[AW] Outside with Navarre

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Navarre, you're startled to hear Tum Tum's voice behind you.

"Might not wanna be doing that where people can see you."

Tum Tum digs into his coat pocket and draws out partial cigarette, broken in half. He takes up a position leaning his back against the wall there and propping his right foot up onto the wall.

"Got a light?"


  • I scramble to my feet. "Been a rough morning so far, sir."

    I fish in my pockets, come up with a glorious antique Zippo, the once-matte finish burnished to shininess in spots by many hands, and light Tum Tum's cigarette for him.
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    Tum Tum takes the light and motions for you to slow down.

    "Relax. I ain't like those fucking animals."

    He takes a long drag.

    "Something you need to get off your chest?"
  • Navarre isn't afraid of Tum Tum - it's more that he respects him, and wants to impress him and please him. There's a reason "Fido" is such an apt nickname, even though most people who use it do so pejoratively.

    I take a deep breath, considering, and then let Tum Tum have it. "I found out from Gri-- well, from a guy I trust, that my girl Ruby was working for Mimi on the side. Without telling me or anything. And, well, before I found that out, I had to encourage a couple of Fleece's crew to do the work that they'd been assigned to do, and a shotgun kind of got involved, and I'm pretty sure Uncle Lars is going to have something to say about that, and he'll probably rip off my balls to use as paperweights."

    I pause, thinking about that image for a moment. "And they probably won't work that well, the way the wind blows around here."
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    Tum Tum's smoke is already running out. He stubs it on his boot.

    "Sounds like a shitty morning."

    Tum Tum isn't the greatest shoulder to cry on.

    "Better watch out for Fleece. He ain't to take lightly. I've seen his work. If shit does go down though, you come find me."

    Tum Tum steps off the wall and stretches, his arms wide to the sky. He's looking at something.

    "Another beautiful fucking day in the chateau... Come on. Let's go see Uncle. Better you fess up to him yourself 'stead of him haffin' to come find you."

    He continues gazing into the overcast, rainy sky. Following his gaze, you see the strangest shit. It's a huge fucking vertical balloon with a basket hanging from its bottom floating through the sky. There's a faded word, barely visible, printed on the side. It says, 'Coca. Cola.'

    Tum Tum's arms come down slowly.

    "What the fuck is that?"
  • "Trouble. Now we got three reasons to go see Uncle."

    Navarre is really looking more for things to occupy him than he is for sympathy, so Tum Tum is perfect company.
  • Tum Tum looks at you. He's biting the inside of his cheek.

    "You got heat on you?"
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    "Of course. We need something more serious than handguns, I can run back to my place and get more."

    Navarre pulls out Gritch's handgun, hefting it, turning it over in his hands. It's both well-made and beautiful, in the way nothing ever is anymore, and Gritch takes good care of it. And, yes, it's loaded.

    He pulls out his own 9mm and hefts it in his hand. Of course it's loaded - when someone's out to pump you full of lead, you need to kill him first. Few murderous types are also gracious enough to allow their victims time to fetch the ammo box.

    He considers for a split second, then offers Tum Tum his 9mm, holding it by the barrel, offering the grip. "You need a piece?"
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    Tum Tum takes the 9mm, examines it with a routine operations check, and nods tucking it into his heavy, military coat's pocket.

    "Yeah. I left mine with Tao. We'll swing by your place."

    He goes over to the tri-cycle and unhitches the trailer on the back, gets on and with a down-thrust, or two, of his leg he gets the engine revving and pulls up beside you. There's a space behind him on the long seat. Tum Tum tilts his head to the side, toward the seat.

    "Hop on."
  • Onto the bike, back to the main building. In the door, nod to the guards along the way, up the stairs, at my door. A long pause -- I'm not really sure whether I hope Ruby's there or not, but I'm hoping something -- and into the room. Ruby's stuff is gone. If Tum Tum's following me, I turn back and motion for him to come in.

    I head over to the bed, pull the gun case out from underneath it, open it. Pull the assault rifle out of its case, wipe it down carefully, pull out the case of my special reserve ammunition, load the main clip and a spare. Unwrap the magnum from its cloth, give it a quick but thorough polishing, load it as well.

    I stand up, look at the bed, smooth out the covers, and put the magnum and the assault rifle on it. I look down, rub the stock of the assault rifle, then glance over at Tum Tum. "You prefer either of those to my 9 mm?" If he can read me at all, he knows I really want the assault rifle, but I'm deferring to his choice out of respect, or loyalty, or something. Meanwhile, suddenly thinking of it, I pop the bullets out of Gritch's piece and tuck it in the gun case.
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    Before Tum Tum has a chance to respond, you take stock of the room. It's obvious Gritch made it here and told Ruby to split. The place is kind of a wreck. All her shit is gone and there's a pile of dirt and mortar on the ground beneath the wall near the door. Your eyes travel up the wall and you notice this nook the debris likely fell from. There's a dirt-stained cigar box lodged in the nook. You've never seen it before.

    Tum Tum's voice snaps you back to the moment.

    "I'll let you have the big one."

    He picks up the magnum, holding both the magnum and 9mm in comparison.

