[DRYH] The Unnamed

edited September 2007 in In-Game
Hey! Let's just play! Anyone who wants to can go ahead and GM for this. Let's see what happens!

Frank Baum

Frank's just come out of the off-license. He's holding a brown paper bag containing two bottles of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes. The parking lot is filled with broken bottles and cigarette stubs, and oily puddles of water. It's raining lightly, and Frank pulls his collar up against the wind as he crunches across the lot to his car. His eyes are bleary from lack of sleep. This is the first time he's left the apartment in five days. He's fishing for his keys one-handed when he hears the sound in the alley behind him. A little girl's laugh. Somewhere else, some other time, it would be a heartwarming sound, speaking of long afternoons in the sun, family, home. Here, in a greasy alley in a bad part of town, on a rainy night, the sound is chilling. Are his ears playing tricks on him? It's been so long since he slept, Frank's not sure what's real anymore. Frank turns slowly, not sure if he wants to see. When he looks, the alley is empty, save for a flash of cloth, disappearing around a corner. Frank remembers that light cotton fabric, those red, red apples on the white dress. The brown paper bag crashes to the ground, and Frank's running. Down the alley, round the corner, leaping over fallen trash cans and splashing through puddles. The alley is a blind end, and empty. No little girl, no dress. But there's a door. A dark green wooden door set roughly into the brick. Frank barely pauses as he slams into the door, twisting the handle and stumbling through into...
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