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  • Oh, I said above. It's sort of embedded in there, not clearly stated, so to repeat, Gritch picks Uncle to get +1 Hx, and June picks Di to get +1 Hx.
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    Eh. I see it now. Honestly, I was just skimming the posts. (Table edited.)
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    Posted By: Max BIf we get around to Hx, Spector knows Marlene better because he now knows she'll leave him on a damn aircraft carrier.
    Looks like Navarre is still the only positive Hx, so what's Marlene need to do this time?
  • I'll have Uncle do my new highlight. And I think Uncle should highlight cool -- I expect some under fire to come up but maybe not every single roll.
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    Marlene needs to be Sharp, because it's something that Navarre always forgets to be himself.

    Care to return the favor, Marlene?
  • Oops, it looks like I missed Marlene, too. Should've read more carefully. That actually gives Spector Hx+2 with Marlene, so I must decline to highlight him.
  • Oh, right. Marlene, please do the honors.
  • Posted By: cwilburMarlene needs to be Sharp, because it's something that Navarre always forgets to be himself.

    Care to return the favor, Marlene?
    Sure. Navarre, don't forget to be Sharp. It'll be a good experience for you.

    Now, Spector. I'm tempted to go Hard or Hot, but you had both of those last time, and I don't want things to get boring. Let's see you use that weird-ass brain of yours.
  • Can someone post an updated highlight chart before I post what I want to highlight? :)
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    Here's what I have so far:
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    Damn you Max! Well, I'm posting mine anyway, since I had to hack through the god-awful pressed-together table code.
    June should highlight Di,
    June gets to pick whether Di or Spector highlights her,
    and Gritch can pick just about anyone.
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    Posted By: Michael LoyWell, I'm posting mine anyway, since I had to hack through the god-awful pressed-together table code.
    Yeah, I split each character onto a different line while editing, which gave me an extra 7 blank lines in my post. Also, there should be an easier way to quote old posts than whipping out the page source in my browser. And by "should" I mean "thanks for running this awesome free forum."
  • Hmmm. June picks Di, Gritch picks Spector.

    Di, totally be Hot.
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    June shall be Hard. I expect shooting will be necessary. Just not at me, please.
  • Gritch, stay Cool!
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    Di, be Cool.
    Gritch, be Sharp.
    June, be Hot.
    Marlene, be Weird or Hard. Your choice.
    Navarre, be Hard.
    Spector, be Sharp.
    Uncle , be Weird. Oh yeah, you knew that was coming. :)
  • Cutting it off before Princy arrives might be a good place. I only intend to tell him to go and appraise Kirk of the situation. Kirk's probably heard the radio, but I imagine I'd want to give him direct orders on how to oversee Fleece's surrender.
  • Oops. I already responded. Let's cut it there and assume than in the intervening hours, you're organizing all that, the surrender and whatnot. How about you summarize how that goes down in the thread?
  • Well, right now Marlene doesn't have any moves that require her to roll Weird, and I'm not planning on picking up augury, so unless there's some hitherto unexplained weirdness approaching, I'll take Hard.
  • I keep forgetting that Marlene uses Sharp to open her brain. And, Sharp is already highlighted, so let's just go with Hard.
  • Uncle, for the purposes of Wealth, would you say that the settlements that provide tribute being under siege would be a challenge to your rule?
  • Wow. I'm happy with the combination, so don't take this as me asking for a change, but I just realized that Hot and Hard were June's two highlighted stats for the first session she was in, too. I guess she didn't get terribly long to play with them, though, so maybe that doesn't really count. Just thought it was funny.
  • I'm not really sure. One way to look at it is that the Chateau itself does not seem immediately endangered, so my rule is unchallenged (since it's control of the Chateau that matters, not control of the surrounding lands). The other way to look at it is that Uncle is clearly under 'obligation' regardless of what I roll on the dice, so that might mean that I shouldn't roll the dice at all.

    I suppose I'd say that the Chateau itself seems secure at the moment, so wealth is on the table, but Uncle is still effectively under obligation as a thing entirely separate from the roll. I'm fine either way, though, since I don't really expect to be spending much barter this session.

    Another consideration might be our supplies. If we're so low on supplies that that makes the Chateau insecure in and of itself, then that would block wealth on its own.
    - Hearing back on the topic of Mimi and her girls.

    - Going into Jean's room, to see if anything stands out.

    - Calling a strategy session, after a few hours.
    Next session probably starts somewhere in there. Looking through Jean's room may or may not be necessary to play out onscreen ... you'd know better than I. Hearing back about Mimi probably sparks trouble soon after.

    Also, when I do any of these three things, Navarre is likely called in for baby-sitting duty, to guard Pamming.
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    I say, roll the wealth roll. It'll give me a reason to bring some of the other towns in (to bring you tribute finally) and get them some screen time and if you fail, I can ratchet up my threat's countdown clocks.

    Go ahead and roll that here.
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    Sweet. My rule has the mandate of heaven. For today, at least.
  • I'm not sure how long it'll take to get the garage setup, but once it's ready, Marlene is going to go into the garage, and say to herself, "it sure would be nice if, given a supply of materials, I could regularly build (or attempt to build? maybe a gig once moonlighting comes in) 2-harm close/far loud rifles, both for barge defense and to trade to people." It may be a bit before that happens, since there's reporting to do, and probably some Barney maintenance afoot, but I figure getting the intention out there can inform other things as necessary.
  • Actually, now that I think about it, you don't even have an obligation to Brockway (that's the town Marlene visited right?) anymore because the town is gone. All of the peeps are now enslaved.

    So, that works out well.
  • Well, depending, I might be able to intercept them. That would very much be the idea, if I hear from Marlene or Shag in time. Not only would I get to rescue people and look like I'm earning my tribute, but I'd be able to catch a portion of the enemy forces out in the field.
  • (And you might be so busy, you just forget to, y'know, murder Gritch right now. Just leave it til later, I always say.)
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