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Hi guys! We'll do Hx here once we get everyone's character thread up.


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    Looks like everyone has a character up (not seeing Nuclear Bob, but he said something about just watching, so I'll assume that's what's going on - if he decides to play, we can always add him later).

    These are the characters:

    Gritch, the Brainer
    Spector, the Savvyhead
    Navarre (Fido), the Gunlugger
    Uncle (Lars), the Hardholder
    Unnamed as of Yet... , the Driver

    Each person take their turn for Hx, and then at the end we'll do some highlighting of stats for the "first session".

    I'm not sure exactly what I want to consider each "session" considering the ongoing nature of the forum play, but I'm assuming we'll find an appropriate "session end" and just call it as a group whenever it feels right.

    EDIT: Let's just go with whoever decides to post their turn first and run with it. I'm getting used to doing this on a forum, so bare with me. ;) So, if you're on and reading this and no one has started, go ahead and take your turn for Hx. And, we'll proceed from there.

    EDIT 2: Bob's Driver.
  • Well, I can start off, but my turn's not that complex, if I'm reading this right.

    Everyone gets Hx -1 with me. I keep myself nice and secret.

    The special Hx relationships I have, it says I should establish on other people's turns, so I guess I could describe what I've got in mind right now, or I could wait until other people's turns. For the moment, I'll wait, I guess.
  • Right then, Spector.

    The character I find most strange (Gritch) should put a +1 next to my name. Everyone else puts a -1.

    And I'll modify what y'all tell me to write down as per my HX rules.
  • For Spector's turn, there were two of the 3 extras that I get to choose from that I thought might apply. Either: "One of them, you’ve been watching carefully for some time, in secret." Or: "One of them quite evidently dislikes and distrusts you." The "you" in this would be Gritch, and the "one of them" would be Spector. I wanted to bring these up because I didn't want to say that Spector quite evidently dislikes and distrusts Gritch unless we both were okay with that description. Personally, I feel like Spector wouldn't obviously dislike and distrust Gritch in some extreme sense, like this seems to imply. Could be that Spector's cautious around Gritch, and likewise, Gritch is cautious around Spector, but I'm not sure I got the sense that Spector would really feel that way about Gritch.

    On the other hand, though, I do somewhat like the notion that Gritch has been watching Spector secretly for some time, both because Spector clearly has plenty of his own knowledge and expertise concerning the "spookies", and because Gritch is honestly curious what Spector does at his shack, particularly with those kids. I'm not sure he'd be curious out of some sense of wanting to protect the kids; I think he's just interested.

    Whaddaya think?
  • One of the things I like about the Hx rules is the way that each player has limited agency over the other characters during set up. So like, even though it's totally not how I was envisioning things going down, I think it's within your power to assert that Spector doesn't like Gritch and modify the value as it tells you to. I'm cool with that.

    That said, I agree with your sense of things. You watching me makes more sense with how we've described things.
  • Yup. What Christopher said.

    However, I don't think you should downplay "evidently dislikes and distrusts you." If it doesn't seem appropriate, then you don't have to choose to use that one. But, I'd say that if you did select that for someone, that it should be just that; they distrust and dislike you. Instead of say, "cautious of" or "have no opinion of" or something.

  • Oh yeah, I definitely agree and understand that "evidently dislikes and distrusts" should not be somehow minimized. Which is why I was hesitant to put that one into effect in terms of Spector without at least mentioning it first, particularly because I'm not sure I felt that one was a good one for the Spector/Gritch relationship.

    So, yeah, I'm gonna go with Gritch has been watching Spector for some time now, in secret. Which means that Gritch has Hx +3 with Spector.
  • Yeah, definitely. On the flip side, just because someone dislikes and distrusts you doesn't mean they aren't "basically" your ally. In other words, you don't have to hate someone's guts and want to murder them in order to dislike them. I have had people in my circle of friends that I hang out with that I "dislike and distrust" yah know? So, keep the core setting assumptions that you guys are allies at the beginning in mind and go from there.
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    I will point out that Uncle has almost certainly slept in Gritch's presence, since they were soldiers together at one point. Gritch might not have be sufficiently weird, at that point, for it to count.

    Everyone gets Hx=0 with Uncle. He's conservative with his trust.

    Additionally, Gritch has been with him since before, so Uncle gets a +1 with Gritch.

