[SoY] A Whisper-Quiet Blade

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There is a saying in Ammeni - that when you speak of a river, you speak of the visible features. There are hidden currents, undertows, buried treasure and rusted barbs beneath the surface. Only a fool - or a very good liar - speaks only of the river's width, or its speed or color at the surface. It is wise to know everything about a river, Ammenites say, when you speak of it.

So it is with Gonne-on-Maire, the city bisected by a wide, brown river that carries trade ships and soldiers from Ammeni on the southwest side, and the warriors of Khale in their silent canoes among the reeds on the northeast half. A thousand poisoned blades lie hidden on both sides of the city. Rumors and lies fill the streets like flood-waters - that great warriors are coming, that Ammeni's Lords, the Concordant Council, are shaking hands (for once) without the other hand holding a knife, agreeing to overrun the distant half of the city to begin another push into Khale.

And lost among the waters, as well, is a treasure of moon-metal. As if Ammeni needed more reasons, or methods, to kill Khaleans.

(The Bazaar, Ammeni side)

Helina was hungry. That typically meant one thing - she needed work. The market is abuzz with talk about the affair with the bamboo warriors trying to return with the moon-metal. It was strange stuff, almost legendary among Ammenites, who were lucky to see iron in a weapon, much less growing out of the ground. The Khaleans were clearly idiots to stand around and argue about it, rather than using it. Even the poor Ammenites seem to agree on that.

A spread of stalls and hawkers force their way into her mind, chattering, offering ingredients, or wares, or 'services'. Nothing like Helina's line of work, but she recognizes Celie, a simple prostitute specializing in baths, and the source of her last contact. The air was so moist that if an Ammenite could afford cheap love and a scrubdown, they were quick to spend their money. Still, a dozen stalls offering a startling array of ingredients was spread before her. Perhaps finding tools before the job was more important.

(The House of Duval, Ammeni side)

The kitchen is filled with the chop-chop-chop sounds of a meal being prepared. Talk of the attack had flit among the servants all morning, and now, everyone's eyes were pouring tears. If the Lord had asked, everyone would have surely answered that it was their sorrow over the loss of Ammenite lives to the disgusting Khalean ambush, but really, it was the fact that everyone was chopping up onions.

"Drenin," Coleman says, eyes red and soaked, keeping his voice low (the result of which is that he sounds as if he is confessing a great sin at someone's funeral) "the Lord is having guests tonight, guests who... ah... vomit quite liberally when given milk. We need a substitute. When you have a chance, fetch a substitute for the cream sauce for the fish before this evening. Your choice, I think. Unless you want to explain his guests's behavior to the Lord."

Drenin knew the only guests (that he knew of) who tended to react to milk in such ways were certain familiar members of the House of Ruman. A House that had been the rival of the House of Duval for nigh a decade.

How interesting. Surely someone would like to know something like that.

(The banks of the Maire, Khalean side)

Yosol and his companions sit around the glowing embers of a fire, speaking of the attack on the Ammenites trying to steal the moon-metal. Pretty much everyone knew the metal was kept hidden around the city, some tribes worked it into their spears, others wanted to put it on boats and let it float out to sea, as far as it would go. As the conversation progresses, Yosol notes that even this group seems divided on whether or not to use it. The topic of the distant and alien Green World comes up, as the more wise among the group note the metal keeps one from finding one's way there.

"I've never seen the Green World," Pwyll, one of the older boys, says bitterly, "and it certainly didn't help my old tribe survive the Ammenite attack that killed them all. I don't see how it's going to keep the slave-makers out of our land. We should use it." Several nod in agreement, a few look to Yosol for a response.

(The inner streets, Khalean side)

The Khaleans are not really used to spending much time in cities, much less ones that have been killed multiple times in the last couple years. Everyone kind of skirts the edges of the crumbling buildings, treating the structures as giant trees to navigate around. Kerrick nods to others that he knows as he walks; scouts, patrols, gatherers. He glass vials are pressed deep in his pouch.

