[AW] The Chateau - Ends of Sessions



  • Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyWell, depending, I might be able to intercept them. That would very much be the idea, if I hear from Marlene or Shag in time. Not only would I get to rescue people and look like I'm earning my tribute, but I'd be able to catch a portion of the enemy forces out in the field.
    Oh, that definitely works! :)
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    The best case for everyone would probably be if Gritch managed to escape without even seeing Uncle, and just disappeared until later. I think both Di and Spector would be willing to intervene for Gritch, and Spector could even authoritatively say that, yeah, Gritch has been exorcised (helping with augury, even) and that this is very unlikely to happen again.

    It's just, the only person around here that likes Gritch is Navarre, and I'm not sure how much he can convince Uncle without escalating to violence.

    And frankly, while Uncle might be quite willing to try to off Gritch, particularly after finding out about Mimi, I don't necessarily fancy his chances. Gritch has some nasty toys these days. We'd probably fuck each other up pretty badly, whether I brought men with me or not.
  • Well, to be frank, I'm thinking Gritch wouldn't fight back, which is part of the reason why I'm perfectly fine with not getting to a confrontation until later, if possible. I don't think Gritch would be able to push himself to protect himself, not unless he was damn sure that Dog Head was good and gone and never coming back beforehand. So, the thing is, if he put up a fight he might be able to get in a couple nasty hits, though he'd still probably loose...but I don't think he'd put up a fight at the time being. He'd rather be dead than continue to be a gun-brained meat puppet.

    'Course, he'd rather not be a gun-brained meat puppet than be dead. So there is that part.
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