Why Hello There

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Why Hello There,

My name is logos and I'm kinda of a long time lurker over at Story Games, I recently saw the thread about not much happening here , which I thought was a little sad. So I decided to come over here, and give Snail's Pace a try, and try my hand at something a little different than the regular play by posts that I frequent.

That said, I think sometimes its a little easier to make a pitch if we can share names first , so here I am. If some people wanted to make suggestions as to Formats, Games, Tell me a little about yourself ,or your game, or your anything really, it would be appreciated. I look forward to your responses soon.



  • Hello back!

    I haven't had a chance to play here, myself, as I joined at the tail end of activity here and it's been pretty quiet since.

    As far as games go, a potential game of 3:16 has been floated, which I'm pretty excited about. I'd like a chance to kill some green alien bastards. GHOST/ECHO might be a neat one — and with some history of being played here, to boot — as well as War Inc!, another oracle game.
  • Logos, welcome. I'm Rus. Darned if I rarely could find people to play the Indie/story games face2face, I naturally drifted to Snail's Pace.
    I tried other PbP venues, but just liked the dice roller here, the simple layout, and the primary focus on Indie/story games.

    I still feel very new to the PbP medium. I've only had one game go to resolution (the Shadow of Yesterday game here). But even the games with just a few exchanges were very enjoyable experiences.
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