Finally, he finds the intersection his tribe calls home. He ducks into alleys, stepping smoothly over age-old rubble. He rounds a corner, coming face to face with another Khalean. Lassul, a patrolman for a neighboring tribe that shared responsibilities for watching the nearby streets. Kerrick can see suspicion in his eyes.

"Hello, Kerrick," he says, in a voice that is dripping with a false calm. "You look as if you expected someone else in this place. Where have you been? You seem... troubled."

This is the in-game thread for this OOC thread!

To start, we have
rugrsi, as Drenin, Ammeni Information trader
redgrog, as Helina, freelance Ammeni assassin
Chris Peterson, as Yosol, Khalean orphan gang member
RichD, as Kerrik, compromised Khalean warrior

I just tried to think of interesting ways to start, which also pointed back to the river massacre. If you want to push other scenes, feel free.

Everyone gets three Advances, to keep or spend whenever you like.


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    The slaves stopped, recoiled and then looked away as Vesh Surion walked the halls to the House Duval kitchens. None dared catch a gaze from his terrible elven eyes. He found Drenin stooped over a large boiling pot that held a slurry of milky sludge.

    "After a few minutes at this temperature the ground-up Soy bean will release its milk." Drenin said, while looking at the watery mixture. "Then it is just a matter of filtering out the solids. Would that it was as easy to pull out truth from lies. Would make your job much easier, no?"

    "But not as much fun." Replied Vesh.

    Drenin continued to slowly stir the cauldron, then threw another small log on the fire. He could only wait and dread why the Duval court torture master had singled him out.

    "I haven't told master Duval where you're from, yet. But I know your true family has no great love for the Ruman house."

    "I no longer associate with my family."

    Vesh lunged quickly. He grabbed Drenin by the nape and held tight. He brought his mouth close to the old man's ear. "Perhaps I should believe that. I think I can. I don't think I need to test that fact of yours. Yet I would hate to find this milk of yours doing anything other than pleasing our guests."

    Out of the corner of his eye, Drenin could not tell if this elf had lost his aura or not. He was not sure if this elf had gone grey. Of everything about the Duval house, the use of an Elven torture master troubled him the most. So unpredictable.

    "So you have not told the Master about my familial background."

    "I find, sometimes, to hold on to the things I learn, until they prove useful. Sometimes it best to keep your master guessing, and dependant. Don't you agree?" Vesh moved Drenin's face ever so slightly toward the boiling liquid.

    "My family is dead to me."

    Vesh considered the confession. He pondered Drenin's face and bent posture. He released Drenin and smiled.
    I figure this is worth Maybe 1XP. I'm not sure how dangerous this Elf guy is really. Key of Outcast: Gain 2 XP every time her disassociation brings her harm. It's really only in a round about way that the disassociation brought this harm on him.
    "Have a good evening," said the elf, who seemed satisfied with the answer. Leaving Drenin to continue extracting the milk from the solids.

    His family's feud with the Ruman house was just one of the many reasons he had left them. Yet, if the Rumans were really visiting Duval, he knew a few of his brothers would desperately want to know. Perhaps they already had spies among the servants? Maybe they already knew.

    Drenin filtered the soy solids from the milk, then treated it with special powders to help it retain its color and flavor. After storing it nicely in the chill box, he put on his cloak, grabbed his walking stick and left the Duval estate. He had real work to do.
    Drenin's intention: Find information on 1) if his family is in town, and if so if they don't already know about the Ruman/Duval meeting, 2) find another possible buyer of the Ruman/Duval meeting

    Drenin will use his disguise (I) 2 ability, and roll any bonuses into his untrained Streetwise (0) (R) skill. He will spend a pool point and if that is not enough he'll burn an advancement to take Streetwise to Competent.