    I also have the option of saying that someone has betrayed me or stolen something from me. I wouldn't mind doing this, but nobody really jumps out. Any volunteers? If not, I'll probably just give it a pass.

    Want a table? Here's a table:
    with Gritchwith Marlenewith Navarrewith Spectorwith Uncle
    Gritch has—+?, +?+?, +?+1, ignored for +3=0, +?
    Marlene has-1, -1, for -2—+?, -1-1, -1, for -2=0, -1, for -1
    Navarre has-1, +?+?, +?—-1, +?=0, +?
    Spector has-1, +?+?, +?+?, +?—=0, +?
    Uncle has-1, +1, for +0+2, +0, for +2+?, +0-1, ignored for +3—
    If anyone can edit that without making their eyes bleed, feel free to use 'quote' to grab the code. I'll keep it updated, otherwise. (There's a bug with tables, where if you put in any carriage return in the body of the table, it shows up between the table and the text immediately above the table. Creates lots of white space.)

    Add in the driver later.
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    If Spector ever "stole" something from Lars, it was a person (Pamming?). If not, that's cool too.
  • For my Hx, it says choose one or both:
    Somebody's been on the road with Marlene, and I give them Hx+2. This could reasonably be anyone who accompanied her on a trading run.
    Somebody got here out of some serious shit, and I give them Hx+2. My proposal for this:
    What starts out as an uneventful day at the Chateau is disrupted when "Barney" the assault hovercraft, tied to a barge, pulls up flying a white flag or whatever passes for "truce" around these parts. Marlene offers to pilot Barney in service of whoever can defend her from its original creators (the main candidate for this being Uncle.) Let me know if that seems reasonable, otherwise maybe she just floated in on a trading run one day and liked the Chateau enough that she's made it a regular stop.

    I give everybody else Hx+1, and I subtract 1 from whatever people give me.
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    Uncle couldn't possibly turn down an offer of allegiance from Marlene. If he did, someone else wouldn't. How long ago was this, do you reckon?

    Christopher, I was trying to work out someone Spector might've stolen from Uncle, such that it would still result in the two of them being reasonably friendly and not dead afterwards. But yeah, you're right, it's totally Pamming. You say: "Her family were killed during a battle of some kind a few years ago and she found her way into his care."

    I say she's Uncle's illegitimate daughter. I think he's a kind of an old goat, and he played the field even when his wife was still alive, but he's generally been careful about producing children. Still, nobody's perfect, and she might not be his only bastard.

    It couldn't be said that Uncle ever paid any real attention to her, to the point where he didn't really realize right at first that her family was dead ... probably she lived in the nearby village, and her family was killed somewhere in there when Dog Head was making reprisals against Uncle. Uncle'd been fairly obsessively focused on Dog Head during the years of their back-and-forth, so it was weeks before he thought to check in. By that time, Pamming was already gone.

    Despite largely ignoring her life up until that point, Uncle is quite sensitive about his kids ... all of them. He doesn't like that Spector has her now, and he really doesn't like that Spector's probably screwing her. Still, it remains an unresolved issue. He realizes that he doesn't have any practical claim to her, and he doesn't want to fuck up his deals with Spector, so it just sits there like a barb under his skin.

    He hasn't said or done anything about it, and it's been years now. Spector might know that something's up, and he might know the whole story. He might not, though, on either account. Pamming might have pieced something together, but she probably doesn't know.
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    with Gritchwith Marlenewith Navarrewith Spectorwith Uncle
    Gritch has—+2, ignored for +3=0, +1, for +1+1, ignored for +3=0, ignored for +3
    Marlene has-1, -1, for -2—+2, -1, for +1-1, -1, for -2=0, -1, for -1
    Navarre has-1, +1, for =0+1, +0, for +1—-1, +0, for -1=0, +0, for =0
    Spector has-1, +?+1, +?-2, +?—=0, +?
    Uncle has-1, +1, for +0+2, +0, for +2+2, +0, for +2-1, ignored for +3—
  • I'd like to think Marlene showed up in time for Barney to help with the Dog Head situation. How long ago was that?
  • I like to imagine that Pamming favor's her father's looks so it's an easy guess who sired her.
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    The war between Uncle and Dog Head was drawn out over years, but ended - I don't know - just recently. Months. She could've been around for a couple years, becoming useful and valued. Or, she might've shown up just toward the end, and been one of the things that let Uncle turn it around and end the stalemate.
  • I like the second one better; she's proven she's useful, but hasn't been around long enough to develop complicated relationships with everybody, so her feelings toward them can be more determined by how things work out in play.
  • On my turn, I get the following:

    One of you has fought shoulder to shoulder with me, and has Hx+2. I think this has to be Uncle Lars, on at least one occasion and probably several.

