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    Further up on the page:
    I've got a more fleshed out idea now of where Horse came from, how his group got started, and how he adds to it, so I can post that here or save it for exposition later, whichever makes more sense.
    As you like. If you feel like it's something everyone ought to know, go ahead and talk it up. If you'd rather let it all unfold in game, that works too. You can also split the difference and whisper to me, if you have something you'd like to see come up in play, but not necessarily make public just yet.

    I wouldn't mind hearing more about his girls, at least, since I'll be running them. I don't mind filling in detail on my own, but you ought to toss out anything you already have in your head.
  • Horse, I want to see some Sharp.
  • Ah, I should've been checking my email. Nuclear Bob will be back in a day or so, and while he was having a little trouble with the boards on Sunday, he wanted to highlight Hot on Kite and Proper.
  • Frost - you don't seem to get along with the Maelstrom. I wanna see Weird rolling from you. People behaving under stress is interesting.
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  • That's cruel ... I'll balance it by highlighting Frost's Hot.

    I want to see Proper's Sharp, since I'll be kicking things off by making him try to scrape together a payment to Gams.

    And I'm curious to see what Horse is like when he gets tough. Highlight Hard.

    I'm not sure about Kite yet. And I wait for Charmer to get his first highlight before I do mine.
  • HX

    First of all, Charmer is secretive, that's everyone -1 Hx

    Frost very evidently dislikes and distrusts Charmer, Charmer can feel it, and for that Charmer knows him. Hx +3 on Frost

    Kite, would you mind having nodded off once or twice hanging around me (knowingly or unknowingly) which would give me +3 Hx, instead of whatever you put? (perhaps we live in neighboring shacks?)

    Charmer has been watching Prosper carefully, gets Hx +3 on him.

    Horse: Charmer knows you have been watching him somewhat, but as of now, you are a customer, and little else. Charmer is businesslike, and does not like to mix business with personal interests.
  • Highlights noted. I think Weird is a fair highlight - opening his mind is going to be his absolute last-ditch resort for anything, which makes it kind of suitable that he should gain experience from it.
  • Okay, I think we need to see the chart updated with Charmer's stuff -- there's some double-highlighting going on (though it worked out for Frost because two of the highlights were Hot). Also I am not sure which version of Hx-highlighting we are using -- there was a major change between the playtest and the final version. In the final version whoever your character has the highest Hx with is the one who highlights your stat -- as opposed to 'whoever has the most with my character highlights it. (These are opposite. So for example in the playtest version Charmer would highlight my stats, since he has +3 with Kite; but in the current version, Horse would highlight my stats because Kite has +3 with Horse.)

    For starting out it's not a big deal as long as everyone pitches in, but going forward I just want to make sure we have that clearly laid out.
    Posted By: PerpetualSkepticKite, would you mind having nodded off once or twice hanging around me (knowingly or unknowingly) which would give me +3 Hx, instead of whatever you put? (perhaps we live in neighboring shacks?)
    Sounds fine to me -- Kite is of no fixed address, often selecting other people's houses to crash in at random, so given her seeming lack of concern for Charmer's mojo it makes sense that she's slept nearby at various points.
  • Sanity check, Daniel - it looks to me like we're using the final version's rules. I know I had trouble making sense of the table until I worked out that the numbers on my sheet should be the numbers in the row with my name on it. (If that's *not* the case, then I'm horribly confused, and should probably be alternately ignored and pitied.)
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    with Charmerwith Frostwith Horsewith Kitewith Proper
    Charmer has—=0, ignored for +3=0, +1, for +1+1, ignored for +3+1, ignored for +3
    Frost has-1, -1. for -2—=0, -1, for -1</>+1, +1, for +2</>+2, +1, for +3
    Horse has-1, +1, for =0=0, ignored for +3—+1, +1, for +2+1, +1, for +2
    Kite has-1+2=0, ignored for +3—+1
    Proper has-1, +1, for =0=0, +1, for +1=0, ignored for +3+1, +1, for +2—
    We're using the final game text, which means that Charmer's highlight comes from anyone except Horse, player's choice.
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    Charmer can be highlighted by Frost, Kite, or Proper, player's choice. I'll highlight a second stat afterward.

