[AW] The Chateau - Navarre/Fido (gunlugger)



  • Given my recent history, I think prepared for the inevitable is a much wiser choice, so that's what it is. When the medical shipment comes in, we can work it into the fiction.
  • Sounds perfect.
  • Tell me more about Trey. The last time you saw him? What he looked like? Did he have any quirks or distinctive features? Favorite things?
  • The last time I saw him was when Millions decided that I was one mouth too many to feed. When we were younger, people always thought we were twins -- the resemblance was that strong. I'd bet that if he walked into the chateau, people's first reaction would be to wonder how Navarre got rid of his scars -- although it's been several years, and he's probably grown up and filled out somewhat, and he may have picked up some scars of his own.

    He used to stutter when he gets excited or surprised. He can avoid it if he's got enough spare brainpower to concentrate a little on it, and he may have gotten better at that too.

    One of the things he liked most was chocolate, which was hard to get then, and even harder to get now -- cocoa beans don't grow in this climate naturally. I remember that that was one of the things Millions brought back from some of his trading voyages.

    He and Millions got along a lot better than Millions and I did, and I think that there's a reasonable chance they're still working together.
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    How good are you at tactics, Navarre? Are you likely to contribute in a strategy meeting?
  • I-the-player am not very good at either. Navarre is probably quite good at tactics but not so good at strategy.
  • 'S fine. Once we decide where we want to fight the battle, he can start chiming in on how it might play out on the smaller scale.
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    And hell, this is Fido. If you think he'll be useful, he'll show up. If not, he'll go and pack a duffel bag, and not be insulted or anything.

    I mean, I didn't ask because I desperately want in on the scene - I asked because Navarre would have offered.
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