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So I started a thread yesterday for the Open Mic Night, and nobody's responded yet. I can't tell if this is because nobody is interested, if people are just waiting for the right moment, or if people haven't read it yet. Speak up and let me know.


  • I saw it, but I was still ruminating on character stuff so didn't feel comfortable jumping in. It sounds like our MC has put the thread on hold for the moment, though, while we finish up Hx -- though if it's meant to be a flashback, it might not make sense as a first scene. (It might be fun to just have people add to it whenever they feel like, in parallel with forward-in-time play -- so kind of a continuous, ongoing flashback.)
  • Ok, with the open mic thread, 2 options:

    • It's a flashback, and you decide in advance (now) what the resolution will be. Is Frost in Proper's crew? We're close enough to starting the game that we can't wait to see. If you want to run it on the side while the game's going, that's fine, but its mysteries are going to have to be laid bare in that case.

    • It's not a flashback. In which case, stop posting. Those events will be folded into the opening scenes of the game.
  • Just an FYI -- I will be out of town/on vacation until Monday. I may or may not have access to Internet, and if I do it will be fairly sporadic. So, participation will be slow or perhaps nonexistant until my return. Bad timing! I'm excited about things getting rolling, so look forward to jumping in on my return, and hopefully tossing in some stuff when I find a stray wireless connection.
  • Ok, noted.

    Aaand I need to be shorter and punchier. That post was on the excessive side of long.

    I was thinking about shoving Charmer and Kite together and applying pressure, just to see what happens, but I might leave Kite floating a bit so that she can be involved, or not. I wouldn't have been getting that written up tonight, anyway.
  • So for the record, I do seem to have Internet out here in the vacation-hinterlands. So if you were holding off on anything in case of my non-participation, don't sweat it -- I think I should be able to keep up well enough.
  • Ok. I was looking to talk about Charmer's possible situation, and go from there with something tailored, but if you'll be around I'll cut to the chase and start with something crude.
  • Is Proper's pit a pit that you throw people in and not expect to see them again, or is it a pit that you put people in for a while in the cold and dark in order to soften them up/teach them a lesson?
  • Not sure how deep it goes, what's down there, etc. Having dropped an empty can down it before, it seems there's a ledge not too far down, but out beyond that is a mystery. Without securing someone with ropes, there isn't a good way to illuminate the space. Taping a barter of light to some old broomstick is just reckless.

    Since Vox Populi is a pretty new establishment I haven't the occasion to have tossed anyone off it, but I'm vaguely curious about what'll happen if I do. I figured the sort to poison my water filtering apparatus is a good test subject.
  • Seizing by Force

    You roll +hard to seize by force. It doesn't matter if you're using a gun, or a gang, or your bare hands. Those factors affect the damage you deal, but that's all.

    On a hit, you get to choose two or three of the seize by force options (two on a 7-9, three on a 10+). In all cases, you'll generally both take and inflict harm ... you can't seize by force without committing to serious violence.

    • 'Take definite hold' does what it says. If you want to capture Rum, you'd have to select that.
    • 'Suffer little harm' reduces the harm you take by 1.
    • 'Inflict terrible harm' increases the harm you inflict by 1.
    • 'Impress, dismay, frighten' does that in addition to the harm.

    Rum has a handful of the people in his gang down there: Grome, Norvell, and a few others. It's not many people, but they'd count as a small gang (they're more than 'a guy or two'). Were that not the case (if it were just Rum and Norvell, for instance), your gang would deal +1 harm and take -1 harm, due to the size mismatch. Rum's gang is, under the circumstances, (2-harm 1-armor small).

    When attacking with a gang, the gang usually takes most of harm, rather than you. Harm can cause your gang to break and scatter, depending on your strength as a leader and on how much harm they've taken.

    So, if Proper sends his crew against Rum, and he hits with an 8, he can choose (for instance) to take definite hold of Rum and for his crew to suffer little harm. That's an exchange of harm, 2-harm vs 2-harm, and Proper's crew takes little harm, while Rum's gang has 1-armor. So, each gang takes 1 harm, which translates to a few injuries on each side, no fatalities. Also, your crew has Rum (though the rest of Rum's gang is still free to act), which you could use as leverage for going aggro (leave now or we kill your boss).

    An alternative might be that Proper's crew impresses and dismays Rum's gang, instead of suffering little harm. Then your crew would take serious injuries, probably including one or two fatalities, but Rum's gang would be shaken and unlikely to press the fight.

    Of course, if you hit with a 10+, you could do all three things.
  • Sorry guys, had been a bit busy for the past month or so, had a wedding, vacation, and getting started back at work, checking the site daily now. =)
  • Should you care to hear the original performer of the song I so shamelessly stole for Frost:
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    Does Proper have fashion worth 1-armor as part of his look? That's generally, like, leather and canvas clothes, jackets and chaps, odd articles of clothing like Charmer's gas mask and other accouterments, the corset from the example of play ... that kind of thing.

    If not, Charmer's the only one in this group who starts with any armor: Frost and Horse can't, and Kite isn't 100% clear on why it'd even be useful.
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    Because it's a little bizarre: Horse has been kicked out of his body by a manifestation of the psychic maelstrom.

    - He can still talk to and attempt the manipulate move on Barbecue, making promises in exchange for the return of control.

    - He can also try to seize (his body) by force. He won't deal much damage that way (he lacks weapons, so 0-harm, unless he chooses to inflict terrible harm), but the goal would be to take definite hold of his body, ending the possession.

    - Going aggro doesn't really work, since he doesn't have a useful weapon ... 0-harm is easy to take if you choos to suck it up instead of following orders. This would be a great time to have that one brainer power that lets you go aggro with your naked brain.

