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  • "So uh...this really isn't about me -- is there any way you two could just set me aside...maybe swap Rice in as the hostage?" (What does she intend to do?)
  • She's the greatest threat, Uncle.

    Spector, you feel her hand on your shoulder now. She's keeping you positioned directly in front of her. From your angle, Uncle, you can tell she's trying to shield herself entirely.

    Then, cahrattataktak!

    There's a muzzle flash and it's over before you know it. Shell casings are rattling on the floor.


    It's Rice. She emptied several rounds into his kneecaps and he dropped to the ground.

    She's telling the truth. But, she can't have many rounds left.

    "I'm not fucking around. Now he can't run and he's part of your gang right?"

    She's addressing you, Uncle.

    "No talk. Throw your gun down. Go get those keys. Lock yourself and Rice in the cell. Some of your sick fucks are going to hear that, so don't make me take this poor guy's life because you're stalling or trying to stop me."

    Spector, you feel the muzzle in your lower back again. It's hot. Rice is laying on the ground, clutching his knees and moaning.

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    Spector, she intends to go out fighting. You feel her digging the muzzle into your back. It's burning you. She's going to empty her clip into your back if Uncle doesn't do as she says. You can feel the aura of her commitment to that fucking threat.
  • How could I get Violetta to point that gun somewhere else, if only for a moment?
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  • Uncle, putting your gun down as a show of compromise would likely get her to settle down.

    "If you'd been down here five minutes ago, you'd have witnessed your men trying to rape me. They didn't get too far."

    She puts the gun to the back of Spector's head now. It's somewhere else, Spector, but not what you had in mind right?

    You want it off you, get Uncle to put his gun down on the floor. ;)

    "I'm giving you one more chance, old man."
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    She pushes on you, Spector, sending you forward. Not too forcefully, but enough to let you know she's letting you go.


    She's still got the smg in her hand, but she's pointing it at the ground now.

    "Fair enough. I see your point. Sorry about your man there."

    She's talking about Rice. She takes a deep breath in. Exhales.

    "What now?"
  • Making sure that I'm safe from Violetta, I go over to Rice and see what's what. If the woman isn't scrutinizing me, I'll also take a second to gesture with Rice' weapon toward her and let Lars give me a sign if he wants something violent out of me. Assuming nothing happens immediately, I'll start wrapping Rice's legs in tourniquets. When I develop an opinion, I'll respond to Lars' question.
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    What are you using for the tourniquet? I guess this would be considered "using an angel kit" but with 0-stock? So, you're also acting under fire trying to stabilize him. Let's see that roll first. You're helping him, Uncle?

    Also, Uncle. Right now, there's no immediate medical supplies in Crutch's place. He's probably got 1-stock in there somewhere, hidden for himself. But, you could also potentially throw some barter around at the market and maybe find someone to scrounge up 1 or 2 stock. We can use barter moves for that if you want to spend some of your wealth. Lots of people needing to be patched up and all.

    "Sit? Ok. Long as I'm not in that cage."

    Violetta walks over to the turned over chair and pulls it upright, the back facing toward you both and she straddles it. She's watching you try and apply the tourniquet to Rice.
  • I'm tearing clothing off the dead and using that to apply pressure. Acting under fire: #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
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    I agree. Let's go with a straight act under fire roll.

    Spector, even with Uncle's help, I'm seeing a total of 5. Is that right?
  • Ayup! Sorry Rice...
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    Rice is screaming and hollering as you try to apply the tourniquet. He's out of control at this point. You can't get the goddamn things on right. And, as he's fighting you, shoving you off - "Leave me alone, goddamnit!" - you notice he's going for his gun. He's cursing Violetta. "Crazy woman!" He wants revenge.

    Rice snatches up his rifle. The tourniquet's on all wonky; if it's left like that, he'll probably lose his leg. He starts to take aim at Violetta. He's about to fire.

    What do you do?
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    Seizing the gun from him by wrestling him down to where he can't use it? How would that work? He's not trying to shoot you guys. But, it's possible he could accidentally. He's definitely trying to shoot Violetta. He's certainly fighting.

    How do you want to resolve it?
  • I hate to stand between a man and his justice, but I think Violetta's intel is more important to me right now. I'm kicking the rifle out of Rice's grip. That'll spoil his aim at the least and if he doesn't actually let go, it'll have swung high and I'll grab it and wrestle it away from him. seizing by force? (If so, use this: #DiceRoller( 2d6 ), if not, disregard that roll.)
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    Alright. Give me the roll to pin him, Uncle.

    Harm as established for Spector's roll is toward Violetta (the pointed rifle). Harm for Uncle is flailing elbows, headbutts, etc... as Rice fights you off him.
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  • Spector, you got a hard success also. What choices? You get three.
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    My picks are the same as Uncle's. (Definite hold, little harm, impress others.) I'm attempting to both suffer and inflict no harm, but securing the rifle is more important than going gentle on Rice.
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    I'm not even going to worry about the suffer harm roll here for you, Uncle. Not unless you want it. The way I'm reading it, he's doing roughly 1ish harm, but you're suffering little and you have armor on. It's insubstantial.
  • Great. Who wants to describe what happens?
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