[AW] Spector Heads to Backwater

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As you and Pamming are preparing the cart to leave the Chateau, Pamming takes your hand.

"Spec, I don't know if I can make it down to Backwater. I'd like to go back home."

You can tell the morning has taken its toll on her. Her hand is shaking slightly and her clothes and face stained with blood. She's looks a mess.


  • I sit and think a while -- looking for a way through my competing obligations and coming up short. "OK, we'll skip Backwater. You just sit tight here for a bit and we'll head home and take a proper bath. I wish things could've gone differently for us today."

    I take a few minutes to write a note to Lars, trying to tune out the distractions around me:
         Lars, this morning finds me in an altogether unhappy situation. A ruffian and a hostage appeared at my place, claiming to be siblings, but clearly not. They were carrying a sick man on a litter. As it became clear that the ruffian is one of those who intends harm to all forms of order and beauty, I opted to take his life and rescue his hostage. As these things do sometimes, it went poorly. In our altercation, I killed the innocent and the ruffian fled. At least I took his pistol. I brought the bleeding victim, a girl named Matilda whom I believe was from Backwater and the unconscious man about whom I know nothing, to The Chateau. The girl died en route and I've left the diseased fellow in the care of your man Crutch.
         I hope that you will have the resources to devote attention to three things. First, the ruffian who fled my place is out and about, and likely to cause trouble for others -- and quite possibly, for me. I would rest easier knowing that one of your patrols had dispatched him. I am hoping that the ill man in the care of Crutch does not represent a new disease in our area. Some of these are quite damaging. It might be especially bad were he to find his way into the local food supply. Third, and I'll understand if it seems to be least important; if Backwater falls under your umbrella of governance, you may want to investigate whatever unrest or famine might be taking place that sent these kids wandering from their home to mine. And perhaps take the time to alert their kin that the two young, copper-haired travelers have met their end.
         On an unrelated note, Marlene and I have discussed mounting a salvage expedition to the old military hospital. I don't know the way, but she does. It appears, however, that there is a security issue and people who go there either never come back or when they do, are not quite right in the head. I like to imagine that there is equipment and supplies there that we -- as a greater community, might quite benefit from if we were able to bring it back. Is this something that you would be interested in sponsoring? A small security and labor detail would be quite welcome.
         I hope that this letter finds your day better than mine.


    With that accomplished, I'll head off to drop the note off at Lars' office/cottage.
  • Sure thing. When the time is right, we'll bring you into that thread.
  • Pamming manages to crack a smile. It's enough to make you feel slightly rejuvenated.

    "Sounds great."
  • Also, if they leave and I miss them, that's fine too. I figure I take a while to comfort Pamming, get out paper and charcoal, and write the letter.
  • Sure. I'll probably bring you in shortly after Uncle's next post.
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    Spector, you're on your way to Uncle's now, and that strange sight, the huge balloon and fire, you saw earlier, well you see it again only this time it's right on top of Uncle's place.
  • I was heading straight up to Lars' cottage to drop off my note, but this quite out of the ordinary scene stops me for a sec. I'm diverting my path off, up the hill to the right so that I can get a clear view of the balloon. When I do, I'm reading the situation. And looking for a position from which I could brace my rifle and take steady aim. Y'know, just in case.
  • Sure thing. Fixed.

    You're now positioned on the hill above them. It's a clear view, despite the fog. You can see a couple men inside the basket of the hot air balloon. Tum Tum's positioned on his trike, that's powered down at the moment. Navarre's on the porch and Mo is halfway in the cottage, halfway on the porch as well. Through the grated windows, you see some figures. Can't make out who's who though.

    Gimme the roll.
  • highlighted: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    Is it obvious from all the body language that the balloon is an assault against The Chateau?
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    Oh and, OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE! :)
  • You can't tell! Haha.

    But, from your hilltop, you see something else that catches your eye, distracting you. Looks like it could be Marlene. She's down in this little clearing near the gardens, by a tree. Is she embracing someone? Her top down? You can't be for certain, but there's a small group of Uncle's gang moving down an alley toward her direction. You're not sure if they know she's there yet or not, but they look like they're searching for someone.

    Meanwhile, back at the balloon, you realize one of the men in the basket has spotted you. He's kind of pointing in your direction and telling the other guy something. As you take stock of your position, it seems indeed that you are completely out in the open, with little cover outside of your meager cart.
  • And, then, you hear it. It's definitely Marlene. You recognize her voice in the distance. She starts yelling something and you see the fat man dragging her down to the ground.
  • I'm paralyzed with indecision. I can't tell shit about what's going on in this up-side-down world. Is the balloon an enemy? Is Marlene being raped? What the fuck?

    I should shoot the rapist. I should shoot the propane tank on the balloon.

    But I wait. I try to figure out what's going on. I've fucked so much up today that I can't bear the thought of more. If it become clear that Marlene is being raped or that the balloon is a threat, I'll shoot.
  • You do see the three of Uncle's gang have arrived on the scene where Marlene is. They're just watching as Marlene and the man go at it.
  • Can I read Marlene from this distance?
  • Nah, prolly not. You'd need to be in conversation with her, or at least close enough to read her body language.

    You wanna head down the hill and get closer?
  • Not for now. Still too unsure to act.
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  • Pamming kind of crawls up next to you.

    "Babe, what's going on? Why the detour?"
  • "Look around. Down there, over there...somethin' aint right!"
  • Spector, as you're waiting on the hill, for a sign, anything, you notice this white figure walking up the hillside toward you. Looks like a man, but it's hazy, foggy, misty. It's a fucking spook. Right out in the open. 'Cept, Pamming doesn't seem to see the goddamn thing, even though you're pointing right at it.

    "What is that thing...?"

    Pamming's asking about the fucking balloon.

    The spook is moving right toward you. You ain't seen one approach you like this before. It's odd.

    Pamming's asking more questions, but they're fading out. Instead, you hear this clear, distinct voice. It's calm, but pained.

    "Hey there, fella."

    It stops several yards from your position, but it sounds like its voice is emanating all around you.

    "I need your help. You're the only one that can help her. My woman. Marlene. She's being taken. You gotta put a stop to it."
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  • Oh wait, I see now. It is in this thread. Must have missed it somehow. *slaps forehead*

    Again, sorry 'bout that.

    Before you have a chance to fire, this whole scene with the spook happens. Do you want to follow up with the shot?
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    Thank the saints that someone came to give sound advice!

    I take aim, exhale, pause and fire into the fat, drooler's back. I'd like it to angle so's not to penetrate through to Marlene, but beggars can't be choosers.
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    If you decide to shoot, give me the roll! It'll be going aggro.
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • The fat motherfucker falls limp instantly as your shot rattles off. Then, the three of Uncle's gang, two men and a woman with a short mohawk, look over in your direction.

    What do you do?
  • I train my aim on the first of those fucking savages that I find in my sights and prepare to squeeze off more rounds. But I wait in case they want to just disperse instead of making trouble.
  • It's all gonna depend on Marlene. Hold on.
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