[AW] Marlene And The Dunce



  • You sure do.

    Boo doesn't want this to end, hell, you can feel his dick as hard as a fucking wrench. But, you could probably get him to confront the people with the promise of a follow-up rendezvous under the guise as a "job" for him to do.

    Let's see if it works. Tell me how you word it and roll.
  • It's like your voice and the words you're saying just gets Boo even more riled up. His animal instincts take over. Then, he starts getting more aggressive. He takes you by your waist and coveralls, and he's pushing his weight on you now. He's trying to drag your coveralls the rest of the way down. He's grunting and grinding against you as he speaks, pulling you to the ground.

    "I'm a strong man. Yes. I'm a big man!"

    Before you know it, he's going to have you on the ground and stripped of your coveralls. You're not going to have time to talk him down at this point.

    What do you do?
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    Boo's on top of you now. He's got your coveralls around your knees and he's trying to pull his dick out. He's clearly stronger than you.

    You hear footsteps coming from the alleyway and then a voice you recognize.

    "Hold up, boys."

    It's fucking Lala.

    "Well, well... Looks like the fat fucking bitch found her dick. Let's watch the show."

    Lala is standing there with two of Uncle's gang. One of them has a chain slung over his shoulder and a shaved head. The other has long, dark hair and tall leather books with steel knee buckles. Both of their eyes look ravenous.
  • I get to make a hard fucking move. And, you ain't going to like it at all.
  • Wow, nice roll!
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    The fog rolls in around you as the three of them cheer Boo on. You're fucking scared to death. But, a voice is in your ear. And, it calms you.

    "Someone's comin' to save you, darlin'."

    It's Barney's voice.

    Then, a loud shot rattles off in the distance. Boo makes a gulping sound, and then falls limp on top of you. Blood is streaming out of his neck and spilling all over your face. He's coughing up blood, but it doesn't last long. He's dead weight, like a ton of bricks, on top of you.

    The cheering from the crowd ceases, and you hear Lala again.

    "What the fuck..."
  • Gimme a roll to read the sitch and we'll go from there.
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    Nice! You get 3. What do you want to know?
  • I like the idea of feigning death and keeping down until they leave. With Boo's massive weight on you, seems the best plan of action. Gimme a act under fire roll to keep still, like you've been shot, with the fire being they don't fall for it and are on you (if the sniper doesn't kill them first). Take your +1 on the roll.

    Right now, the guy with the shaved head is most vulnerable to you. He's coming up to check the side your weapon is on.

    Lala is your biggest threat. She's determined for this not to end well for you.
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  • You hear all sorts of commotion. Sounds like a fucking warzone just sprung into existence out toward Uncle's place.

    But, the sniper who took out Boo doesn't seem to have any more shots left, because Lala approaches you two. You're lying there feigning death, and you feel the tip of her machete digging into your arm. You don't squeal. And, that's enough for her. You hear her turn to the shaved head man and speak.

    "She's done for. Let's get the fuck out of here before that guy starts shooting again. What the fuck is going on out there anyways?"

    You hear them discuss the situation as they make off through the yards.

    They're gone, finally.

    And, you're left with Boo's blood draining all over you.
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  • Nope. You can get out from under his thick body. It takes you a minute or so, but you're out and getting dressed up. You can't see the action from here, in your secluded little place, outside of this huge fucking balloon floating in the air firing down on this hill with Spector's cart.
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  • Before you can do anything, all of a sudden the balloon explodes. You can feel the force and heat of the explosion, even from this distance. It's high enough that you don't think Spector's cart gets hit with shrapnel, but there's certainly bits and pieces falling from the sky.

    Does that impact your decision?
  • Sure. You're there. Let's move you to this thread.
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