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    Sounds great.
    Posted By: Max BHow about either I can't bring them both to bear at the same time, or I can, but they do 4 harm total and not each?
    I like either idea about the mounted grenade launcher. You choose one and we'll run with it.
  • I suspect that when we fill it with salvage, there will be fewer people to worry about.
  • What kind of light source are you guys taking with you? Do you have flashlights? Some kind of torch?
  • Sounds fine to me.
  • Here's the list of consequences for gigs:

    Bushwacked: someone’s waiting for the crew along the route or at its destination, to rob it of its delivery.
    Deceived: based on its surveillance the crew thinks that everything’s fine and under control, but it really, really isn’t.
    Discovered: the crew’s exposed. It might be just a sign, a door ajar that shouldn’t be or a smudgy footprint, or it could be spotlights, screaming, full-blown exposure.
    Embattled: it should have been a decisive action without much resistance or any, but instead the crew gets trapped, pinned down or hung up.
    Entangled: it should have been impersonal, but no, someone’s emotions come into play. The crew’s, the client’s, or someone’s attached to the client. (You can ask the operator: “is it your emotions?”)
    Impoverished: work as hard as they might, maybe they don’t get paid, maybe the market drops out, maybe whatever — there’s nothing in it for them after all.
    Infiltrated: somebody’s inside who oughtn’t be. Maybe the crew realizes it, maybe they don’t yet.
    Overthrown: whomever the crew was to keep down, they don’t stay down. The crew loses control of the situation and the others seize it.
    Shut out: the crew’s done its part, but some other asshole has undercut them and shut them out. Now they’re stuck with the labor or the goods, and no buyer who’ll make good.
  • Okay, it sounds like it's a one-time failure that doesn't blow the gig for good, which is basically what I was trying to figure out. If I roll 7-9 doing multiple gigs, who picks which one fails?
  • The text doesn't specify. It only says:

    A gig’s catastrophe is like any move you’d make: address yourself to the character, not the player; make your move but misdirect and don’t speak its name.

    When I had a player in real life use this move, I let them choose which gig came up catastrophe. Of course, I'm going to take advantage of that opportunity to make a hard move.
  • I feel like it implies that the character chooses which gig goes south.
  • I may be shooting myself in the hypothetical future foot here, but I'm guessing the hard move will be in proportion to the gig's potential rewards? Brokering Deals and Technical Work both fail as "Shut Out" but Technical Work is worth twice as much as Brokering Deals. Is it reasonable to assume a failure at Technical Work is worse than a failure at Brokering Deals, or is the difference more based in the idea that one should choose gigs appropriate to the character, and thus only certain characters would take Technical Work?
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    Nah, I'm not going to base my hard moves hardness off of how much barter you'd be getting. I mean, some of that is innate in the gigs themselves though. Certainly, doing murders and getting embattled will likely have harsher consequences than honest work and being impoverished of course.

    Choose whichever gigs you think make sense for your character and interest you.

    But, mostly my move is going to be based on my principles and the fiction happening. You won't just select a gig, we'll need to set it up in the fiction. If you're doing technical work, what is the work? Who for? What are the risks? What kind of history do you have with your employer? Etc... That kind of thing.
  • Sounds reasonable to me. For being post-apocalyptic, AW seems to really revel in being reasonable.
  • What kind of lights does Barney have? I mean, if it's dark, what do you use to see and what might someone see?
  • Yeah. NV would definitely be high-tech.
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