    - Reading the situation, reading Barbecue, or reading some other person works as normal. Opening your brain to the psychic maelstrom would work as normal, but it would surely have extra-weird effects, under the circumstances.

    - Other people can try to manipulate/seduce Barbecue, can try to help or hinder Horse, can try to go aggro on Barbecue (though if he just decides to suck it up, you're still inflicting the harm on Horse's body). You'd have to get creative to justify using any of manipulate, seduce, go aggro, or seize by force on Horse, though, and vice versa.

    I made Proper's glimpse into the psychic maelstrom really fast because, as it happens, the psychic maelstrom has come to visit the physical world. Want to negotiate? It's walking over to the bar right now. But because it came through Horse's brain, not Proper's, you're talking to Barbecue instead of Old Nick.
  • Checking in - I was having an odd connectivity problem for a day or so there, and I couldn't access the site. I'll get updates up later today.
  • Mike, I think Proper, covered in scars, would have gone ahead and had something durable put in that suit of his. It'll be 1 armor, ya?
  • Note: If you want to whisper a post to me because you're not sure of something, or whatever, that's fine, but you shouldn't whisper character actions, no matter how dastardly. This is a game where that kind of thing operates best all out in the open, from an OOC perspective.
  • If I try to manipulate someone while disembodied, can I pretend to be someone else?
  • Eh. Yeah - to the same extent that you can pretend to be someone else while, say, talking to someone from the next room. Success would depend on what kind of a hit you got, and you'd still have to provide assurances or promises as standard.
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    Ok, we're doing a little too much speculation in the Vox Populi scene. When you're laying out plans and discussing their virtues OOC, you're over-thinking it. Like, maybe Horse could do his 'lost love in distress' trick, and maybe it'd work ... it depends first on his check to manipulate and then, probably, on Frost's check to act under fire to resist the deception. And then also on any help/hinder attempts made on the issue, as well.

    There're mechanics to resolve these things, but remember: to do something, do it, don't just talk about it. There be the golden rule of Apocalypse World.

    Of course, I do understand that there are issues with this being a new system and all, so there are mechanical questions, but still - focus on the action in the moment. Plans can go wildly awry in very little time. As we've seen. Usually Horse's plans, actually.

    Since I'm writing here, I'll also address mechanical questions here:

    - Reading a person requires that you interact with the person ... the answers come up as you watch their responses. That's why you get hold that you spend over the course of the interaction, rather than just asking the questions up front, like when you read a situation.

    - Horse's intentions might've changed, but the 'charged situation' is still pretty much the same situation. Can't read again until things are considerably changed around. I think the old rule of thumb for scene framing probably applies: if the place, time, and actors are all pretty much the same, things haven't changed enough.

    - Seizing someone by force: seizing some random Joe (or Rum, or some other NPC) is harder. Even more difficult is seizing Proper or Frost, since they can interfere with your roll. Proper has a much higher Hx with Horse, so he'd be by far the toughest dude in the room to go after. (Hah. I like that. It suggests that the moment Proper realized that Horse was floating around, bodiless, he immediately started guarding his thoughts. Because he knows Horse.)

    - Seizing your old body back is easier, if you wait for Barbecue to be distracted by something. This is because you'd be acting on your read of the situation just a bit ago, so you'd get a +1 under those circumstances.

    - Lastly, the easiest would be to seize the body of one of your girls, because we've established earlier that you could just offer them up to Barbecue, no problem. Stands to reason that you could also possess them yourself, without a roll. Doing that kind of thing cavalierly might impact their trust in you, but it's still an easy option.

    By the by, I'm kind of waiting for Proper's actions. I've nudged Nick, so hopefully that'll be quick.
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    Oh, when you read someone, you're not literally asking them the questions. Or, well, you might be, if that makes sense, but you might also just be paying attention to how they react as you talk, and intuiting the answers to the questions in your head. So you don't have to literally ask a give-away question like "How could I get you to open your brain?"
  • Also, Horse, you're unlikely to get any better answers from rolling to read Frost than I've already given you based on your Hx+3 with him. He knows that bad things happen when he opens his mind; you'll have a much easier time convincing him that worse things will happen if he doesn't open his mind than that good things will happen this time.

    I think it's a really cool idea, which is part of why I'm telling you how to make it happen in a way that doesn't violate what's already been established about Frost.
  • All right, less talk, more action. Can do.
  • Should there be another round of nudging, perhaps? It's been a week....
  • I'm all for nudging. nudge...nudge...nudge...
  • My fault. I allowed myself to backburner this, intending only to give it a few more days. However, it's true that when I do that kind of thing, I often get distracted and lose track of how long it's been. Out of sight, out of mind ... do feel free to get at me if I'm silent for more than a few days, since it's more than likely just me losing focus on the game.

    (I do tend to be less available on weekends, though, so if it's a Saturday, maybe wait 'till Monday.)

    Nudging, sure, but I think Proper will just be frozen with indecision for the moment. I'll update tonight or tomorrow.
  • Apologies guys. No excuse really. Pinning Snail's Pace in Chrome to keep it in my daily reading.
  • Busy weekend there - missed updating, since I was out most of the time. I'm going to be away for another couple of days here too, so I might not update until Wednesday or Thursday, unfortunately.
  • I'm inclined to roll the harm move, when it comes up. In PbP, it seems a little silly for me to ask you to do it, since it goes: (a) I describe the harm, (b) you roll the dice, (c) I describe the results of the harm move. You don't get any meaningful narrative in there until after you get the results of the harm move, so it's just sticking in an extra cycle of posting for no real reason.

    Still, if you just happen to want to roll, I can be dissuaded.
  • It doesn't matter now, since he's not wearing it, but should I count Frost's coat as armor-1? For future reference.
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