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  • Those of you "out of the scene" now (Spector/Marlene), if you wanna go ahead and do your end of session stuff, let's do it. Here's the move:

    At the end of every session, choose a character who knows you better than they used to. If there’s more than one, choose one at your whim. Tell that player to add +1 to their Hx with you on their sheet. If this brings them to Hx+4, they reset to Hx+1 (and therefore mark experience).
  • I could justify any of them. I'm going with Navarre -- narratively, that's most interesting to me.
  • Cool. Can we get a repost of the Hx chart?
  • I'm going with Navarre as well. They spent the most time together, and he saw Marlene run the gamut from "let's bust this guy's head" to "I guess I can warm up mr. creepy."
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    Figuring in Marlene and Spector's modifications right up there:
    with Gritchwith Marlenewith Navarrewith Spectorwith Uncle
    Gritch has—+3+3+3+2
    Marlene has-2—+1=0-1
    Navarre has+2+2—=0=0
    Spector has-2+1-2—+1
    Uncle has+1+2+2+3—
    Except ... didn't Gritch get a +1 with Navarre way back at the end of the first session, when he healed Navarre a tick? I think Gritch started with Hx+3 with Navarre, so he should be at Hx+1 (and marking xp), right? At a glance, it looks like we forgot about that.
  • I thought that the healing +1 is what brought me up to +3 in the first place. Furthermore, Navarre should have +2 with Gritch because Gritch inadvertently harmed Navarre.
  • Oh, yeah, I knew someone had harmed someone, but couldn't remember who. I'll edit.

    I remember now, yeah. You started with a +1 with Navarre, and got a +1 for healing and a +1 end of session. Ok. I can trust the chart. (c:
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    And Navarre gets +3 with Gritch, for erasing 11:00, 10:00, and 9:00. That actually just brings him back around to Hx+2, where he was, but the xp'll be nice.
  • I think Spector knows Navarre better than he did before. I could make the case for anyone else, but I think Spector may have just realized that Navarre isn't an NPC. :)
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    I guess I can probably say mine too, at this point. Gritch, I think. Uncle talked to Spector a good bit, but most of it was just business as usual. Gritch has had a couple of occasions this session to test the nature of his relationship with Uncle.
  • Nice. Good stuff. Did Gritch choose someone yet?
  • And I'm noting here (because I lose track of it) that as of the end of the session, including the XP I just got from healing Gritch, I have 2 XP.
  • Nope, haven't chosen anyone yet. I feel like it's mostly between Navarre and Uncle for me. I could totally see either, because Uncle watched Gritch dive onto a man-bomb for one last good mind probe, and also saw in Gritch's eyes that he was willing to kill Crutch, while Navarre took a walk around the graveyard in Gritch's head. So. The good ol' fashioned way of deciding these things. You two! Fight to the death!

    Or I could flip a coin.

    Came up Heads, so it goes to Uncle.
  • Like Navarre would do anything but concede to Uncle anyway.
  • Great. Can we get a final update of the Hx chart? Also, do you guys want to re-highlight (Navarre?? Heh.)?
  • Yeah, re-highlight.
  • Well, if we're re-highlighting, Navarre can choose my highlighted stat.
  • If the table is right, Marlene should choose mine.
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    with Gritchwith Marlenewith Navarrewith Spectorwith Uncle
    Gritch has—+3+3+3+2
    Marlene has-2—+1=0-1
    Navarre has+2+2—=0=0
    Spector has-2+1-2—+1
    Uncle has+1+2+2+3—
    All updated. And sure, re-highlight.

    So, Michael and Christopher. You get to pick how Uncle deals with Fleece! Go! Please don't pick Weird! (Though I suppose it has to happen someday.)
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    Derp, can't read the chart.
  • I like seeing Uncle wheeling and dealing. Highlight Hot please. :)
  • Gritch, what do you want to see Navarre doing more of? I think I'm going to throw you a bone (no, wait, that was in the sleeping bag) and highlight Weird.
  • Heh. Come now. For Navarre? What more could I possibly want to see than Navarre gunning down hordes of men who scream and shriek uselessly against this combat savant? Highlight Hard.
  • And I want to see Uncle be Cool!
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    Gritch: Weird + ?


    Navarre: Hard + ?


    Uncle: Cool + Hot <- That's going to be a way different Uncle.

    Hey Max, you're supposed to be highlighting Spector, not Gritch, right?
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    Ok, here's my picks in sum:

    Gritch: Highlight Sharp
    Marlene: Highlight Sharp
    Navarre: Highlight Cool
    Spector: Highlight Hard
    Uncle: Highlight Hot
  • Good. I think I just used up all my Hot walking Violetta home.

    Also, I realized that I lost track of the book Navarre was reading. If Violetta brings it back to Navarre, he'll have yet another reason to follow her around like a lost puppy.
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    Yeah, she took it. :)
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    Actually, fuck. Marlene doesn't use Weird to open her brain anymore! Switch hers up to Sharp instead! Since that's what the psychic maelstrom wants her to do. :)
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