[AW] A day in the life of... Uncle.



  • Princy's already got his rifle out, ready for anything that might have happened when he enters.

    "Ah, fuck! What the hell is going on? You ok, Uncle?"
  • "Sure thing, Lars. Just remember your promise."

    Seville motions with his hand toward the woman, and she kind of kicks Pellet softly, releasing him."

    Princy cautiously moves over toward Pellet and helps the poor guy to his feet, untying him. The woman doesn't train her weapon on necessarily any particular person here, but you can tell she's ready to fire on someone if the need arises. Princy then escorts Pellet over near the front door. He whispers to you.

    "Boss, I'm sending Pellet to get help."
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    Pellet just nods, holding his side. His lip has kind of swollen now and he's tonguing the busted part as he listens to your orders.

    "Sure thing, Uncle. I'll be back soon."

    He takes a step, pauses.

    "Sorry about this boss. I don't know how they got the jump on me."

    He takes off.

    Princy slings the rifle over his back and picks up the pistol. He checks the magazine and cocks it.

    "It's loaded, boss."

    You can tell Princy is antsy, maybe trigger happy and ready to turn some bodies cold, like he's seen something recently that's put him in a mood for vengeance.

    I assume you've let Seville go at this point. If so, he's taken up a seat at the war room table again, crossing one leg over the other and massaging his throat where you had him. The woman has moved into a position behind him. They both look well nourished and somewhat clean, not like they've been traveling for some time. Seville's, I wouldn't say 'bright and cheery', but he's calm and collected, generally in a decent mood considering he's surrounded by at least forty of your fucking hyenas. You can tell the woman is still quite frightened by you. She never looks you directly in the eye, just scanning for any sign of hostility.

    Outside, you hear this strange fucking sound. It's still distant, but closing in. It's a low, burning rumble.

    Seville looks at the roof of the cottage.

    "Let's make this quick, we're to be leaving soon."
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    Princy clears his throat and addresses you.

    "Uh, yeah boss, I almost forgot. Our night patrol hasn't returned yet and attempts to communicate with them have failed. A flare went up several minutes ago at the dock. Word is, the family that lives on the barge found a body. Might be one of the patrol. I haven't had a chance to look. I was coming here to tell you that they're taking the body to the surgeon and find out if you wanted to send out more Riders to recon the patrol's route."

    He thinks for a second, making sure he's got all the details right.

    "Oh, and Fido went apeshit and killed a grunt named Bowdy. Not sure why. Haven't had a chance to question him about the incident."
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    The woman, who's yet to be formally introduced, has this aura of satisfaction. You can tell she looks up to Seville, devoted, like a lover's extreme devotion. So, now, seeing Seville's plan falling into place, you can sense that she is feeling this admiration and satisfaction that her idol is pulling this shit off. Or, at least seems to be.

    You can't see what's making this sound. The sound comes and goes and the rain coming down and splashing to the ground from the roof of your cottage isn't helping much. But, you can discern one thing. It's coming from above. Like, directly above. In the air.

    Princy affirms to your orders. He moves closer to the door and stands there keeping an eye out for Mo's arrival. What does she look like anyways?

    You last saw Jean two days ago. The conversation didn't end well. With you storming out and her in a deluge of tears. What happened? Why'd it upset her so much? And, how do you feel about it, especially now?
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    Before Seville has a chance to respond, you hear Princy start to say something and then he stutters, silenced by another figure. It's Mo. She walks in and immediately commands the attention of everyone in the room. You can tell, even Seville's easiness become uneasiness. Mo carries herself like the battle-worn and tested elite that she is. No nonsense.

    Princy doesn't wait. He's off to confirm Jean's absence, and hopefully get a hold of Gritch.

    Mo enters the room. She's carrying.

    "Pellet told me what's going on. Gimme one reason not to smoke these pieces of shit, Uncle."

    She doesn't know this is the guy who did in James.

    Seville looks at you, expecting you to calm her down.
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    I mean, she doesn't know who Seville is, especially that he is responsible for James' death.

    Mo maintains her vigilance, but she respects you and therefore let's Seville speak for the moment.

    "Well, for one, if you kill us, Uncle's precious daughter, Jean dies. I'm the only one who can take you to her. In fact, that's how it's going to go down here Uncle."