    Effect (open to negotiation): If he succeeds he finds what he's looking for.
    If he fails, he is either discovered (though not identified) by one of his family members or by Ruman house agents.

    If things get messy, I foresee Drenin needing to hire some sort of body guard -- perhaps Helina?
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    Helina smiles as she walks up to Celie. They weren’t exactly friends, such relationships are impossible in her profession, but they were friendly business associates. They used each other to further their goals, always money for Helina, and usually Celie would direct Helina to interested parties.

    Celie may be a low price girl but she has her hand on the pulse of the city by way of having her hands on some of the other parts. It’s good to cultivate contacts like Celie. That’s why Helina’s most recent work was for the prostitute herself, to get rid of a regular’s meddling wife. So many times had the customer promised to marry Celie if only his horrible wife was dead.

    The wife was the type so arrogant that she barely even looked at her servants. After seeing the scars among the staff in the kitchen, Helina felt no sympathy for the noblewoman while she choked to death on her own bile in the middle of afternoon tea. Neither did any of her real servants. None of them moved to help until she was good and dead.

    Of course, the man was a liar and now free of his wife’s yoke he was busy spending all her fortune on more beautiful whores. Celie had probably never really believed him, but it was still a blow.

    This meeting is planned; Celie made another special request, a special blend of herbs. Mix it with a bit of river mud and you have a salve good for a woman’s rash. Helina hands the concoction wrapped in a wide leaf to Celie wordlessly, it’s not a good idea to advertise such afflictions.
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    Yosol:"Pwyll is right. The Green World didn't save his tribe, nor did it save mine. My tribe was lost to the Ammenites when I was too young to learn the ways of the Green World. But I remember the stories of my tribe's elders. Before the moon-metal, the Green World was larger and more powerful. It sustained our people.

    "But look at us now: the moon-metal is poisoning the Green World and enticing the Ammenites' vicious attention. The Khaleans control the moon-metal and yet we struggle while the Ammenites prosper. "

    The kids murmur.

    Yosol's eyes light up and he continues: "Without the metal, maybe our people can start living real lives again. We should sink it all in the river. Let us find and sink all moon-metal in the city: the Ammenites' and the Khaleans'! Where do begin?"
    1. Can I get +1 XP for Key of the Lost Child (Gain 1 XP every time your character tells a story of her tribe)?

    2. Do I need to roll the Story-tell ability to see if Yosol tells an adequate story for earning XP? If so, then I would like to roll Yosol's Story-tell (R): Competent (1) to tell a story about his tribe that will galvanize the gang members to help him find and destroy moon-metal.

    3. I would also like to roll Yosol's Street-wise (R): Competent (1) to find any leads to Ammenite and/or Khalean stores of moon-metal. Are there any applicable bonuses to Street-wise if Yosol told an exceptional story with his Story-tell check?
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    "My wife lies on her sick bed and the blood of our warriors has barely dried on the stones of this cursed city." Kerrick rumbled back. "We all have reason to be troubled. Which leads me to wonder why you are so calm." Kerrick raised to his full height to loom over Lassul. "Is there perhaps something you should be telling me?"
    Basically I am trying to intimidate him to back off. I was thinking maybe an Althetics check for the looming rolled into a Sway check. Success means he backs off and failure meaning he'll try to tail me. How does that sound?
  • Does Drenin find information on his family, or does his family find him?

    Roll on Disguise (Instinct), Adept:
  • Roll on Streetwise (Reason), Unskilled:
    Includes 1 bonus dice from above
  • The dice hate Drenin! While his disguise is adequate, the street markets prove tougher than he. Putting a little extra thought into it...

    Bonus die for Streetwise (Reason):
  • Still no go. However, since rolls don't go below zero, increasing Streetwise to Competent by spending an Advance earns a Marginal success (this appears to be guaranteed).
    (Drenin - Street of the Great Houses, Ammeni Side)

    The disguise is more than the color of his cloak and his hair pushed in a certain way, it is the behavior and active features that fool most people. Even a fellow servant of the House, passing Drenin in the street, doesn't recognize him.

