[AW] A day in the life of... Uncle.



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    Gritch, I assume you mean your cig you flick, not the glove. :) What exactly do you want Violetta to do when you go aggro? Oh, and you most definitely get the +1.
  • (Yeah, oops. Definitely the cigarette flicked, not the glove.)

    Well, um. There were two things I was thinking about, and I guess it depends, because I'm not sure I ever really fully understood going aggro. The first would be that I want her to fall over, convulsing on the floor, bleeding out her eyes, nose, and ears. The second would be that I want her to just be scared shitless and cowering in the corner. First of all, are either of those acceptable? Second of all, the first one, if it inflicts harm, is that acceptable? Because if she forced my hand, she'd take harm, and if she didn't force my hand...she'd take harm. If the first is acceptable, then the first is what I want. If it's not, then the second, and if that's not acceptable, then I'll come up with something else.
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    Right now, she's in a fighting posture. If you're just wanting to inflict harm, that'd be more seizing by force, which is not really something I see with the direct-brain whisper projection (please, argue to the contrary, I don't have a concrete position on these moves or not, learning just the same!).

    However, wanting her to be scared shitless and cower... That sounds perfect (with all the falling, convulsing and bleeding of eyes if she sucks it up).

    What say you?
  • That sounds good. Shitless and cowering, or bleeding and convulsing are her options. I'm perfectly fine with that explanation.
  • The move is "loud-optional". Are you going loud? :)
  • Fuck yeah. Either way, she's screaming like crazy.
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    Violetta cringes and groans as you unleash the wave of chills over her. She drops the bag and backs off, both hands going right to her ears, dropping her pistol.

    "Fucker. He's doing it, Seville!"

    You wanna step in here, Uncle? Otherwise, Seville's got something to do.
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    Seville is livid.

    "You're making a big fucking mistake, Lars."

    He doesn't sit. You can see he's thumbing something under the sleeve of his jacket.

    "I suggest you put the freak under and load him on the Coca-Cola. Or, things are going to get seriously fucked, not just for you and your crew, but for Jean as well. You have one more chance here, Lars."

    What do you guys do? Floors open to everyone.
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    If you're wanting to threaten him with violence, you're going to have to follow through on it, and that means going aggro. Wouldn't take much to leap across the table and chop his fucking head off.

    However, if you've got some kind of other leverage over him, you might be able to manipulate him instead. I'm not seeing that leverage at the moment, outside of Gritch. He's clearly intent on getting the boy.
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  • "Boy's callin' me a freak, Uncle. I'm not takin' kindly to that talk." I've had a rough mornin', an' damn did it feel good to unleash hell on that girl. I'm riled up, and I'm ready for more.

    "I ain't goin' with this fucker, not without one helluva good reason, an' if that's all that's on the table right now, then I might as well leave."

    (I'm getting ready to move, so that if Seville does pull anything, I can Act Under Fire to get the hell out of there, hopefully towards that bathroom Uncle mentioned. Which hopefully has a lock.)
  • It's muffled, but you're close enough to hear it, Navarre. You wanna get in on the action? It might mean attracting gunfire from the balloon, and they've got their weapons trained in the general direction of Mo and Gritch, and they're big fucking machine guns.
  • Wait, I can't tell that they're aiming big fucking machine guns at Lars' cottage?
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    From your angle, it's hard to tell whether they have gun at all, until they open fire. To clarify, they're not Mark 19 big, but definitely SAW M249s or something similar.
  • There's certainly a contraption that's sparking the fire and blowing it up into the balloon when they activate it. There's a mess of wires and tubes leading down into the basket. If there's a source of fuel for that fire, it's down in there.
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    Since the next steps are going to hinge on Uncle's next action, I'm interested in what Uncle is doing right now. Michael?
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    Uncle, it's going aggro for you, Seville's not fighting back, but he certainly sucks it up none-the-less. You have him by his shirt collar, lying on the table, smashed nose and his pretty pearls are busted up. He's coughing on his own blood. He's kind of delirious after the beating he just took, but he smiles, missing teeth and all.

    You're standing there, over him, and he opens his shirt up.

    He's got this huge fucking mess of wire and plastic explosives taped to his chest. Looks like there's some other crazy ass tech mixed in, but you're not sure. There's a piece with a tiny screen, and on it, looks like what might be shown on a heartbeat monitor, a little wave sliding across it, fast.

    Seville, looking up at you, laughs a tiny bit, coughing up some blood along with it.

    "You think I'd come here, into the heart of your place, Lars, without insurance?"
  • And, then, a shot rings out. It seems distant, coming from the far hillside probably. But, it doesn't matter. Gunfire erupts.
  • Gritch, you need to give me the act under fire roll to make it to the bathroom, the fire being you'll get eaten up by the machine gun's bullets if you fail.
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