    He leans forward in his chair.

    "You're going to put Gritch on the Coca Cola with my men and Violetta," he motions toward the woman. "Then, when they are safely away. I'm going to take you to Jean."

    There's another sound in the distance. It sounds like Tum Tum's tribike's engine rumbling. Princy must've sent Tum Tum to find Gritch while he checked to make sure Jean was actually gone. Mo moves over to the window to confirm.

    "It's Gritch. He's with Tum Tum and Fido."
  • Seville smiles quaintly.

    "I have my reasons for going through you to get Gritch, Lars. Speculate away."

    He stands up as Tum Tum's bike rumbles up to the front porch.

    "I'm prepared for that course of action. If you think you can force the information out of me, we'll see how the scalpels and mallets work. But, Jean is certainly safer if you just let me take you to her."

    'Bout that time, Navarre, you and Tum Tum arrive at Uncle's cottage. Mo's standing in the front doorway. That seems odd to you. The rain has let up a bit, but it's still chilly and wet outside. She motions for you to bring Gritch up onto the porch. Tum Tum draws his pistols, but remains on the bike.

    "Go on," he says to you, Navarre.

    And then, Gritch, he stares you down.
  • "Save yer looks for those that they work on, Tum Tum." I don' appreciate gettin' treated like I'm some kinda prisoner, or worse, some kinda pet, to be glared into submission. But then, I know Uncle, an' I know that if he's got his men riled up, it's probably because somethin's up. Somethin' big.

    "So, what, am I gonna stick outside in the rain, or can I come the fuck in?" I say, to Mo I guess, although it's almost just to the world in general.
  • (And, y'know, I kinda wanna do the same as Navarre, if possible, read the situation. Here's my roll, and if it's not okay, that's fine, just disregard it.)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Before Mo has a chance to answer, this loud, fuming rumbling overwhelms you and this huge cloud falls over Uncle's cottage. Looking up, you see this massive balloon, being fueled by this pillar of flame jutting up from a large basket carrying two men armed to the fucking teeth. The balloon is faded red, wet, and has the words Coca-Cola sprawled across the breadth of it.

    It's coming down to land in the front of Uncle's cottage.

    Navarre, who's more vulnerable to the guys in the hot air balloon? And, which is the biggest threat? You, Gritch or Tum Tum?
  • Mo motions for you, Gritch to come on in.

    "Fido, stay out here and keep your eye on that thing. Don't do nuthin' stupid."

    She looks fucking pissed.

    Gritch, gimme your questions.
  • Questions: What should I be on the lookout for? Where's my best escape route? Which enemy is the biggest threat?

    Well. Don' see that. Um. Ever.

    I step inside, real quick, an' get treated to what looks like a nice happy family, with Uncle lookin' real cheerful.

    I need a smoke.

    "You wanted me, Uncle?"
  • Those are some great questions. I'm going to let Uncle answer 'em.

  • Perfect.

    Speaking of, Seville is moving over toward you now Gritch. He smiles. His teeth look like fucking pearls. Beautiful.

    "Violetta, confiscate Gritch's glove."

    The woman moves nearer. She's still got her weapon at the ready, but she withdraws this old plastic bag and offers the opening to you.

    Seville turns back to you, Uncle.

    "Time is short. You need to convince him to go with us quickly, or things aren't going to be good for Jean."
  • Cigarette. Lips. Light it. Puff.

    "Like fucking hell, you get my glove."

    I flick it into the woman's face, but really it's just a distraction. I open the floodgates, and the cold fucking fills up every inch of my body in between heartbeats, and I let it out at her in one massive fucking torrent. Let her taste some fear.

    (So, I'm using Direct-Brain Whisper Projection here, marking experience. Hopefully this is in line with the answer to my question, that Violetta's the biggest threat, because I'm taking her ass out straight away.)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    Add +1 if it's in-line with the answer.
  • Seville's attitude changes significantly as well. You can tell he's starting to get aggravated, and now that Gritch is here, he wants this shit to end.

    As soon as you say her name, Mo draws on Violetta. And, sure enough, Violetta draws on Mo. It's a fucking standoff now.

    Seville holds his arms up. Sweat is beading on his forehead.

    But, he ain't sitting down. He's clearly not taking orders here.

    You wanna try going aggro on his ass?
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