[AW] A day in the life of... Uncle.



  • Yeah, I'm bookin' my ass to the bathroom. To hell with this shit.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (Highlighted, so I earn an advance. +2 because I'm acting directly on my prior "read a sitch," although I guess maybe that's not valid anymore.)
  • Navarre, they light you up; they light up the whole front of the cottage. The repeated thumping of machine gun fire mixes in with your assault rifle's bursts. Tiny eruptions of flames are sprouting up from everyone's weapons, bullet casings are fluttering in the air like helicopter seeds falling to the ground, the whizzing and snapping of bullets surrounds you, wood chips are popping up like confetti from where they're hitting the porch and walls.

    The base is 3-harm total from the mgs, but only 2 since you chose minimal harm. Give me a suffer harm roll+2 (minus any armor).

    One of them takes a bullet in the neck and goes down, and the other, well he's fucking scared shitless and yanks on some kind of handle, sending a flame shooting up into the balloon and causing it to start floating upward.

    Spector, you've got your weapons trained on the three from Uncle's gang, but when this shit erupts, you're inclined to take a gander.

    Meanwhile, inside...
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    Gritch, you can make it to the bathroom, but you're high-tailing it through close quarters. You're gonna have to shove past Mo, who's fallen back further into the cottage. Meaning, if you wanna make it to the bathroom without getting hit by a barrage of machine gun fire, you're gonna have to shove her to the side and into the line of fire.
  • (Bwahahaha. Okay, so, completely, utterly, assfuck ridiculous turn of events. I have an idea, let me know how it'll work.)

    I'm just boltin', just listenin' to the voice inside that's sayin' get the fuck outta here, get safe, an' I'm not noticin' anything. I feel a thud against me, and I hear a curse, and I trip for a moment, slap my chin against the floor, and that's when I get a flash o' what I've done.

    I just knocked Mo into a hailstorm o' fuckin' bullets.


    I can make it to th' bathroom. I know I can. I'm clear. But dammit...


    I dash back for the girl.

    (So, I guess this is another Act Under Fire, but here's what I'm also thinking. I earned my advance, and I think it'd be neat to narrate it in right here, if I take the Angel's magical touchy thing. So I guess I'd first want to Act Under Fire to skedaddle her out of the line of fire, and then Healing Touch her. Sound okay?)
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    Very nice. I'm down with that turn of events. Let's see it! Gimme the roll!

    And, btw, this is where having Cool highlighted gets wonderful. ;)
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    Too bad it's for the wrong move! Lol... The Calvin Klein Gunlugger. ;)

    Everything around you gets blurry, and times slows, the sound muffled, like cotton's been stuffed into your ears. You felt the bullets searing your flesh, but it's worse than it seemed. You've been shot in your mid-section and blood is pumping out with each beat of your heart.

    You take a total of 3-harm. What's your harm countdown clock to now? You're at least to 9 right? If that's it, it's merely a grazing wound. You'll still need medical attention, but it's not gonna get worse by itself. Otherwise, you've been shot pretty badly, and it's going to get worse.
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    Mo might've taken a bullet. You can't be for sure out here. She ducked back further into the cottage.

    Tum Tum has drawn his pistols and he's laying down lead as well. You can see he's pinned down behind the bike. Looks like it might be leaking gas, where a bullet hole punctured the tank. Tum Tum, unfortunately, doesn't seem to notice.

    Have you read the sitch yet?
  • (Can't think of a way to use any of the information from the Read a Sitch to get a bonus so...oh dear oh dear...)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • (Well, coulda been worse. And yeah, that's highlighted.)
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    Gritch, you could make it over to drag Mo out of harm's way, but now Violetta's snatched up her pistol in the confusion of the firefight. She's on her belly on the floor, aiming at you, clearly upset from the chill you sent over her earlier, and ready to put a bullet in your head.

    Quickly, your options are to huddle back and get inside the bathroom, or grab Mo and pull her along with you but take a bullet from Violetta. This is your last chance to protect Mo from the hail of bullets pinning her down.

    What do you do?
  • Navarre, you hear the faint wheezing sound, like a tank filled with air has been punctured. No doubt. It's the fucking fuel on the balloon. The next time that motherfucker pulls on his lever to send fuel to the flame so the balloon goes scooting further into the air, well, it's gonna blow. And, you're thinking, massive explosion. It very well could ignite Tum Tum's ride also. You're talkin' shrapnel flying every-fucking-where.

    Tum Tum looks down, sees the gas, and you can tell he wants to sprint toward you, but he's gonna get fucked up by that machine gun if he does. If you lay down some suppressive fire, it might free him up, but it could also ignite the leaking fuel and cause the explosion to occur even earlier.

    What do you wanna do?
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  • I'm thinking you're seizing the momentum, with taking definite hold to cause them to keep their heads down, giving Tum Tum the chance to sprint over to you.
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    The guy rattles off a few rounds of machine gun fire in Tum Tum's direction, but when you start laying down suppressive fire, he ducks and just shoots blindly toward you. A few rounds churn up the ground beneath your feet and then hit you in the legs.

    Again, suffer harm roll here, roll+2. Good luck.

    Meanwhile, Tum Tum's hauling ass toward the front door of the cottage, moving behind and past you.
  • While all of this shit is going to hell in a hand basket, I'm wondering what Uncle's doing.
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    When you grab Seville's hand he quickly snatches your arm, pulls you hard, throwing you off balance, and smashes your hand on the table instead - your machete goes clattering to the floor. You wrestle momentarily, and then he quickly spins off the table, landing on the ground behind you and you feel him putting your arm in a hold and something sharp to your neck.

    He's got you right where you had him just a short while ago. You know if you make any sudden movements, the sharp object is located right at your jugular, it wouldn't take but a flick of Seville's wrist to send the blood flowing from your veins and out onto the floor.

    Let's find out if Gritch is gonna save Mo, and then we can figure out this ordeal with you and Seville.
  • I grab the girl an' pull her to the bathroom. I know that bitch has her gun trained on me, but there ain't nothin' to it. If I let Mo die there on the floor, well, shit, might as well be dead when Uncle gets through with me. An' I know that fucker. Even if he's dead, he'll rip me a new one.

    I take the bullet, an' I get Mo to safety.
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    Gritch, give me a suffer harm roll+2 (minus any armor you're wearing).
  • (DAMN YOU, COLOR! I said that my armored hazmat suit was bright orange, and my current one is teal. DAMN!)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • (Wow that sucks. Retroactive color change on the hazmat suit? ;) )
  • Damn. Navarre, you take 2-harm as the bullets collide with your leg; it's fucking agony. I think that puts you past 9 on your countdown clock, which opens up the option of taking a debility. You wanna? Either way, you've lost too much blood. You pass out, but not before you feel Tum Tum dragging you by your armpits into the cottage.

    Gritch, you take 2-harm, a bullet rips through your thigh. You're not sure how bad it is. You've got Mo out of the line of fire. Both of you are inside the bathroom now. Door shut. But, you totally missed seeing Seville pull his maneuver on Uncle.
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