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  • (This is something of an aside. I wouldn't be against trying to manipulate Uncle into letting Gritch play with Seville's mind, but I'm not sure what leverage I'd have to manipulate Uncle with. There's almost no way I could do a threat of violence for obvious reasons, and a threat of "WELL I'M LEAVING NYAH" wouldn't be something Gritch would actually be interested in following through with. I don't think Gritch has anything Uncle wants, either. Am I wrong, here? Because I think it would be interesting to try, but I'm not sure the situation merits it.)
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  • Question him, Marlene.
  • Seville is still looking at you Uncle, ignoring Marlene's question.

    "Lars, is the Chateau run by committee nowadays?"
  • I'm going to investigate the bomb apparatus. It's not my specialty but I've hacked enough hardware in my lab to know a thing or two. I'd particularly like to know what the detonation conditions are. I presume that a stopped heart is one. Is it the only?
  • Spector, seems like that'd be a good place for a read the sitch roll. Show me.
  • Seville shakes his head.

    "Nah, you got it all wrong, Lars. She's not giving anyone orders. She's taken up with someone else. It ain't none of the brigands leftover from the war. It's a smart move for her, Lars. She takes after you. She's setting herself up to be in a prime position to run your place. She ain't the innocent little girl anymore, Lars. She's not what you think. And, yeah, I knew I was on a suicide mission. That's what this is for..."

    He looks down.

    "But, uh, the way I see it now. Shit kind of hit the fan. I'm interested in working this out with you, Lars. Maybe she just needs a firm spanking to put her back into place. Heh."

    Marlene, what he just said is all truth, at least, he's speaking with confidence like he believes it to be true.
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    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    I think "what's my enemy's true position" is sort of like "what can cause this bomb to pop."
  • Alright, I'm game if you are! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't manipulating with stuff that Uncle wouldn't really be manipulated by.

    "Lars, look. I know you, much as you know me. We ain't close, but we understand each other enough, an' I know that you'd do what you have to t'get those're close to you safe. An' this fucker? What's to say he ain't gonna lie if he does cave? What's to say he's got anythin' useful at all in his head? He could just make this shit up. But I'm on yer side, Lars. S'why I took a bullet to help Mo earlier, an' it's why I ain't done shit yet without yer approval. I know you don' like my methods, but I can help you, Lars. I can help you get yer girl back, an' I can help you set this mess right." I look Uncle in the eye t'let him know I'm serious about what I'm sayin'. O'course, I do my best to keep my thoughts off o' the words o' Seville's soul.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )

    (highlighted, for an advance, I believe)
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    Spector, the wires and mechanisms start to run all together in your mind. It's like, just when you think you figured it out, it all slips away. You just can't figure out how these wires interact with the heartbeat monitor, and how that interacts with the other gizmos attached to this thing. You're going to need to take this guy into your lab probably.

    Well, you're not going to have much time.

    Before you have a chance to respond to Gritch, Uncle, all of a sudden a noise starts emanating from Seville's vest. Spector, the heartbeat line goes flat, and this "Eeeeeeee!" is coming from all around you, mocking you!

    Seville, looks down. His eyes go fucking wide. Sweat starts pouring out of the pores on his forehead. You didn't touch anything. But, Seville is blaming you.

    "Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! What did you do!?"

    What does everyone do now?
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  • (Oh, dear, I read Michael's description of throwing Seville out the window and I just smiled.)

    I dive down behind a wall myself, but I try to keep my eyes on Seville. I don't want him to die, not before I get my answers, an' I'm not quite willin' to believe that he's just gonna explode.
  • Uncle, I'm envisioning an act under fire here. Are you thinking something else? Does anyone want to try and help Uncle?
  • Just remember, "if more than one person helps somebody, hooray! They’re popular. But they still get only the single +1."

    (And, looks like a single +1 would be very nice right about now.)
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    When you help or interfere with someone who’s making a roll, roll+Hx. On a hit, they take +1 (help) or -2 (interfere) now. On a 7–9, you also expose yourself to fire, danger, retribution or cost.

    Of course, on a miss, I get to go to my hard moves. And, as always, you won't like it.
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  • I'll wait for Spector and Gritch to chime in before moving forward.
  • OK, caught up. When I first read the flat line, my first thought was to throw him out. So I'm starting to grab him with the same purpose in mind when Lars charges in, both more commanding and physical than I am. But I've got Seville's other side and we're both just strong-arming him out the damn door and off the shot-to-shit balcony. Sucks to be him. #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Hmmm. Here's a question, and this may not be okay, but I could see it being a reason for Gritch to help. If Gritch quickly slaps on his violation glove, and then helps to throw Seville out the window, could he use the contact of his touch to quickly Deep Brain Scan Seville? If Gritch thought fast and believed he could do that, he certainly would.

    Either way, though, I think Gritch will try to help Lars, because, hell, it's more interesting that way.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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