    Leaving the House of Duval behind him, Drenin walks the streets of Gonne-on-Maire. They do seem more crowded, there may be something to the rumors of more and more arrivals. None of them seem to be soldiers, however. Rumors flit among the crowd as he listens, the hardest part about trading in information was that it was so hard to tell whether the information was any good, and if it was, how long it would stay that way.

    At the edge of the district, there's a small market and place for the carriages to arrive and their passengers to disembark, a miniature port of its own. Drenin speaks quickly and quietly with the luggage-carriers, slipping them a coin or two, asking about certain Houses. One points, and Drenin feels a chill go up his spine as he sees two of his ex-House brothers standing amid their bags, talking with a porter, not twenty paces away. They seem to have just arrived, and are talking of what to do this evening, so it would appear they know nothing of the banquet tonight.

    Speaking with some of the masters of the market, he learns of a merchant company named Mercar, more neutral than most, that supplies Ruman with transport along the rivers, among other things. If Duval gives Ruman this business instead, Mercar could alter their business plans earlier, or even send someone to the banquet to keep too many secrets being shared. Drenin knows Mercar has a warehouse nearby...
    I am cool with 2 XP, as long as we agree Vesh isn't friendly at all.

    I like the idea of having to hire a bodyguard. redgrog, would you be cool with that, assuming it benefited you? rugrsi can get you XP for your Key of Glittering Gold.
  • (Helina - The Bazaar, Ammeni side)

    Helina and Celie find a quiet spot near the docks to chat. Celie slips the leaf-wrapped package into her clothes, and pauses a moment, watching the water. Finally, she says, "Some years ago, the city was much different. There was a House Lord who wanted to build vine-and-bamboo bridges between the towers, and flood the streets, and use boats to move around. It was a glorious design... ridiculously complicated, of course, but given the state of the city, it was not a bad idea. Work was started, bridges were built, levees and dams directed the water into the streets. Quite a few people were employed."

    "There was... an incident in the House. Certain members were assassinated, and it was absorbed by another House. A Lord of THAT House thought it was a terrible idea. He ordered the bridges torn down, and the levees destroyed. He had no plan, he only wanted to ruin the previous projects of the House. The city festered. The water in the streets did not leave completely, and all manner of insects and disease began to run rampant in a city full of workers without jobs."

    "The architect of the plan survived, but was forced out of the House. He has desired revenge for many, many years, remaining in the city due to being crippled. And now, that same Lord that ordered the breaking of the levees has returned to the city. The architect has chosen to strike, and is willing to pay handsomely to dispose of him."

    "The Lord's name is Foussaine of the House of Ruman. There is a banquet at the House of Duval tonight, Foussaine will be there."
  • Does Yosol tell a good story?

    Roll on Story-tell (Reason), Competent:
  • (Yosol - The banks of the Maire, Khalean side)

    Many of the kids get excited at the thought of such a project. Most of them have seen a bit of moon-metal, and have heard the stories about how it bars their people from entering the Green World... even if only a couple have seen it.

    There is opposition, however. "We don't have a tribe," one says. "We're just... vagrants. We wouldn't have a defense if we're caught, we'd just be cast out of the city or stuffed in a sack and thrown into the river."

    More murmurs follow. The thought of doing something... tribe-like is extremely enticing to some of them.

    Well, you don't need to succeed at anything to simply tell a story (since it doesn't need to be a great story), so 1 XP it is.

    But I dunno about using the Story-tell roll for Streetwise. Telling a good story wouldn't change your ability to remember where to find moon-metal.

    Taking the gang around to dump the moon-metal in the river might be a big project. You've told a Marginally good story, you could use that die in a Sway roll, perhaps. I would say it's still up in the air.

    This is looking like it might hook up with Kerrick. What do you think, Rich?
  • Does Yosol remember a way to get to one of the caches of moon-metal?

