[AW] Death by Water



  • Hmm, I probably should have specified that the situation I was reading was the weird groaning -- not that that would necessarily affect the answer to my question. Of course I would have asked what to be on the lookout for but my feeling is that Kite prettymuch always asks about the escape route first, regardless.


    In any case, Kite continues to harvest mushrooms while the two brothers talk incomprehensibly. Seemingly unconcerned, though her bag is getting pretty full of edibles at this point -- and surely Charmer has had enough time by now to hide or get out or do something sensible for himself. She looks towards the groaning noise, then to Winkle. "Sounds like it's time to go."
  • Ducking down so as not to be seen by Hugo and Winkle, Charmer strokes Mimi's arm, whispering gently, "Charmer is either at Vox Populi or at home. Easy to find. But be careful."
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  • Why do they always have to panic? It would be so much easier if they didn't panic; if people didn't make stupid mistakes, the moment death tapped them on the shoulder. Bullets or floods, it's all the same, and Kite is tired of people throwing themselves away just because they're afraid all of a sudden.

    So whether he wants to or not, Winkle is not about to drag her in the wrong direction, or himself either. He wants to hold hands? Fine. Kite grabs his outstretched wrist and twists -- because he's coming with her, not the other way around, thank you very much -- and yanks the larger man towards the exit.

    Assuming this is still acting under fire:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • As Hugo, Winkle, and Kite have made it to the escalator, there is no reason for Charmer to remain. Charmer scurries up the escalator, looking around for a decent place to hide to make sure everybody gets out alright.

    Charmer certainly isn't on good terms with Hugo and Winkle, but there's no reason not to make sure everybody gets out safely, and if Hugo and Winkle happen to not get out so safely, it would be a good thing to know.
  • No problem for you, Charmer. If you waited around for Kite and the dread brothers to reach the escalator, Hugo or Winkle might've glimpsed you, but you aren't sure. The top of the escalator opens up right onto the second subway platform - the one a level below the mezzanine proper.

    It's densely crowded, home to the more marginal inhabitants of the mez all tumbled together into a packed-in shanty town. Might be that you live somewhere in here, further on toward the other end of the platform. You can disappear into the chaos and noise of the maze of living spaces at the drop of a hat.

    If you want to keep an eye on things below, though, you can stop there at the head of the escalator. There's a simple barricade of fiberboard and torn-down chain link around the head, just enough to keep children from tumbling down into the fungal landscape below. Hunch down a bit, and that'll keep you mostly out of sight, while still letting you peek down at what's still going on.

    Kite, what do you do?
  • Well, considering everybody's alright, I'm gonna head to Prosper's, have a drink or two and hide out a bit.
  • nah, figure Winkle and Hugo know where my hut is, they may find me at Prosper's too, but there'll be people around.
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