    One of you once left me bleeding and did nothing for me, and has Hx-2. Back when Navarre had his falling out with Dog Head, they beat him senseless and left him for dead, and Spector was the first one to find him. At that point Spector was already pretty closely allied with Uncle, and figured one more dead Dog Head minion was good for everyone, and there wasn't much he could do for this one anyway. (Unless you think that's too harsh, Spector -- I can soften it.)

    One of you is prettiest, and has Hx+2. That's gotta be Marlene. Navarre is really impressed with how she's managed to raise a family and all, and considers her really pretty and really awesome and really unapproachable except on a professional level. He thinks he's being subtle about this, but it's pretty obvious.

    On your turns, I get the following:

    One of you is smartest, and I add +1. That's Gritch. Navarre has Weird+2, so he's not unfamiliar with all the psychic maelstrom woo-woo, but Gritch actually seems to understand it all.
  • No, that's fine.
  • So I need Nuclear Bob and Michael Pfaff (Or Marlene and MC) to highlight stats for me.
  • So, to interject, I'm saying that Uncle has slept in Gritch's presence. Like yellowparis said, my initial thought is that this is a result of the time before the Chateau, but then, I could also imagine that maybe Gritch has done some of his sweeps around the area at night, when people are asleep, and has checked Uncle's room at such a time. Maybe that's too much of a stretch...Uncle doesn't seem the kind to unnecessarily let people into his living quarters, particularly when he's most defenseless. But then, maybe Uncle trusts Gritch just enough to know that Gritch isn't likely to do anything untoward to Uncle, not when Gritch is getting such a kick out of the Chateau. So, yeah, I get +3 Hx with Uncle.

    The only other thing would be the "dislike, distrust" option. Frankly, I really like that Navarre comes to Gritch for psychic consultations, because I think that's awesome, so I wouldn't want Navarre to distrust or dislike Gritch. But maybe Marlene does? I know we don't have to use all of these, but I did think that it might not be a huge stretch to say that at some point or another, Gritch did do some traveling with Marlene, after he started to get weird, and she ditched him as soon as she could. Finding him her, some time later, well, she still hasn't changed her opinion. Yeah? I'm also good if Nuclear Bob wants to let the relationships between Marlene and the other characters develop naturally over play, though.
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    If we do that, then we can hit the "been on the road with" and "dislike/distrust," although I guess you'd ignore the +2 and take +3, but I still like rolling them both in. Marlene said she hustled you off the boat for freaking out her kids, but she was really more worried by how not freaked out Sarah was. To see what stats were interesting, I put this together: (Lars should be fixed now)
    So we're a pretty sharp bunch with a lot of weirdos.
  • Since Sharp and Weird are a dime a dozen around here, Marlene wants to see you rolling Hot.
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    Who does Spector figure for the biggest potential problem?

    Edit: the stat table isn't quite right. Uncle has a +1 Cool and a +2 Hard.

    And let's just bring the other table down so both of them can be held on the same screen.
    with Gritchwith Marlenewith Navarrewith Spectorwith Uncle
    Gritch has—+2, ignored for +3=0, +1, for +1+1, ignored for +3=0, ignored for +3
    Marlene has-1, -1, for -2—+2, -1, for +1-1, -1, for -2=0, -1, for -1
    Navarre has-1, +1, for =0+1, +0, for +1—-1, +0, for -1=0, +0, for =0
    Spector has-1, -1, for -2+1, -1, for =0-2, -1, for -3—=0, +1, for +1
    Uncle has-1, +1, for =0+2, +0, for +2+2, +0, for +2-1, ignored for +3—
  • Spector highlights one of Uncle's stats.
  • If I understand correctly, the chart means I get to pick between Marlene, Spector, and Uncle who picks my highlighted stat. I'll go with Uncle. Highlight away, sir.
  • Looks like Navarre is highlighting Marlene.
  • Navarre has a +3 Hard - I copied the stats from the playbook, and noted the bonus to hard from Insano like Drano separately.

    And Navarre, deep in his heart of hearts, wants to see Marlene being Hot.
  • Maybe it's the easy choice, but whatever: highlight Gritch's Weird.
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