    Roll on Street-wise (Reason): Competent
  • (Yosol - The banks of the Maire, Khalean side)

    Try as he might, Yosol can't think of any particular place where the tribes in the Khalean part of the city might keep caches of moon-metal. A lot of tribes kept heavy watches in some parts, but that could be where the tribe father is, or simply weapons. The tribes keep a tight hold on it, keeping it hidden even from those like Yosol who know the city.

    Let me know if you want to try Pool dice in either roll!
  • Is Kerrick large and scary?

    Roll on Athletics (Vigor), Competent:
  • Does Kerrick intimidate Lassul into walking away?

    Roll on Sway (Instinct), Unskilled:
    Includes 4 bonus dice from above

    Lassul's roll on Resist (Reason), Competent:
  • Kerrick gets an almost guaranteed Great (3) success, yet Lassul pulls off an improbably Amazing (4) success. Since you instigated it, even a tie (if you spent an Advance to bring Sway up to Competent) wouldn't let you win, and Gift Dice can't change a roll of 3+. Ouch!
    (The inner streets, Khalean side)

    Kerrick is a pretty impressive figure, and stares down at the smaller Lassul like a lion. Despite all the anger in his eyes and all the effort in his words, Lassul doesn't budge, and returns the stare with absurdly calm eyes. "We all must face the Ammeni snakes," he says, "and we all must fight. These are not reasons to be troubled, and since the decisions are made, I have reason to be calm. But I have heard of your wife." He shakes his head, clucking his tongue. "Such a shame, such a shame."

    He stands aside, allowing Kerrick to pass.
    Lassul follows Kerrick to his destination, since he's still (possibly more) suspicious. Kerrick might know he's being followed, but can't shake Lassul.
  • Chris: I take it back, you can use the Story-tell dice for the Streetwise roll if you like (maybe someone who hears your story speaks up about a place in the city where you can find moon-metal), but a Sway roll is probably needed at some point, I expect, since Yosol and his companions would be risking the fury of multiple tribes.
  • Helina nods along as Celie speaks of the job. It was a better reason than most, not that she cared by now. She has seen their dirty secrets. She has disposed of their dirty secrets. A few years ago she could have worked for Foussaine. She has very little sympathy for the upper class of Ammeni society and their murderous squabbles. For her it is simply business. It puts rice in her belly and keeps her son safe at home.

    "This is very short notice. I will require-" Helina's loudly growling stomach interferes with her attempt to negotiate. The two women smile at each other briefly, united by their common bond of poverty. "All right, I accept." She grins sheepishly. "Do you know the details or must I meet with the client himself? I will have to know what this man looks like, if there is a particular method preferred, if anything can be arranged to get me inside, and ah some money up front for supplies." She pats her grumbling belly.

    A dozen scenarios are already running through her head. When he arrives before he enters the House he will be most vulnerable, but if two Houses are meeting there will be many more guards than usual. Neither will fully trust the security of the other. Perhaps as he leaves his own House. Of course, she does not know where he is now only where he will be tonight. It would probably be better to get inside where the House members will be so focused on the treachery of each other they will not expect a third party. Perhaps they will be hiring on extra help for the banquet tonight.
    If she can get Drenin to pay her for being a bodyguard and get her inside the House so that she can finish her real job, all the better. She'll be sniffing around looking for an way into House Ruman.
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    Posted By: George Shannon

    Lassul follows Kerrick to his destination, since he's still (possibly more) suspicious. Kerrick might know he's being followed, but can't shake Lassul.
    Is that true even if Kerrick uses his Secret of the Unwalked Path?

