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  • Okay, that version of Lits works fine with me. Kite isn't using his space, though, she just happens to know of a hiding spot that happens to be in his space (which he has not noticed -- perhaps it's somewhere you have to climb/stand to get to?) and has some stuff hidden in it -- and also likes to hang around occasionally and listen to his stories.

    I still think he wants to build a kick-ass motorbike, though.
  • Also, I would strongly suggest creating a separate thread for tracking NPCs -- there will be a lot of them, and it would be great (I think) to be able to go to a single thread and quickly scan through brief descriptions & names, instead of having to search through existing setting/character/scene threads to make sure you remember who Chanel/Lits/Gams/Etc. is. It also serves as an easy list to reference when someone wants to toss in some backstory/NPC crossover.
  • A Day in the life of Charmer:

    Charmer has a small shack that is used to store belonging and sleeping. Apart from that, Charmer does jobs as they come, but not a lot has been coming lately. Charmer recently botched a major job for Hugo and Winkle (location of a supply cache worth 3 or 4 barter, after having taken half the payment up front), so laying low is a priority. Usually, though, Charmer spends evenings at Prosper's place, sitting in the crowd and waiting for work to find Charmer, which it generally does. Charmer doesn't like talking to people, but then the people that want to hire Charmer don't need to say too much other than job details anyway.
  • Cor, name is PROPER. Six letters.
  • Sorry, Proper. I fail.
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