[AW] In Which a Party Breaks Out

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  • Actual shit. The flinger, if I find out who it is, will probably go out my Back Door. Or get to cuddle with Woland.

    I'll stick in my thumb and see if there's a plumb under the pastry.

    Right now, I'm buying Blavatski's by the barrel (equiv to 150ish .75L / 'fifth' bottles - or 26 cases of bottles) which should be lasting at least 3 weeks, unless business is picking up. I get it pretty regular from a group of scavs or raiders -usually picking it up myself with Cherry and Woland, but they've been making me nervous lately. I wanna try a different avenue if I can.

    Do I flesh out what I'd _like_ (ie, NPC name and some circumstances) and roll to see how good my Fingers attempt goes?
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    The playbook says the followers have jobs among the local population. Horse told the ladies when they rolled into town that they'd need some jingle to cover expenses, and he mostly doesn't care where it comes from unless aggro comes with it. They are supposed to obtain his approval before fucking anybody else (he requires theirs as well) and he's encouraged them not to whore themselves out just to get by, but if somebody they want to make time with anyway is willing to spend for it, more wine for everyone. Horse finds the cheetos to be delightfully decadent, as I'm presuming they're rare. He's stoking the party, since he loves a good surplus, but not particularly trying to run the show. It's no secret he is flush at the moment, so he could be helpful to Proper if the other pie-fingers come back empty, assuming a suitable arrangement could be reached. He's excited about the new act that's supposed to cap off the show. He's been around enough parties to pick up something of their moods, so to make sure this one isn't going sour, he'll try to Read the Sitch, with his +1 Sharp. Do I mark experience for that, or only if he makes the roll?
    Did it wrong. Let's try this:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Looks like I get one question, so I'll go with:
    What should I be on the lookout for?
    Since it seems to be the most applicable one.
  • Frost gladly accepts a drag on the spliff. He might be working with the clown and the bear, so might as well start making friends now. He's spent the evening trying to figure out who he needs to impress, either to get a job with Proper, or to find someone with enough coin to pay for private entertainment.

    He picks up the guitar, strums a few chords, checking the tuning one last time, then walks over to the door. As he takes a look out from backstage, he's trying to read the situation - but he's more interested in figuring out how to impress the crowd, who he needs to impress most, that sort of thing. Unless he's in physical danger himself, he doesn't really care about the prospect of violence breaking out.

    So, reading a situation: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • It seems the spliff was much stronger than Frost realized, or perhaps adulterated with something more interesting.
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  • Proper stands up from behind his desk on the second floor and socks his fist against the wall.

    Dammit. There's a very thin bag of jingle for to pay Gams. The party below seems like it's rocking, but an accounting won't happen till the rat-crowd drops. All his people are slinging drinks and trying to stay atop the wave.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 ) to read the stitch. Knowing he'll have to fill a couple bottles to take to Gams, but needing to know what's up in his joint before he goes. Proper goes to the window overlooking the floor below.
  • Horse is tense. He'll fight if he has to, but he'd rather do it together, and those missing 3 are worrying him. He'd like to Open his Mind to the Maelstrom. Is this acting on the situation as read, or does that imply more direct action?
  • Frost smiles broadly at Rum and Norvell, and offers each of them a handshake, pulling away from Ricarra to do so. He wobbles a little as he does so, hinting at being a lot more impaired than he actually is. "I think we ran into each other a couple of times in Kreider's Town, yeah? Anyway, yeah, I'm supposed to be on stage in a few minutes, I'm sure you two can help take care of the ladies while I'm busy." He winks at Rum, suggesting that there's more to taking care of them than buying them drinks.

    Seduce or manipulate, targeting Rum: I'm not a threat, I'm not trying to compete, focus your lust and rage on the ladies and not on me. #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • (Actually, considering: Frost don't have much leverage here, unless Rum wants to have sex with him, which doesn't seem like it's currently the case. So it's more like he's trying to make it clear that he doesn't want to get involved here, that he'll just completely step away and not compete with Rum or Norvell. On the other hand, if there's something Rum wants from Frost, this is a perfect time for extortion.)
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  • (Fair enough. No more posting before coffee for me.)

    So take that as acting under fire - I'll give Ricarra a chaste, almost brotherly, peck on the cheek and say, "Come find me after my set, and you can introduce me to this Horse guy you mentioned and any of the girls I haven't met yet."
  • Are we going with the idea of the maelstrom being radio-related? If so, Horse hears the "motivational" broadcasts played for the workers of his birthplace. (Anyone who's played the Fallout 3 expansions think The Pitt Broadcast, but less uplifting.) If we're not doing the radio thing, he hears the voices of people who have died in front of him. Helpful ones would be friends he lost before he left his first home, less helpful ones would be people who have crossed his group a little too far since then.

    Rolling +2 Weird, +1 for acting on the read Sitch, gives us:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Also, if Shit begins to Go Down, is the crowd a mob that can be frenzied, or are they too disorganized for that?
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  • Can we comment on other players' usage of their moves? If so, awesome using of arresting skinner. If not, I didn't say that. Anyhoo, Horse would like to point out that:
    Is he acting under fire to do this? I'm assuming that since he's now acting against the advice of the maelstrom, there's no more +1 from the read sitch, but let me know if I'm wrong.
  • Also, question about acting under fire. Since a lot of things in AW seem to generalize, is a character acting under fire if they're not specifically in danger, but something or someone important to them is? A gun pointed at Sun's head isn't going to phase Horse the same as a gun pointed at his own, but it's not something he'd be super casual about either.
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  • All right, let's see if the crowd heeds:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Well fudge. That's trouble.
  • Is Proper shouting distance from Cherry, Woland, Rum?

    If yes -I'm tempted to sic Woland on Rum (going Aggro? this under fire?)

    If no - I'm to the ground floor. My barrel of Blavatski's is down there anyway. Cane in hand.
  • Let me know what Horse has in terms of options. I'm guessing it's a little late to Manipulate someone, but if he can Go Aggro Under Fire to try to make his way out, that's a likely course of action if the crowd is focused on him. If their ire is directed at the court as well, he may have to stay and fight. Any bottles he can smash over people's heads for bonus harm? Can we seize consciousness by force rather than life? How about seizing an escape route?
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