    As for Kerrick and Yosol interacting, I think that has promise.
  • Rich: Whoops! I was just going by your suggestion of him following you. Losing the roll should have an effect, so you can try to lose him, making use of your Secret (since the Khalean side is probably intentionally overgrown with plants), but he's probably still suspicious and might end up an enemy later. Go with the roll if you think being unable to lose him would be interesting.
  • RusRus
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    Drenin Pools: V 4/4 I 4/4 R 4/5 Harm: None Experience Not Yet Spent: 2 Advances; 2XP

    Drenin eyes his brother’s coldly. With so many bags he can only assume they do not plan on leaving anytime soon. It was getting late though and Drenin could not waste any time spying on his brothers.

    “You there!” Drenin motions to a young street urchin.

    The urchin reluctantly approaches then tentatively puts his hand out begging for coins. His clothes are too small for his body. His feet are covered in filth.

    Drenin produces a small coin and places it in the lad’s hand. “Do you see those two men over there? Follow them, remember where they go, then meet me in the Main Market tomorrow morning and I’ll give you ten more of these coins.”

    The urchin nods and shuffles back to the side of the road, returning to his proper begging crouch in the mud.

    With a quick step Drenin makes for the Mercar Merchant Co.. He hasn’t much time before he’ll be needed back in the kitchens.
    Intention: Drenin intends to sell his information on the Ruman/Duval dinner to the Mercar Mechants—hopefully for more information rather than gold, but gold would also be nice.

    Methods: Sway (0) Unskilled- He’ll burn a Pool point and even buy an advance to succeed.
  • I had intended the failure to make Lassul an enemy and to have him try to follow me. Basically setting up my next challenge to overcome with this new obstacle. But I've decided to roll with it as stated.
    Kerrick sighs as the tiny fall of rock gave away that another moved behind him. Lassul is clearly going to be a problem. His honor demands that he face this upstart in battle and teach Lassul the respect Kerrick and his tribe should be shown. His shame scans the area for dense places to duck out of sight and lose himself among the vine shrouded stones. In the end, it is his wits that guided his steps. If Lassul wishes to go for a long walk, Kerrick would oblige.

    Kerrick proceeds to go on a leisurely walk around the area of town that his tribe controls. He stops to chat with the herb seller, haggles long over the price of a pair of rabbits with a hunter and trades a war story or two with some fellow warriors. At the last, Kerrick comes to the door of his home and shuts the door on his latest problem.

    Kerrick hangs his bow on the wall and drops the rabbit and herbs in the kitchen before walking into the bedroom where his wife lay half twisted in the blankets. Kerrick bends over and kisses her on her burning forehead. "I'm home, beloved." His whispers to her and lays his hand on hers tenderly.
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    Yosol:Yosol surveys his fellow gang members. They've all heard the stories about moon-metal, but none of them knows where the secret stores are.

    "I'd like you guys to watch the river and markets. If anyone, Ammenite or Khalean, is moving moon-metal, I want you guys to follow them. Are you with me?" Yosol pleaded.

    He continued, "I have an old wartime buddy, Lassul, I'd like to track down. He came to my tribe's aid when we stood against the Ammenite troops. I haven't seen him since we lost the battle that day, but I hear he's a patrolman here in Gonne-on-Maire now. He's sure to know any rumors on the streets."
    I think having Yosol and Kerrick connect somehow would be cool. For my turn, I'd like to:

    1. Use my Secret of Contacts to create a relationship between Yosol and Lassul!

    George: which Pool do you think would be most appropriate? Maybe Vigor to make Yosol and Lassul "wartime buddies"? I'm hoping to use Lassul as a stepping stone to learning about Kerrick. And from there, maybe finding Kerrick's tribes moon-metal.

    2. Gain 1 XP (Key of the Lost Child) for telling a story about Lassul and my tribe's battle?

    3. Spend 1 Advance to boost Yosol's Sway (I) Ability from Unskilled (0) to Competent (1). I updated the Advances and Ability on my character sheet in the OOC thread.

