Danger Patrol!

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John Harper has a new version of Danger Patrol out on his website. I think it looks pretty cool. Is anyone interested in playing? I'd like three but two might work.


  • At first I got this game confused with a different game in beta as well..can't remember the name of it, but I think Luke is working on it.. anyhow...
    I'm reading over the .pdf now. Danger Patrol.

    Any PbP Tweaks you have in mind?
  • Oh! Thanks for putting in the link. If I had been smart I would have done that myself.

    I don't know about PBP tweaks. The only thing I can think of is with respect to the use of the threat cards and being able to physically place stuff. I guess I can just list them.
  • I suspect that adding Danger to actions, and then requesting danger from other players, might slow down any action.
    You'd maybe want a rule where you have phase 1-- where you add your own dangers, then phase 2, the GM then can add Dangers, and then phase 3 the players can offer dangers to the other player's situations. So everything goes off simultaneously.

    That might speed it up a bit.
  • That's a good suggestion. Sounds workable.

    It's not looking good for any interest yet though, (aside from you of course.)
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