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Let's do our end of session Hx here after we call each session.

At the end of every session, choose a character who knows you better than they used to. If there’s more than one, choose one at your whim. Tell that player to add +1 to their Hx with you on their sheet. If this brings them to Hx+4, they reset to Hx+1 (and therefore mark experience).

We've ended the first session (for the most part). So, let's go ahead.

Explain who knows you better and add why if you want.


  • Marlene would like to talk to Spector about communicating with the spookies, but maybe that's a better conversation for the trip to the hospital. Either way, he helped her in a moment of weakness and saw her at her most vulnerable, so I think he's the clear choice for Hx advancement.
  • Well, for Gritch, it could only really be Uncle, Spector, or Navarre, because Gritch never actually interacted with Marlene. Out of them, Uncle is least likely, I think, because I've interacted with him relatively little. Spector too, I only had one short conversation with. So I think I've gotta go with Navarre.
  • You might revise that last sentence: "Explain who knows you better and add why if you want." It's right the first time, but you got your words turned around the second time.

    Gritch knows me better. Because, well, he's the only person I shared a room with. Enjoy your xp, 'cause I think that's a roll-over.
  • Yup! Good eye. Fixed.
  • I think Gritch actually knows me better than he did before. Marlene and Spector saw me with my shirt off, but not much more, and Uncle had the privilege of having me bleed all over his floor.
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    Oh, and if Gritch fixes Navarre, that's actually affecting his Hx with Navarre (before end of session +1).
  • Yup.

    When you inflict harm on another player’s character, the other character gets +1Hx with you (on their sheet) for every segment of harm you inflict. If this brings them to Hx+4, they reset to Hx+1 as usual, and therefore mark experience.

    When you heal another player’s character’s harm, you get +1Hx with them (on your sheet) for every segment of harm you heal. If this brings you to Hx+4, you reset to Hx+1 as usual, and therefore mark experience.

    When you hurt someone, they see you more clearly. When you heal someone, you see them more clearly.
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    Hmmm. I'd think that Navarre would still get +1 with Gritch even with the correct understanding, that it means Navarre knows Gritch better.

    And, okay, so this means I mark experience from both Uncle and Spector's Hx on my sheet rolling over into +1, right?

    EDIT: No. No Spector Hx increase. Bad. Bad power hungry Gritch man.
  • Your Spector Hx increased?
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    Oh, oops. I had a major brain fart there. Feel free to call me names behind my back.
  • The whisper function is great for that.
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    I've got this:
    with Gritchwith Marlenewith Navarrewith Spectorwith Uncle
    Gritch has—+3+3+3+1
    Marlene has-2—+1=0-1
    Navarre has+1+1—-1=0
    Spector has-2+1-3—+1
    Uncle has=0+2+2+3—
  • Nice. Looks like Gritch is primed to get some Hx experience the next session. Especially with all of the wounded and his new move. ;)
  • I can see entirely reasonable claims for either Gritch or Marlene. I'm going with Marlene because the morality and stress seems like deeper insight-stuff than the poppet-weirdness.
  • Yay, Marlene almost has a new friend!
  • Christopher mentioned re-highlighting stats. Does anyone want to do that? If so, we'll do it here.
  • I'm happy to leave things as they are and I'm happy to redo.
  • I'd be interested in seeing how highlights change based on 1st session gameplay, personally. But if you guys don't wanna re-highlight, I'm fine with that also.
  • I'm inclined to highlight new stats - I have no problem with mine as they are, but I think the shifting session-to-session focus is an interesting feature. Like, I'd definitely have read Seville at some point if my Sharp had been highlighted, but I deferred it because I didn't want to risk a hard move.

    I don't highlight anyone though, unless I get picked to do Spector. So I'll just cool my heels.
  • OK, we'll highlight new stats. Uncle, pick one of mine.
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    Alright, let's re-highlight then. (lol, cross-post with Christopher [Chris?])

    You guys go ahead and then I'll do my highlighting.
  • Marlene, care to highlight Navarre?
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    Chris is fine. I always write/type Christopher but it sounds funny because no one speaks that name to me.
    Are these numbers still right?
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    I don't think anyone has taken a +1 to any stat improvement have they? Looks right.

    I do the same. Most people call me Mike, but I sign/type/write Michael. You guys can call me either. I'll respond. If Michael (yellowparis) wants to go by Michael, I'll take Mike. Or, vice versa. ;)
  • Weird for Spector.

    And, actually, Spector highlights Uncle.
  • Um, in the light of bombing my wealth roll, could someone please highlight Hard? Please?
  • I got you, Uncle. Hard is highlighted for you. Spector can choose whatever he wishes.
  • Does anyone else have any requests? Otherwise, I'm just going to go with what I want to see.
  • Hmmm. Uncle highlighted me last time, right? Just to make sure I'm changin' it up?

    Marlene, I think, can highlight Gritch this time.
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