[SoY] A Whisper-Quiet Blade



  • So the sneaky Ammenite warrior is currently beating up on Kerrik.

    I realized only after the roll that even on a three, plus Competency in Spear-fighting, wouldn't have pushed the roll in your favor. So don't consider them spent if you'd rather not. But you can still use the Advance, if you want to cut down on the bonus dice the Ammenites would have, IF you accept the roll, and roll Guerrilla Warfare (Unskilled) versus their Battle (Competent).


    You can accept the loss, in which case you are his mercy, and see if you win the battle anyway,


    Bring down the pain.

    Also, no one has spent any gift dice yet! Just thought I'd note that. :)
  • Is it acceptable to buy the advance for Spear Fighting and then go to Bring Down the Pain?
  • Advances can be spent at any time, so sure.

    The Ammenite's intention is to knock you down or stab you somewhere painful, so he can kick you aside and lead his troops back to their boats. They've been found out, he'd rather flee than end up butchered like the last group.

    How'd you want to do this? Keep it in the thread? IM?
  • IM is fine. What program do you use and when would you be around?
  • AIM works, I am twobirds23 there. ICQ # is 2934063. Evening (Eastern Standard Time) is probably best.

    I was thinking, we could have a separate thread for BDTP sessions. We could use the same dice roller, and it wouldn't clutter up the main thread. We could schedule a time to post back-and-forth. But it's up to you.

    Anyone have any opinions on that?
  • If you do IM, please log the exchange and post it afterwards. If your client cannot do logging, look into pidgin as an alternative. Dice rolling could be done using the dice roller on catchyourhare.com;

    On the other hand, doing the BDTP outside this framework denies players the ability to give out bonus dice; IMHO this is an acceptable loss.
  • So, my idea regarding a character:

    I think an outsider that's not bound to either side of the conflict would be nice. I think of a Maldorite expatriate who brought something to Gonne-On-Maire that either party would love to have in their hands.

    So, without further ado, here is

    Gaspard, Treasure Hunter

    Gaspard fled Lord Zenith's retinue after he got hold of the recipe for firepowder and during his experiments, managed to lay waste to half of Zenith's field head quarters. Unfortunately, he did not only draw the Maldorite's Wrath upon him, but also that of a band of Ratkin who were at the time trying to storm Zenith's encampment. Not only did they lose nine tenth of their kin; Gaspard's source of information about the firepowder is a gilt scroll that Redtooth, leader of the Ratkin, sees as his own.

    Just now I see there's some potential for Gaspard to be something of a comic relief figure, I'll try to offset that with the right keys.

    Ideas? Criticism?
  • That would be fun. I was thinking there are other people with Big Plans for the city, and the Architect is one who wants to keep everything the way it is. Bombs + big plans are always good.
  • Posted By: George ShannonAIM works, I am twobirds23 there. ICQ # is 2934063. Evening (Eastern Standard Time) is probably best.

    I was thinking, we could have a separate thread for BDTP sessions. We could use the same dice roller, and it wouldn't clutter up the main thread. We could schedule a time to post back-and-forth. But it's up to you.

    Anyone have any opinions on that?
    I am fine with that. I'll be around tonight if you want to do it then.
  • A separate thread, you mean? Sure. I think I'll be around somewhat tonight, but if we don't get it done tonight we can move to AIM or work at it over the weekend.

    I also like this because you can use the dice roller yourself, rolling Pool dice whenever you like. Seems like it would be a bit speedier.
  • We can even have the IM chat up for all the "So what do I roll now?" kind of questions and post the rest in the thread. I am Verrain on AIM.
  • So, here's my character in full. I did him according to the book; if I missed special rules, please call me out on that

    Gaspard da Cabra

    Concept: Maldorite Treasure Hunter on the Run
    Culture: Maldor
    Species: Human

    Vigor: 4 ; Instinct: 5 ;Reason: 3

    Adept: Endure (V), Scrounging (I)
    Competent: React (I), Demolition (R), Stealth (I), Aim (V), Sense Danger (I)
    Unskilled: Resist (R), Deceit (R), Scrapping (V)

    Secret of Scribing
    Secret of Imbuement (Gilt Scroll with instructions as how to make bombs; +1 weapon for Demolition) (1 Advance)

    Key of the Outcast (Maldor)

    Advances (3 spent; 2 unspent)
    Instinct 4->5
    Secret of Imbuement (Gilt Scroll)
    Sense Danger on Competent
  • I think he looks good. Don't forget everyone starts with three Advances once they're in-game. So you'll have a few on standby anyway.

