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  • None taken. It just is what it is.
  • Hahahaha. Oh dear, this is too funny. I cross-posted with Chris, and Spector did what I thought Gritch would do. So...maybe Gritch just gets in the way, trying to help? Or, perhaps a bit more crazily...

    Gritch, desperate to read Seville and figure out more of what's going on before he explodes, actually dashes outside quickly to drag Seville further away from the building before the man blows, thus giving him the opportunity to have violation glove contact with Seville for a longer period. Yes?
  • Woah, slow down, Gritch. Are you saying, if Seville in fact goes out the window/door, you wanna go along with him, further dragging him from the cottage?
  • Not necessarily. I'm more trying to come up with how Gritch actually helped in getting Seville out that window, so that the roll wasn't just a roll. That was one explanation, although it could also be that Gritch just sort of tries to help tossing him out, and winds up making things more difficult somehow. Or accidentally throws himself out after Seville or something. I had just sorta hoped that he wouldn't come off like so much of a klutz, but, them's the breaks.
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    Ok, Ok. Just wanted to clarify. Let's recap the situation and make sure I have everything right before we go into the effects of the rolls...

    The "bomb" on Seville started, or rather, stopped functioning correctly. Uncle, you immediately - in order to protect the ammunition and not cause a greater explosion I assume - grabbed up Seville up and toss him through the front door (I'm imagining the window grating is still in tact despite the glass being utterly destroyed). Both Spector and Gritch help you (Spec on the other side of the chair, Gritch rushing in and trying hard to help drag, but mostly focused on getting his violation glove touching Seville).

    Marlene, can you clarify what you do once you see both Spector and Gritch stumbling over each other to help?
  • Alright. Since you're just taking cover, and not trying to do anything outside of that, you get it. You're in the bathroom, hunkered down in the old clawfoot tub or something?
  • Right on. Where do you normally bathe? Is it safe to do that in the lake? Or, do you have some sort of facility on the boat?
  • The only modification to that recap (and really, it's just color but AW is "color-first," yeah?) is that I was standing over Seville, looking at the electronics when the shit hit the fan. So I didn't rush in. I sort of imagine that I grabbed an arm of the chair and started dragging him toward the door when Lars grabbed the other side. He was much more effective and I suppose I was an impediment, so maybe I got hurt or got in the way or whatever. Maybe Gritch got me with the glove instead. :)
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    Recap, fixed. And, Oooh! I love that idea. Gritch, roll to deep brain scan Spector.

    Uncle, you snatch up Seville, chair and all, and start hauling his ass out, Spector coming along more for the ride more than anything. It feels like he's dragging Seville down more than helping lift him up. Must be his grip. The noise that vest is emitting is getting louder and louder in your mind. It's like this thing is about to go off any second. It's all a blur of adrenaline and racing hearts. Seville is fucking screaming as you haul his ass over to the door.

    "Get me the fuck out of this chair! Get me out!"

    Marlene's gone. She hit the bathroom and the door slams shut loudly.

    When you get to the doorway, Seville puts both legs out and plants them on either side of the door frame. He's just not budging. Gritch is fumbling for his glove, and finally gets it on and manages to rush over, trying to you assume knock Seville's legs down so you can get him through the door. He does, but it causes Seville to break free from both of your grasps and go tumbling, rolling end over end out the front door. All of you are in a gaggle at the front door. Gritch, you try reaching for Seville, but in the chaos, you actually grab Spector and your mind penetrates his.

    Uncle, you roll to the side of the door, taking cover, but that leaves Gritch and Seville, who've fallen now in the chaos, right in the fucking doorway, right in the line of fire from the blast once it occurs. You can try and take that front door, barely hanging from one hinge, and grab it and use it as a blast shield (a not very effective one - maybe 1-armor) and try and protect Gritch and Seville somewhat, but it's going to put you in the line of fire also - or - you can stay the fuck put and likely only receive some minor burns from the explosion. What would you rather do?

    Once we resolve the scan and Uncle's tough decision, we'll go forward.
  • Well, here's the roll to scan:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Great, you get one question to ask of Spector.
  • So many good questions to choose from...

    For what does Spector crave forgiveness, and of whom?
  • Spector, what's it like for Gritch inside your brain, soul?

