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  • I'm scratchin' at the bandage that someone slapped onto me where the bullet passed through my skin. It's an itchy fucker, and I still feel that dull ache, though I figger shock's probably keepin' it from really affectin' me. I watch Uncle as he moves and gives orders, scratchin' the bandage an' wonderin' if I can do that weird thing I did with Navarre on myself. Or if I should.

    Finally, Uncle gets around t'me, an' he's lookin' at me real deep. I let my eyes go dead, an' I return his gaze.

    "Fuck if I know, Lars. I got access to Mimi's girls, an' a bumpy little shack here, an' a few fancy little doodads I've had fer a while. Not much else. Maybe he wants me for my stunnin' good looks." I don' smile. "Fact is, I was gonna ask you the same questions. Why the fuck did he want me. And was it ever on the table to turn me over to 'em." At the last words, I make sure I'm lookin' into Uncle's eyes. Not challengin' him, but makin' sure he knows the significance o' whatever the answer woulda been to that question. Then I look over at Seville an' nod.

    "But why don' you let me tear into this fucker's head. I swear I'll find out what he wants from me. Hell, maybe I won't even have to go into his skull. I'm what the fucker wants. Maybe he'll open up to me. Whether he likes it or not. Because fact is, Lars, I wanna know what the fuck he and that bitch wanted with me, just as much as you do. An' somethin's tellin' me that it's more'n a bit important."
  • Let's say [x] = a guy named Exit. Came along after the war with Dog Head ended and joined up with the Rough Riders. He's a mean sonofabitch, but he's effective and always gets the job done.

    Princy salutes you.

    "I'll warn Crutch and let him know."

    Princy is gone. He's slow, but he's still moving with a purpose.

    Assuming you've dismissed Kirk, he nods, soaking up all the information laid out before him and heads off to round up Exit and his squad.

    Gritch launches into his response, and just as he finishes you hear three shots ring out loud. Sounds like they're coming from the marketplace. Sounds like they had a steady cadence. Like - bang. bang. bang. Just like that. Three in a row. Same spacing between 'em. And, probably a 9mm. Who's wasting fucking ammo? Or, are they wasting it? You don't know. But, something just went down.
  • "Sounds like yer jurisdiction, there, Lars." I take out a cigarette and light up. "Could be just another one o' the animals lettin' off some steam, but somethin' makes me doubt it. Want me t'stay in here with this fucker while you go check it out?" I eye Seville as I talk. I don' know what the fuck he's wearin', but it don' look good, an' it's got me a bit concerned. That said, though, the fucker wanted me. Hell, he knew to take my glove. He knew a bit more about me than I liked, an' I wanna know how an' why. Uncle wouldn't mind if I went rifling through the fucker's brain while he dealt with those gunshots, would he?
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  • While Uncle is goin' to untie the gag on Seville...on a hunch...I wanna open my brain to the Maelstrom and sneak a peek at how Seville looks in ghostlight.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    I toss my cigarette on the ground, an' then I close my eyes for a moment, an' when I open 'em up, I feel the cold pluckin' at my skin. I got better at containin' it over the years, or at least at not noticin' it, but it's always there. Before my eyes, I see frost and ice riming everything, an' I see shadows that ain't there, an' green light slippin' across surfaces, comin' from nowhere. I ain't never looked at Uncle this way afore...didn't think I was gonna see anythin' weird, but I just wasn't sure, and didn't risk his ire. But I think now's the time.
  • Mo and Cedar move out. Just as they're out of view, but obviously not to the market yet, you hear several more shots. This time, in an erratic sequence. Bang. Bang-Bang. Bang. Sounds like the same weapon.

    Seville is gazing back into your eyes as you speak to him. He's clearly trying to get a read on you also. His demeanor is ice cold though. You can't tell what he's thinking or feeling about your threats.

    Seville licks the inside of his mouth. The kitchen rag obviously didn't settle well with him.

    "Bring me some water. I can't talk with this sick taste in my mouth."
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    Time slows down a bit. Uncle's still moving and talking, but it's slow and otherworldly. Seville's soul is wide open, clinging to his frame, but you can see it trying to get out. This ghostly image of him is crawling right out of Seville's body, but it can't quite get all the way. What's it doing? Why does it want out? You're not sure. But, you have this sneaking suspicion that there's more to Seville than let's on. And, then, the soul turns to you. To you, Gritch. And, in it's echoing voice, it talks. Just briefly.

    "Dog Head? I see you."
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  • Seville turns his gaze to Gritch, and his eyes seem to insinuate some unspoken message.