    Frost was highlighted by Proper, who picked Weird. I added Hot. (I wasn't saying it was unfair to have Weird highlighted, merely cruel, which is totally fine.)

    Horse was highlighted by Frost, who picked Horse's Sharp. I added Hard.

    Kite was highlighted by Horse, who went with Kite's Hot. I'm waffling between Cool and Weird. If you want to make a request, I may well honor it.

    And Proper was also highlighted by Horse, and he also got his Hot highlighted. I added Sharp.
  • Okay, cool -- I think I mostly just confused myself. Tables to the rescue!

    As for Kite's second highlight, both +cool and +weird sound fine by me. Either I'm wandering obliviously into the apocalyptic maw of danger or I'm deciding who lives and who dies.
  • Let's call it Cool, since nobody has that highlighted yet.
  • As Kite seems the only character not super-weirded out by Charmer, I'll let Kite highlight a stat. =)
  • Well, I want to see the Brainer brain it up, so I'll go with +weird.
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    And I'll highlight Charmer's Hx, largely just to see how that works.

    Seems like a good time to get started. I absolutely encourage anyone to pop in with material in the setting thread, and I'll also be asking questions to firm things up as we go. Think about personal details ... where you live, who you live with, and that kind of thing. I'll probably need to know, sooner than later. I'll be tossing tangential details into the setting thread, as well, and I'll sit down and draw some kind of map to work from in the near future.

    I think I'll run it so that each scene has a thread. I will also take a shot at writing so that I'm directly addressing the characters, as suggested in the book, though that always feels a little odd to me in PbP.

    It has not been clearly stated: Is Frost already working for Proper? You can establish that, or you can leave it up to play to determine.

    To see how I need to set up, can I have a fortunes roll for Horse? Also, I'm going to go for the throat and say it's time for Proper to make a payment to Gams, so roll +sharp.
  • Rolling dice. Type something like this:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    Spaces are important. It spits out the numbers when you mouse over the line, and you can click on the numbers to open up a menu that offers some sorting options. You can also select 'Toggle Sum' in that menu to see the total, though this isn't exactly higher math we're doing here.

    More generally: To roll in Apocalypse World, you roll 2d6+stat. So Horse rolls 2d6+fortunes (2d6+1, right now) and hopes for a 10 or higher. Rolling 7-9 generally gets you a mixed result, and rolling below 7 is a miss, and almost invariably results in some kind of badness.
  • So I roll here?

    roll+sharp for making a payment to Gams.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • She comes around at a _bad_ time it seems.
  • Let's see if Horse's fortunes go any better:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • All right, luxe eternal for us.
  • I think Frost is not working for Proper right now, but it's highly likely that he will be, barring a disastrous open mic night.

    (May we resume the Open Mic Night thread?)
  • As per the payment move, Proper gets two of three:

    • She takes it, but you also have to pay 1-barter in turnip gin to make her feel it's worth her while.
    • She takes it, but she's not happy. Tick up her countdown clock a segment.
    • You make it work, but you have to cut corners in your operation: the MC can offer you a hard bargain or an ugly choice.

    The first leaves you dead broke, the second trades trouble now for bigger trouble later, and the third burns off trouble in an immediate mess at home. Which one do you not want?

    Horse is happy, though. So are his girls! Let the party begin.

    If it's not occuring in the past, don't do Open Mic Night. I'll crib from that thread, but the situation needs reframing in the light of the setup rolls (and, more generally, as part of the game kickoff). Still, I'll shoot for getting something up later today, so there shouldn't be much of a wait.
  • Ok, it'll happen tomorrow. I've been going over the characters and messing around with maps, and I figure I could use a night to sleep on things.

    What's an average day like for Kite? Does she have work right now?

    What's an average day like for Charmer? Does he have work right now?

    Also, I realized we overlooked detailing Proper's crew. His cast and crew count as a small gang (with his "everybody's packing" option), so there should be between 10-25 people involved at his establishment. We needn't name each and every one of them right now, but there should be a handful of crew members with names and short (one-line?) descriptions. We've seen Brink and you've mentioned a Pavlov. Who else can you give me?
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    Kite spends most days away from the mezzanine (do we call it that? If so the meaning is surely lost -- but it shortens helpfully to 'the mez', which sounds nice; maybe the whole underground area is called that) -- she explores, underground or (on cloudy days) Outside. She looks for tech or useful debris, but her real project is finding safe overland routes to other holds or interesting new places. Of course, what Kite considers 'safe' keeps most people huddling underground, and that suits her fine: Kite is looking for a job that only she can do, and places only she can go, because that way nobody else is on the line. Nobody else can look at her like she's supposed to be doing something, while their insides come flying out of them like a secret they just can't ever keep to themselves.