    Gritch, tell me what you envy most about Spector.
  • I was looking at the list of things Gritch might ask and thinking they were all hard. And then, when he asked, it was easy. :)

    Spector craves forgiveness from the dead. From those he's killed -- starting with his parents and so many more since then, most immediately Matilda and even Unnamed Thug. He's not really meant for this world and the dog-eat-dog nature wears on him even as, like Gritch himself, he continues to do whatever it takes to survive. Maybe that's why he's always molly-coddling the spookies instead of crushing them.

    When Gritch is inside Spector, he smells the flora. It's obvious that's what it is, but there are more smells than he's ever noticed before. Even just wet leaves have hundreds of different smells if you bother to catalog them. There's more in there, but his time is short and he's concentrating on a question.
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  • Nice answers all around.

    Gritch? Envy?

    Both Spector and Gritch are lying there, tangled with each other. And, suddenly, the noise stops. Seville's facing you, on his side, still struggling to break free from the restraints. And then, you hear this tiny...

    *click* *click* *click*

    Seville stops all his struggling. He closes his eyes. And, a calm comes over him.

    You're pretty sure what comes next.

    What do you do?
  • I'm not sure that I'm sure what comes next. If there's time and cover to be had, I'm scurrying away from the door and under cover -- even a wall is better than being in front of the door.
  • Heh.

    Spector, give me an act under fire roll. The fire is, your gut instinct tells you, that bomb device is about to explode.

    Gritch, if you'd like to get out of the doorway and find some cover, you can give me one too. If not, tell me what you're doing.
  • #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • Nice roll. You're golden.
  • What I envy most 'bout Spector? Simple thing, really, though it's somethin' I don't seem t'be able to grasp. He ain't hated. He ain't feared. He's respected, even. Okay, maybe some folks have a bit o' fear towards the man. But in general, people go to him for help an' advice, an' they don' run in fear, or look at him like he's somethin' dirty, somethin' to be scraped up an' thrown into a refuse bin. He ain't a freak, I guess, is what I see, an' what I want. I look at him, an' I think o' how life would be if people treated me like someone they weren't afraid of, instead of as a monster. I think o' White, an' how things might be between us, an' how Uncle might not look at me like he thought I were gonna sprout tentacles an' start rapin' the women, an' how Marlene might not think I were the devil incarnate, an' how Navarre, that kid, might understan' I'm a man, an' not some bizarre creature of no relation to human.

    I'm torn, an' I'm still reelin' from that glimpse o' Spector's mind. Ain't got much time t'think of it now, though. Gotta make a decision. An' I decide to...

    (Brendan flips a coin...it comes up heads...)

    ...go after Seville. I gotta know what he wanted me for, an' I'll take the risks I gotta t'find out.

    (Side note: even though there's no real way to afford for it in the rules, can I deep brain scan him and find out what he wanted me for, at least in some way? I'd be a little saddened as a player when I take 4 harm, die, and don't even get the answers I wanted.)

    (Other side note: There's no chance of a merciful MC saying that one of Gritch's superficial bits of harm healed, is there? :) )
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    So, I, uh, wasn't expecting this outcome. I love it. Play to find out, aye? :)

    Alright - where did that harm actually come from? I can't remember. Was it during the "1st session"? If so, yeah! Heal it right up so long as it's before 6:00 and all. That shit gets better with time and some time has passed. Why not?

    Let's find out if you can deep brain scan Seville. You're going to need to roll to act under fire. The fire being, you don't get to him in time and his body gets thrown into a million pieces. At that point, you're going to have to find a lost soul in the psychic maelstrom, and that could be daunting.
  • (Yeah, I took harm from when I protected Mo. I believe I took two segments of harm, putting me right at 6 o'clock. So, yay! Maybe I'll be a bit less dead! Crutch is sure gonna have a busy day.)

    Act under fire: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • (BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Take that, explosion!)

    Deep Brain Scan: #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • (Oh, and to annoyingly post three times in a row because I can't edit the ones with the die roller, I collect experience from this last roll, and from reading Seville, as Weird is highlighted.)
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    Even better. An awesome roll. :)

    Edit: So, as far as the harm healing, I'll say one of them heals (it's asymmetrical right? harm heals slower and gets worse faster). You're still at 3:00 though. Better off, but not in perfect condition. Also, don't forget debilities. ;)

    Welp. Go ahead and give me a suffer harm roll, Gritch, just to get it out of the way so we can describe this in the right sequence.

    It's gonna be 4-harm for the explosive (a bit more than a hand grenade, but not quite a "huge explosion"). So, that's roll+4 assuming you still don't have armor on.
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