    "I'll take both of these."

    He grins, tucks the pistols into his coat and starts to head out.

    Then, you notice the doll is gone.
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    Just before noticing the doll is gone --

    "Sure thing, but I want them back. Unless I'm dead, and then you can have them, and this one too. Unless you're the one that killed me." But there's a note in my voice that says yeah, right, I trust you, Tum Tum, only way I'm going to die if it all goes to shit and you can't help me.

    Then, I look around the room, seeing what it looks like without Ruby. I make a note to check out that cigar box, but if it hasn't exploded yet, it can wait. My eye falls on the shelf where the poppet was, and there's a big empty space where it used to be.

    "Aw, fuck, Tum Tum, the day's gonna get worse - Ruby took something she shouldn't have, and I'm going to have to go get it back from her before it hurts her." I sigh. "Duty first, though. I hope there's something that really needs shooting." I sling the assault rifle over my shoulder and follow Tum Tum out the door.
  • Out the door, you see Princy come rushing into the officer's quarters. He's huffing and puffing, one leg caked in fresh mud like he just slipped in the thick of it.

    "Tum Tum, Fido, need you to find Gritch for me, like NOW. Bring him to Uncle's place. Don't go inside, just bring him to the porch. Don't fuck around. Make it quick."

    He doesn't give either of you an opportunity to respond. He pushes past the two of you and heads deeper into the mansion, clearly on a mission.
  • Tum Tum turns to you.

    "Gritch, huh. Wonder what that's all about. Guess we should go lookin' at his shack or Mimi's place."
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    (Whoops, nearly crossposted. Mimi's was my guess too.)

    "Yeah, I'm pretty sure he was at Mimi's last night, and it wouldn't surprise me if he was there now." Mimi's is about the last place on earth I want to go right now, and I'm feeling the weight of the gun on my shoulder. "Hey, hang on, this might be faster."

    Gritch has got to be fairly well known to the spookies. I close my eyes and open my brain, reaching out, asking them where Gritch is. (And that's experience.)

    (Durrr, it would be if I actually rolled.) #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    Time seems to slow. The fog closes in around you, flowing into the ground and out. When it flows out, it looks like the fog has taken the form of these horrific looking humanoid figures. Some of them have faces, faces you recognize. They're men you've killed in your lifetime. Uncle's men, before, and Dog Head's men after. They're reaching out for you, but they can't grab at you. Still, you feel the pressure. It's like a C-clamp tightening on your head, slowly. They want you to pay.

    In what way is your soul most vulnerable to them?

    One of the figures breaks through the seemingly invisible barrier. It grasps your hand, and pulls, but your body doesn't come. You're flying now, through the fog. Then, you see Gritch. Well, the back of his head. He's nowhere, smothered in the fog, but he's talking to Spector and Marlene, and you know you just left them. Their faces are a mirage. And, slowly, Gritch begins to turn around. Only, it's not Gritch's face you see. It's fucking Dog Head's. And, you notice Gritch has this strange aura emanating off of him. It's causing you to squint, hurting your eyes. Dog Head on Gritch's body starts laughing. It's maniacal.

    "The betrayer is betrayed... I can't wait to fuck Ruby. Fucking scum."

    What are you hiding from Uncle?

    Instantly, you're back with Tum Tum. He's standing in front of you, rubbing your shoulder with one hand and snapping his fingers in front your eyes with the other.

    "Navarre? Hey, buddy. What are you talking about? What's gonna be faster?"
  • I recoil from Dog Head's touch before I realize that it's actually Tum Tum, and it takes me a moment to get over the disorientation.

    "Uh... Gritch. He's not at Mimi's. He's back near the morgue, with Marlene and that sick fuck who lives up on the hill." Navarre starts in that direction.

    In what way is your soul most vulnerable to them?

    The thing that keeps Navarre sane is that, in the case of every man he's ever killed (and they're all men, as far as he knows), he can justify it. Even in the case of something stupid like Bowdy: it was ridiculous overkill for the situation, but the gun was at hand and it was hurt or be hurt. Every death has been the result of Navarre following a legitimate order, or Navarre acting in self-defense, or Navarre meting out reasonable punishment in this lawless world. If he ever doubts that justification -- or ever fails to shore it up after a killing, as he already has with Bowdy's -- he will no longer be certain that he's on the side of justice and honor and right. And if that happens, he'll either be paralyzed with indecision or completely unleashed and unrestrained, but neither one will end well.

    What are you hiding from Uncle?

    A couple months ago Jean started showing serious interest in Navarre, and made it unambiguously clear that should Ruby ever not be in the picture, Jean would be willing to step into her place. Navarre deflected it as much as possible as gracefully as possible, but didn't say anything to Uncle because he figured things were solid with Ruby and because he didn't want Uncle on high alert for what he considered to be no good reason.
  • Tum Tum follows and mounts the bike. You guys head back over there. As you're coming down the slope toward the morgue/surgeon's bunker, you see Gritch there with Spector and Marlene, just like the spooks showed you (of course, Dog Head ain't no where to be seen...).

    Let's skip over to their thread.
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