    4. Make an Ability Check using my (freshly boosted!) Sway (I): Competent (1) to convince Yosol's gang members to watch the river and markets for signs of Ammenites or Khaleans dealing with moon-metal. Yosol wants the gang to find someone's, anyone's, cache of moon-metal.

    Success = The gang members identify someone dealing with moon-metal and/or (on a big success) follow them to a moon-metal store?

    Failure = The gang members see nothing or (on a big failure) get caught?
  • (Drenin - Mercar Merchant Company)

    The Mercar Merchant Company operates, Drenin finds, out of several warehouses along the river. There is a tang of must in the air, the noise of workers moving goods about, and the clap-clap of water against barges and boats. They are obviously a major shipping and distribution company for multiple houses; they are very careful to stay neutral in terms of colors and the background of their workers. They would surely be absorbed into a full House if they played favorites too much.

    He makes several discrete inquiries - and really, there is no other kind, to him - and convinces the foremen to arrange a meeting with the Tradesmaster.
    Does Drenin make a good trade at Mercar Merchant?

    Roll: Sway, Unskilled
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    (Drenin - Mercar Merchant Company, Ammeni Side)

    The Tradesmaster is an old sort, probably older than Drenin and most of the city, but still wiry and sharp. Drenin describes the trade, and the Tradesmaster becomes very interested once the name of Ruman is mentioned. An agreement is reached, and Drenin describes what he knows.

    The Tradesmaster groans and puts his head in his hands for a moment. He takes a deep breath, and looks up, apparently accepting the news. He's probably used to the backstabbing, emotional dance between the Great Houses, even if he didn't participate. "There goes quite a bit of business. Still, you've saved me a pallet full of coins by telling me this early. I had seen them in town, but I didn't know the winds on the river had shifted this quickly." He nods, thoughtfully, then looks through an almost undecipherable mess of papers. He finds half a dozen receipts, folding them up inside an envelope.

    "You don't seem like the sort to go tattling to Houses, but I bet you could make use of this... these papers describe a number of black-market items that we've brought in, on 'special order', and the stores you can find them." He hands it over, hesitating. "I have... a friend with, ah... some old connections with House Ruman. I have a feeling he's going to be acting up now that they're in town. He's... a little odd, but you should talk with him. He lives in an old tower just up the street..." The Tradesmaster gives Drenin directions to the spot, a building Drenin *thought* was a rickety, uninhabitable mess.

    Stil... someone with a *need* for information was always good to know of.
    The receipts envelope describes where 'special' ingredients (for cooking, healing, and poisoning) are available in the city. It gives a bonus die if a roll is called for. I wasn't sure if you wanted something specific, though!
  • (Helina - The Bazaar, Ammeni side)

    "I cannot tell you," Celie says, staring wistfully at a mother and daughter carrying stoneware crocks full of stewed meat and rice. The smell is almost enough to make the two pass out. "To tell the truth, I don't keep up on House affairs... couldn't, even if I wanted to. I think the old bird had hoped you'd jump right to it, he told me that story like he needed to tell it 'afore fallin' over dead. But I can tell you where he lives... an old rickety tower nearby. You can even see it from here." She points at a trembling stone tower that surely must be preparing to collapse. It's near a couple House manors, no wonder no one wants to knock it over themselves - if not for fear of smashing one's own roof, but the surely misinterpret-able act of dumping a pile of rock in someone else's house. It's hard to believe anyone lives there.

    "Not sure about how he wanted you to go about it. Did give me this, though." She holds up a silver coin, completely tarnished from edge to edge, as if it was sitting in the river for years. She grins. "I think I'm going to go get something to eat."
  • (Kerrick and Mara's home, Khalean side)

    Kerrick's wife's eyes flutter open at his touch. "Hello," Mara says weakly, putting her other hand over his, stacking them up like fallen leaves. Her head twists toward the kitchen, or at least, the room where the fire was kept and the food was cooked. "Rabbit, I see... my favorite. I just wish I could eat it without needing to have them boiled down into paste." She manages a smile.

