Snail's Pace: Now with new hosting!

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Hopefully this works!


  • So far so good. :)
  • Yay Dev! Yay Simon! Yay Snailspace!

    Hey, speaking of, any chance we can call the site Snail Space?
  • I've been calling it SnailSpace ("a place for... snails") to myself for a while now. To be honest.
  • Since are already taken, maybe you could register or :)
  • I notice, if I'm not logged in, most of the discussions are hidden.
    For someone new to the site they may think things are sort of dead and inactive.
  • Right now the In-Game and Out-Of-Game threads are only visible to members. Would we rather that they be public, so we can more easily link our game threads to the World At Large?
  • I have no objection to making games public, but I'd understand if someone else did. How about I make some "public" categories for the ones that are now private, and people can switch their games to that if they want to?

    Any objections?
  • (That sounds good to me.)
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