    Can you give me a little more detail about the key? I figure not everyone in Maldor voted to kick him out, so if it was a particular Faux King, or the Ratkin mafia, that would help me out.
  • The Outcast refers to Lord Zenith; the vengeful Ratkin haven't been codified yet.

    So, If I have 3 Advances once play starts; I'd like to take the Secret of the Flashing Blade for my demolitions (delayed charges) and Complex Crafts (fireworks) at competent. It'd also give a good venue into the adventure, as fireworks is something an ammenite lord would certainly love to show-off with.
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    Posted By: oliofI'd like to take the Secret of the Flashing Blade for my demolitions (delayed charges)
    I don't think I've ever heard of this secret. Wouldn't demolitions already include timed charges?
  • Sorry, my bad, ugly re-translation. Secret of the Sudden Knife is what I mean.
  • So, do you want to set me up in-game, or do you leave that up to me?
  • You can be at the party, if you like. I was thinking someone might be interested in hiring you, probably House Ruman (Foussaine's house), so you could be an invited guest, perhaps doing fireworks demonstrations. What do you think? You can probably 'place yourself' however you like, if that sounds good.
  • I thought of something like that. I'll reread the party-related In-Game stuff and propose a cue.
  • rugrsi, are you still around? I skipped you in the last update, I didn't want to do that twice. If you want to wait/skip ahead to the assassination scene, that's fine, I just wanted to know.
  • I'm here. Until the assassination scene resolves I don't see Drenin trying anything.
    Unless you have something you're interested in throwing at him I figure he'd just lay low and get some rest.
  • Fair warning oliof, strapping dangerous explosives to Helina's son will most likely land Gaspard a spot on her "People to Stab" list.
  • Hey oliof, I was chatting with redgrog about just that (strapping explosives to Hanri) and we weren't sure what your Ammenite Eagle looked like. I was imagining it like a manned kite powered by fireworks. Do you want to narrate Hanri being part of your fireworks show? I was going to just do that, but I figured since it was obviously your show (literally) you could do it. Helina can tag along as Gaspard's 'assistant' or something. Hanri crashes outside the house (maybe by the docks to the north), but is unhurt. I figure he can see the Khalean assassin from the roof, then he, Gaspard, and Helina are the only ones who know about him, so you can decide what to do from there. What do you think?

    And Rich, as far as I can tell, there's two kinds of routes to take Kerrik at the moment... do you want to escape from the Ammenite prison somehow (possibly with the help of people looking for Gaspard), or should someone be interested in Kerrik's services (whatever that might mean)? In the former case, they would keep you around since they're interested to see how you'd react to poison.

    Sorry if I've been slow, I've been kinda busy and was having trouble deciding where to go so I figured I would just ask people what they wanted to do. I hope people like the game so far. Criticism is always welcome. :)
  • I'd rather thought that the ammenite lord does choose the boy to strap on, and that would maybe mean Helina sees the foreigner as a victim of circumstances, just as she is.

    And of course, I don't want to kill her boy with a rocket powered kite. I want him to be the first rocket rider on near! "It's not called flying until you land safely", you know?

    George, I like that idea! And I have no problem with a bit of PvP, as long as it does not *unerringly* end in stabbing and blowing up each other...
  • As long as Hanri isn't hurt, Helina won't go after another servant. Although if she were alone with her son outside the walls she'd probably just try to grab him and get out of this crazy city. Everything else sounds cool and I'll leave the details up to you two.
  • Sounds good to me, oliof, I'll leave the narrating to you. I don't think Hanri quite recognizes Helina yet, that's the only thing I want to maintain.

    I don't mind PvP either, but I think it's best to make it clear up front. Like redgrog says, Helina just being very protective (Key of Love and all)
  • Have them try and turn me or otherwise have a use for me. I think playing out 'tribe vs wife' conflict of loyalty would be interesting.
  • sorry, I've been offline for a week, moving between countries. Updates will follow more quickly now.
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    No problem, I know how stressful moving can be (to another country, though? wow).

    So, you're going to narrate the fireworks, right? And Hanri's little trip? I was kind of waiting for that. :)
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