    The two chat for a bit, with Mara telling him about the day, about the healers that come and go like flies that wander into an empty house, find nothing, and leave. She tells him about the nightmares she had in the last few hours, usually involving the river. It's hard to hear, for Kerrick, but describing dreams AS dreams is usually comforting to hear.

    She pauses afterwards. "There is something else. One of the healer-crones mentioned the tribe is... considering leaving. Some of the tribe fathers think it's pointless to try and fight the Ammeni here, and that the arguments about strategy and making use of the moon-metal will go nowhere." She goes silent, staring in concern at Kerrick.

    It is unstated that there was no better place to try to find medicine for Mara, especially if the disease was Ammenite in origin. And there was no telling if she would even survive the journey deeper into the forest.

    Kerrick/Rich gets an XP for being in a scene with his wife, of course.
  • (Yosol - The banks of the Maire, Khalean side)

    Still chattering excitedly about all the brave deeds they would accomplish, the members of the gang - even the ones against hunting down moon-metal - are primed for another story from Yosol about previous battles. Lassul would be easy enough to find, and even as he's describing members of his tribe leaping from the trees onto enemy soldiers, he's thinking of intersections and buildings in the present to watch...

    Roll: Sway, Competent, one bonus dice from the previous Story-tell.

    1 XP for another story is okay... though I'm probably sticking to 'three level-1 uses of a Key per session' rule I've read elsewhere. I guess a Key Scene is a good spot to call a new session. That okay?
  • Success! (Marginally)
    The story is enough galvanize the group, and everyone races off like spooked jackrabbits, darting off to intersections and to watch the houses of the tribal fathers. Yosol picks an intersection he knows Lassul travels, and concentrates on whittling a piece of wood while watching the street.

    After a while, one of the younger kids runs up to him, and whispers, "Me an' Jarma saw a couple warriors leave the house carrying a couple baskets, but they took their spears with them. We're gonna go watch and see where they go." He runs off.

    Not long after this, Lassul wanders up the street, looking thoughtful. He smiles and nods to Yosol, pausing by the side of the road with the orphan. "How goes it, Yosol? I hope you're getting enough sleep on the riverbank. Surely you could find yourself a girl in one of the tribes to marry. That would give you a far better place to sleep, you know." He grins.

    I would hate to say that someone needs Secret of Contacts to introduce relationships, given doing so is almost necessary in a forum game. So Lassul is friendly for the moment. Like all Khaleans, he thinks the orphans should find tribes to belong to.

    Vigor as the source Pool makes sense to me! I wasn't sure how you wanted to go about talking to him, so ask away.
  • (Drenin)
    From that scene, Drenin claims 1XP for hitting his Key of the Information Trader.
    Pools: V 4/4 I 4/4 R 4/5 Harm: None Experience Not Yet Spent: 2 Advances; 3XP

    From the Trademaster’s information Drenin found a nice supplier of Lotus Oil at a reasonable price. In large quantities, sure it would kill. But in just the right amount it brought an intangible flavor to a simple broth.

    Drenin eyed the sun. He just barely had enough time to swing by this tower before he had to start cooking for the banquet tonight. Drenin imagined savory ideas to show up Coleman. He and Coleman always had a rivalry when it came to cooking, usually it stayed friendly. Usually Coleman won. Yet, with this new oil, Drenin imagined a culinary victory tonight.

    A small cat curled in the fold of fallen stones. The tower seemed to stand by no structural method Drenin could grasp. It appeared to almost fall when viewed from the corner of the eye.

    Drenin found a secluded corner in the mess of stone and ruble, then deliberately lighted his pipe, making sure the match flared brightly. Anyone near would certainly see him. And then he waited.
    Drenin intends to refresh his Reason pool by competing with Coleman in the kitchens.
    He also intends to get some information from this mysterious man in from the tower. But he doesn’t have much time before he needs to get his vegetable stocks going.
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