[AW] A day in the life of... Uncle.



  • Right now, Navarre is stabilized. So, that's good. However, in order to get better, he's going to need to take it easy and get some medical attention. Might mean going to Crutch. Might mean seeing about this hospital Spector and Marlene were talkin' about.
  • "Calm down...kid..."

    I fall backwards onto my ass. Manage to stay in a sittin' position but still. Holy shit, that was tiring. In my brain. It's...a unique sensation, lemme tell ya.

    That, an' the blood leakin' outta my thigh. That probably didn' help.

    "Ye're okay, kid," I gasp out. "At least, I think you are. Still alive, at least. Saw Uncle inside...he's still up. Tum Tum too."
  • Princy and company come jogging up to the front porch, Uncle.

    "Holy shit, boss. What happened? I, uh, checked Jean's room. No sign of her. Course, I didn't see any sign of struggle or anything either. And, no one's seen her for a few days. I went and got some boys, just in case." He's looking around the battlezone. "Looks like we missed the party."

    Tum Tum is standing over Violetta now. Her moaning is barely audible. She's lucky to be alive. He approaches you Navarre.

    "You alright? Saved my ass out there. Weren't for you, I'd be filled with holes instead of you. Need anything?"

    Mo is coming out of the bathroom now. She's getting over being shaken up.

    "Where's Uncle?"

    Uncle, how you wanna wrap this up?
  • I smile weakly at Tum Tum. "You'd also probably be on fire." I try to sit up again, and make it this time.

    I go down my mental list of things to do, to see if I can delegate any of them to Tum Tum. Suddenly my blood runs cold.

    "Aw, fuck. Remember when I said I had to talk to Ruby? I still gotta do that, before she gets hurt. When Uncle says it's okay, can you go find her and tell her I need to talk to her?" This is going to hurt, probably not as much as machine gun fire, but still.

    (And it can be a later scene.)

    "Oh, and next time you tell me we need my big fucking gun, can you remind me to wear my heavy fucking armor too?"
  • The pistol and the machete are on the edge of the table, and I have my off hand pressed up against the cut in my neck, sort of absently staunching the blood. I'm watching Navarre at this point, confirming that he ain't gonna die. If he looks my way, I give him a nod, like, "Good job."

    Carefully ignoring Gritch, though.

    "Here, girl. We need to talk, in a minute."

    To Princy: "Get her [Violetta] locked up somewhere. I want her to stay alive, understand? Anyone else injured, get them down to Crutch. And for now, get someone to sweeping this shit out, and picking through that wreckage. I want this camp in order. We'll be seeing about a sortie soon, and I want the word out on that to quartermaster, motor pool, armory."

    I don't remember doing anything to Seville that would kill a man. But, then, it's a trick to knock someone out without rattling their heads more than is safe ... better make sure he's not going to die on me and suddenly blow us all to kingdom come. Maybe someone else does that, though. Tell 'im to make sure he watches Seville's rig, and doesn't set off anything on accident.

    Need to:
    - deal with Seville
    - sort out what we're going to do about that missing patrol
    - move on finding Jean
    - whatever other god damn thing the people around me want to put on my plate

    But that's probably all fine for another 'session'.
  • (Only thing I'd say is that Gritch would almost immediately want to ask Uncle what the fuck this was all actually about, but like yellowparis says, that can probably wait for the next 'session'.)
  • Sounds great. Seville definitely ain't gonna die. He might have a concussion or something. But, it'd be a mild one at that.

    You want him locked up in the same place as Violetta or what?
  • Not while he's got that bomb rig on him, no. Keep him handy, where I can keep an eye on him.
  • So, Princy is taking Violetta to a dungeon. Who's gonna look after Seville?
  • For the moment, me. How much of a time jump do you expect? Because bomb vest is first priority, really.
  • Probably not much of a time jump. I know there's some pressing matters. I figure, once everything settles down a bit, Uncle gets his eyes wiped and head on straight, we can hop in right there. How do you wanna begin the next 'session'? In the war room handing out orders, or elsewhere?
  • Right there. I dunno exactly how messed up the cottage is - if it's bad enough I might need to relocate back to the manor eventually. For now, though, just get the broken glass swept out the door and address immediate problems.
  • The front of the cottage is wasted. There's holes in the front walls, shattered glass in all of the windows, the porch is ripped to shreds, Navarre's blood is soaking into the floors, and there's debris and fire scattered all up the hillside.

    It's pretty fucked.
  • Navarre will clean up all the blood, as soon as he can stand up without fainting.
  • Yeah ... maybe you should just head to the infirmary, kid.
  • And now I have this image of Navarre apologizing profusely for bleeding all over Uncle's stuff. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! Next time, I'll try to bleed less, I promise. Maybe if I let out some of my blood before battle, it'll be better."
  • That's exactly what I was envisioning. Lol. Fido, Fido, Fido...
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