    Of course so far all she's really found is trinkets, rats and more hiding places than she can count. To keep on living she still needs 'real' gigs, at least sometimes -- escorting packages, bodyguarding a visiting lieutenant, or just standing around the right people, at the wrong time, watching them slip up or lash out and go up like a moth too close to an open flame.

    That was her last gig, at least -- Chanel and his goons were screwing shit up for all the mez regulars, until Gams got the bright idea of introducing him to Kite. They got along real nice. Next thing you know Chanel is picking a drunken fight with some muscle from the local 'hold -- it goes from fists to hand grenades in ten seconds flat -- and they gotta clean what's left of the guy's skull off of the ceiling. Now most of Chanel's goons work for Gams, somebody sends her a care package of gasoline and ammo, and Kite doesn't like introductions.

    Anyways, those are the days -- keep your distance, marvel at the blue sky, don't pay any attention to all the people talking at you. If danger moves in your direction, step aside as usual and watch it find somebody else. Night-time though, all that aloneness catches up with you, and wouldn't it be nice to just be around people a little? Real quietly, so nobody minds, that's the best sort of company; or maybe if you just move in a little closer than they expect, suddenly they run out of things to say.
  • Less-colour version: Kite spends her usual days exploring or scavenging, though hardly all of them. She doesn't have a job right at the moment, because her last 'job' cut a little too close to her personal problems -- and because she won't admit that any of what Gams somehow set up went down with her own consent.

    She doesn't have her own place, or really her own space, though she knows a dozen different places to stash what little gear she uses. Right now most of her valuable oddments are stashed in a hidden utility panel in Lits' 'room' -- not that Lits knows shit about the panel or the goods, or why Kite is willing to listen to him go on and on about his shitty life, his bad-ass bike, and all the sweet places he's gonna go once he can save up a little jingle.

    (Lits lifted from Proper's post, above.)
  • An average day for Frost -- well, lately, he's been all about taking care of business, which means being around and meeting as many people as possible, but he doesn't want to actually get seriously involved with anyone until he's figured out where the local ticking time bombs are. It would be a career-limiting move to get involved with someone like Chanel, for instance: Frost really wouldn't be all that bothered by seeing a professional liaison's brains being wrung out of a mop, but he really likes keeping his brains inside his skull where they belong.

    So he's been loitering in some of the nicer public spots, just kind of hanging out, talking with people, assessing them as possible clients for any of his services, being friendly to everyone and noncommittal across the board. At night, he pulls out the guitar -- his own estimation of his talents is far lower than any objective observer's would be, so he feels the needs to practice -- and I suppose it's during a couple of those sessions that he and Kite get to know each other. He doesn't see her as a potential client: it doesn't seem like she'd need to pay for sex, and she doesn't seem to care a lot about companionship; and it's also pretty clear that she really isn't in a stable enough situation to offer him the sort of permanent arrangement he'd like to have. So he lets down some of his guard around her, and when he's practicing, she can just sit and be nearby and listen, and there's no pressure on her to say anything to him unless she wants to.
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    I don't want "She takes it, but she's not happy. Tick up her countdown clock a segment."

    Make me broke and give me a hard bargain or an ugly choice -we'll jump right in to hard choices, wot?
  • Daniel,

    Lits was, in my mind (and probably a whisper to Mike) a girl with a lisp who takes care of Toyota, a guy (probably also a kid) with bum legs who wheels around where he's able and scavenges. As a higher powered NPC he'd be a tinker or as a PC he'd be a whassaamathanger, Savvyhead. Think of the guy who makes the toys in Blade Runner, only crippled and a kid.

    Still, Toyota would be OK with Kite using his space, I mean, he spends all his time roaming about with Lits trying to scavenge useful stuff and tech. That Proper doesn't recognize his finds as useful doesn't mean they're all trash.
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