    And, then, the Applejack hits his lips and he spits it out all over the place.


    Seville keeps on spitting.

    "Fuck you, Lars."

    How can Seville get you to give him some actual water?
  • Spector, you, Exit and his crew are riding up to Uncle's cottage about this time. You see Mo and Cedar heading off together toward the marketplace. A couple gunshots still echoing across the mountainside. Exit looks uneasy about it, but he takes you on up to Uncle's place.

    "We're gonna go see what's going on at the front lawn."

    Exit waits there until he sees you go on up into Uncle's place.
  • He takes the water, cautiously.

    "Thank you. What are my guarantees that after I tell you what I know you won't just go ahead and kill me anyways?"

    Seville's looking at you now. He's judging your response harshly.
  • Should kill him now. Should kill him now.

    The words're dashin' for my lips, but they don' quite make it out. I stifle 'em before they're given life, 'cuz I know the consequences if I said 'em. Not only'd Uncle probably take it a bit harshly, but Seville'd shut up immediately, an' we both wanna hear more. No, I ain't gonna say it. But I'm gonna keep thinkin' it.

    I have an inklin' of what the fuck I just saw, an' I don' like it. Don' like it at all. Not least because...what the fuck did he say to me? "Dog Head? I see you." What the fuck is that?

    No. Don' like this at all.

    "What kind of guarantee would you like? Hell, I'll promise if it'll make you feel better." I snort to m'self, doin' my best not to let the thoughts ringin' through my head show on my face. "'Sides, what are your guarantees we won't just take what we want to know an' kill you anyways?"
  • I walk right in. As I understand things, a closed door tells me to knock, and this door can't close. I'm holding the high-tech safe-cracker as I look around at the carnage and whistle. At the first break in the conversation, "You wanted me Lars? Hell of a day for all of us."
  • Seville hears you, Gritch. But, he's waitin' on Uncle's answer (Uncle's in control here, we've already established that. Heh.).
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  • Seville is following along, keeping note of your tone and inflection.

    "That's one thing I'm not going to be able to help you with, Lars. I didn't attach the bomb. Someone else did that. But, I might be able to help you get your girl back. Thing is, it's a little more complicated than I originally presented... But, considering the way things have turned, my life isn't as insured as I planned. We're going to have to work this out - because as I'm seeing it, my options here are: die or tell you what I know and die. Let's try to make it: die or tell you what I know and live. Eh?"

    How could Seville get you to let him go to deal with him another day?

    As Spector walks in, Seville's eyes go to that thing in Spector's hands. Seville recognizes it.
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  • I sort of wave the device at the prisoner as a gesture of recognition and smile. "Thank be! I'm glad this is part of your plan. Was the murderous boy yours too?"
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    Seville sighs. He acknowledges your comment/question with a look, Spector, but he doesn't answer you directly.

    "Lars, I can see you're not going to let me go under the circumstances. So, let me pose this question to you..."

    He looks at each of you, Gritch, Spector, Marlene and then Uncle, in turn.

    "What if Jean is the one who sent us? You're wondering, how did we get in undetected? How did we know about your guard's shift-change? Who's the enemy among your own? What if there's nothing to exchange?"

    Seville leans back, trying to gauge your reaction to this question.
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    (ETA: Oops, kinda cross-posted. Does it still make sense, or should I change this?)

    "Lars, we're not lettin' this fucker go without gettin' a few more answers outta him, are we?" I've gathered that the fucker's got Uncle's daughter held somewhere, an' I can understand the man wantin' her back. But I need more, if I'm not gonna kill Seville straight away. I need to understand what I say, an' why the hell he wanted me.

    "I wanna know what he wanted with me, an' I'm willin' to do what I have to to his brain to get that knowledge."
  • "This very cool device was left on my lab door, cracking the combination lock. There was also a thug, but his soul is now one with the mist. They also left tire track like a small but honest-to-goodness biker gang. What do we have going on here?"

    I'm approaching the prisoner and inspecting the electronics. Is it of the same manufacture as the device I'm holding?

    "So...who is this bozo anyway?"
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  • Spector, yes, they appear to be of similar tech-levels. However, you can't be certain that they came from the same place. The device appears to be intact, manufactured, for the most part, while the "bomb" or whatever appears to be a mish-mash of many parts from several devices concocted to work together. Whomever did this, oh man, they're good.
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    Seville, on Uncle's use for him.

    "Not necessarily. I have information about who she's allied with, where they are stationed, and why they wanted Gritch. Maybe we can work something out."
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