. This is what I do." He blissfully ignores the guards standing at either side of the large doors and knocks, five times.
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  • Lux walks alongside Violin, a self-assured grin on his lips. At the squeeze of her hand, he glances over but doesn't actually answer.

    As they walk down the hall toward the sitting parlor, something catches his eye, and his heart skips a beat. Gregry's announcement comes from a faraway place, muffled and echoing, as Lux looks at his reflection in one of the two large wall mirrors that frame the entrance to the parlor. Lux gets lost in his own eyes for a moment, overwhelmed by the loss that he's been trying to hide in the darkest recesses of his mind since it happened. Cas...

    But there's no time for that now. Not until his mission is fulfilled.

    In the blink of an eye, a smile flashes up on his face as he barges past Gregry with firm and demanding steps. "My Lord! I apologize for the unannounced visit." The tone of his voice almost makes a mockery of his own words. He slips past Axelrod, picking up the tome from the pedestal, and feigns interest for a second before he casually tosses the heavy book for Axelrod to catch. "And for any grievances I may have caused you in the past. None of which were intended, of course." As Lord Insiadis rises, whether to address him directly or simply to order the guards to chain him up, the skin stones appear in his hand, circling around. Lux is facing Lord Insiadis, purposely preventing Axelrod from seeing what he's holding, if only to irritate the esquire.

    His fist closes again, and his smile grows more sincere, though the sparkle remains in his dark eyes. "I would very much like a more private audience with your highness."
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  • Lux just smiles and moves about as Lord Insiadis addresses Axelrod. While he overhears a word here and there, he really couldn't care less. He didn't come to spy on their plans or find out what conniving scheme the nobles are involved in this time. He has just one interest at the time, one that's consumed his thoughts since the moment his brother died.

    He knew instantly what had happened. The bond of love between twins transcends any distance.

    Lux slides gracefully into the seat, his legs across one of the arms. He glances over at Violin as Lord Insiadis speaks about her. "Violin is a good friend of mine. I brought her here so she could bask in your glory, of course. But I can't claim her as my treasure, and neither could any other man." He looks back at Insiadis, meaningfully.

    "The true reason I came is that I am willing to trade. I know you've been looking for these." He produces the skin stones once again. "And I've been looking for something as well."
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