[High Valor] Reclaiming Revehald IC

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  • Adathur rises, half crouching as his eyes rest on the dragon, his bow already in his hands. An arrow rests on the string lightly, though the bow is pointed down and away from the dragon, the arrow's tip currently just scraping the ground near Adathur's foot. The Fomoradgh is still, his gaze flicking from the dragon to Thorkell momentarily before darting back to the creature. He waits, tensed to move, but unwilling to act until Thorkell shows some indication of how to proceed.
  • A dragon, a dragon, Tamgar the dragon, deranged? Maybe. Think, Tabby, think! Easily amused, that could help, wait! Stories say he's easily distracted, too! Think, think, what to use, what to do. There are tools around: the spoils of the hunt, the leaves on the trees, the wind perhaps, the fire... the fire!If she could, yes, yes, that could work.

    From behind her construct, which alone stood unmoving in the face of the dragon's sudden presence, she began to weave her magic. Her lips moved, voice low but clear:
    "Smoke and soot and firelight, lend me aid in this my plight,
    take the form that I desire, for His Highness to admire:
    Sparks to line the flowing frame, eyes formed out of glowing flame,
    wings of ash and ember snout, smoke to filly the body out;
    Rise, oh flaming dragonstorm, slip 'round mighty Tamgar's form,
    Lead him hence and give him play, that we might see another day."
  • #DiceRoller( 4d10 )
    traits - Sorcerer (greater), Heir to the Silvered (lesser), total +6 to result
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  • Adathur growled softly, pulling the arrow back against the string of his bow as the dragon regarded the warband with a grin that was decidedly unfriendly. Of course, that might have simply been the result of the creature's fang-filled maw. The Fomoradgh had a similar problem really, it was hard to give a friendly smile when you had a mouthful of sharp teeth, people tended to misinterpret such things. Still, the dragon was sitting on top of the fruits of his and the braid's labors, and that, more than anything else, angered Adathur.

    The silver-haired woman spoke, quiet and clear, easily heard by the Fomoradgh's sharp hearing. He waited a moment, slowly relaxing the tension on the string of his bow as he watched ash and flame swirl and coalesce into the form of a winged drake. Adathur laughed softly, though the sound was low and guttural, hard to distinguish from the growl of a few moments before. The forest dragon pounced and swatted at the smoky construct of the woman's magic, and the Fomoradgh watched for a moment, tracking the beast's movements, more than a little unsettled by the shuddering of the ground when it landed, and the divots torn in the sod when the dragon leapt.

    Still, opportunity beckoned, and Adathur took his chance, darting forward quickly to the pile of carcasses. The Fomoradgh had his eyes on the body of a large stag he had brought down before the dragon showed up. The warband needed the supplies, even if only a little of what they had hunted could be recovered.

    #DiceRoller( 3d10 )
    Tactical Mind (Lesser)-Determine the right time to move in and recover the carcass.
    Huntsman (Lesser)-Capitalize on the opportunity, move fast to get the carcass.
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