[AW] A day in the life of... Uncle.



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    Uncle, you're there now with Tum Tum, who's dragging an unconscious Navarre into the cottage, Violetta, who's getting to her feet after firing off a round at Gritch (now barricaded in the bathroom with Mo [condition unknown]), and Seville, who has you as a body shield, something very fucking sharp pricking your neck.

    "You really fucked up now, Lars. You're not getting out of this alive, and your fucking daughter sure as hell better pray to the fucking ghosts to save her, because she is even more fucked, literally."

    What do you wanna do?
  • I snatch at his arm while lunging up, trying to shove my machete aside long enough to headbutt him in the face.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    Seize him, definite harm and frighten, little harm on a 10+.
  • While he's dazed, I spin him around and throw him down onto the floor, getting my knee in his back and his arms twisted up behind him.
  • I'm at 11:00, and bleeding all over Uncle's floor. Here's hoping Gritch figures out the healing touch thing; I'll take the debility if death is the alternative.
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    Uncle, it's not your machete he's holding, you can see that on the floor under the table. It's a smaller knife. Likely, the thing he was fumbling with in his hand. When you lunge up, you feel the blade rake across your throat (gimme a suffer harm roll+1 [includes your little harm]).

    You headbutt him in the face and it knocks him flat out. You throw him to the floor none-the-less and put your knee in his back. Put, it's apparent. He's out cold.

    Just then, you hear Tum Tum shout from behind you, "Uncle! Look out!"

    It's Violetta. She's drawing on you, taking aim to fire. But, Tum Tum slams into her as a bullet ricochet's off one of the grates on the window behind you. He's wrestling her to the ground, taking the pistol from her.

    What do you wanna do?
  • Harm: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • And what I do depends on that.
  • Gritch, Mo is disoriented but it doesn't look like she's sustained any serious injuries. You hear scuffling and a gunshot come from outside the bathroom, but you're not sure what's happening. Your wound is painful, but not enough to kill you.

    What's your next move?
  • Uncle, you take only 1-harm. You can feel the blood trickling down your neck. Tum Tum has Violetta pinned to the floor. He's beating the shit out of her face. It's not looking pretty for her. Navarre has passed out and there's a thick pool of blood beneath him.

    You've lost track of Mo in the commotion though. She's gone. Gritch is gone. But, the bathroom door is closed. And, the balloon... You're not sure what the fuck is going on with that.
  • Suddenly, everyone in the cottage hears a massive explosion. You're not sure exactly what is is, but you're thinking it might have something to do with that balloon.
  • Did Tum Tum toss aside Violetta's gun, or does he still have it? Also, I read the situation a while back, but a lot of shit's happened. Can I read again?
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    You can definitely read it again. Especially with that explosion. Violetta's gun has been tossed to the side. It's near your machete.

    Tum Tum is still pounding on her face. His fists getting covered in bits of skin and blood.
  • Also, I just marked experience 3 more times. That's an advance: perfect instincts.
  • Right on. ;)

    Go ahead and roll to read the situation if you'd like, but as it stands, Seville is out cold. Violetta is taking the beating of a lifetime. And, the balloon may have just exploded into bits.
  • "Tum Tum! Stay with me! We got other things to worry about!"

    I'm up into a crouch, but staying low and looking around, and I guess I sidle over just a bit and grab that pistol and the machete. Gonna have to make sure Seville stays stable, but maybe a peak outside first. I listen hard and get up next to the doorway.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Ok, I think my basic, instinctual situation check is not "What should I look out for?"

    No, it's: "Who's in control here?"

    If it's not me, we better fix that.
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    Your poor porch has been ripped to shreds. The windows are shattered. And, the walls have huge holes in them. It was the balloon that exploded. Debris is still falling from the sky onto a hillside, where you can see a cart parked.

    Moving in fast, you see Princy and a legion of Rough Riders behind him.

    It's clear who's in control here. This is Uncle's fucking place. Damn right.
  • Just to be clear, Mo's not grievously wounded? She's just grazed a bit, but it's not a serious thing?

    If so...

    "Stay down, girl," I say to Mo, as I open the bathroom door inches at a time to get a look outside and see what the hell is going on.

    "Uncle!" I call out. "Safe to come out yet?"
  • Outside of Gritch maybe stabilizing Navarre, I think this is a good "end of session".
  • Well, does that mean that I should run out of cover and roll for the Healing Touch on Navarre?
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    Yeah, Mo's been grazed. Not seriously wounded at all. You saved her.
  • Yeah, but I'm just making sure about whether I should roll to run out to Navarre and stabilize him with Healing Touch, or if we're hand waving that with the end of the session. I'm good either way.
  • Also, taking a look at Seville. And does anyone know how to get a high-tech bomb vest off a dude before he blows?
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    Gritch, you're going to need to actually do something. We're not handwaving Navarre's serious injuries. Heh. :)

    Describe how you use healing touch and gimme the roll.
  • I inch my way outta the bathroom, an' crouch low across the floor. Still don' quite know the state o' things, but I wanna figure this shit out. Uncle's lookin' at a downed motherfucker, makin' sure he's not dead, looks like, an' the beat-to-shit body o' that bitch is nearby. I make my way to the door outside, t'get a look at whatever that explosion was...

    An' there's Naverre. Bleedin' like there ain't no tomorrow.

    Fuck all.

    An' there I am, an' what can I do? What the fuck can I do? Kid's bleedin' to death, an' I can, what, put pressure on the holes in 'im? I can read his darkest secrets? I can unleash the spookies on him?! Fuck!

    The one time I wanna do somethin' to help, an' what can I do?!

    It's like somethin' snaps in my head, then, something black an' windy. An' suddenly, my brain's open, like when I look for the spookies. There they are, clusterin' like maggots. They love it when someone's dyin', cuz it means the body's weak. They think it's their shot at takin' over, at gettin' a physical form again. Don' even think about the fact that soon it'll be just another corpse, an' another spooky'll join the crowd. They just swarm an' wait. An' that dark an' windy tunnel in my skull, well, I just point it at 'em an' let it blow.

    They tumble over each other, an' they twist an' turn, an' they try to grab onto somethin', but it does nothin'. They scream as they get melted into the boy, dissolved into his flesh. An' before my eyes, it starts t'mend.

    Maybe I can do somethin' after all.

    (Here's hoping to the Apocalypse God that this actually works. Highlighted.)

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Sweet mother of mercy.
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    Holy shit! Nice post and roll!

    Navarre, you awake to Gritch kneeling over you. Your wounds are healing before your eyes (you heal 1 segment).

    Gritch, you get +1Hx with Navarre.
  • I was just looking at the rules for healing, but I'm not sure I really saw. If he was at 11 o'clock, does that mean he still needs to be healed once or twice more before he's okay?
  • (Oops, sorry, maybe that should've been in the OOG thread.)
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    I open my eyes slowly. It still hurts all over. My legs feel like they're on fire, and my stomach is throbbing. I look up, and there's Gritch.

    "Fuck," I say. Then I realize -- it's Gritch standing over me, and I sit up. Or try to, and collapse back down again.

    "Is Tum Tum okay? Is Uncle okay?"

    And then -- "Oh, fuck, Gritch, tell me I didn't die and become a spooky."
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