[AW - OOG] Apocalypse World: Setting



  • Some of Proper's cast:

    Brink - She's got a mowhawk. She knows how to read and write. She's killer at poker, not because she reads people, but because they don't see her cheat.

    Cherry - He's the regular bouncer. Blonde, hair combed back. Luxe low singing voice.

    Hinx - He juggles, OK with a knife and chews whatever's got nicotine in it.

    Baker - He runs the bar, usually. Can turn mostly organic things into edible food. Pretty much married to Yip-yip.

    Cindy - She's got the gas sorted for the stoves and still. Fucks Leak when she's got the itch.

    Yip-yip - She runs the tight-rope crew and Baker.

    Puck - Lead tightroper. Arrogant little bitch. Fast and steady.

    Bix - Tightroper and wears clown-paint.
    might be fucking/ twin to
    Larc - Tightroper and wears a bear costume.

    Tsing - Twink contortionist. Has a thing for Cherry.

    Barf - Sword swallower and projectile vomiter.

    Faki - Bed of nails, walks on glass, etc etc.

    Leak - Does card tricks, ventriloquism, and fucks Cindy when she lets him.
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