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  • Spector, you roll your eyes into the back of your head and suddenly you get the sensation of the cold slipping into the tips of your fingernails and toes. You feel this wind circling your body and you see thin wisps of a smokey radiance swirling about. And, then suddenly, you get the sensation of falling in your gut. But, you're not falling, your body isn't moving. Instead, you're moving straight up into the sky, looking down. Down on you, sitting in the crater, next to Uncle's cottage, inside the Chateau, and further. And, then you disappear into the clouds high above.

    Whispers are flowing all around you and there's this chanting wedging itself between the whispers. The chanting sounds nonsensical and monotonous. And, then, through the clouds you're falling. Fucking fast. The ground is coming at you a million miles an hour. And, as you get closer, the chanting is louder and louder, but it's more than one voice now. It's a crowd chanting, chanting.

    And, then, your gut is wrenched as you nearly smash into the floor of the ground, in a forest grove. Everything pauses. You're suspended in air and you're floating around the center of this circle of stones on the ground. A bluish glow fills the space, and there's this woman sitting there in the center. You feel the presence of others on the edge of the circle, on the other side of the stones, but they're all dark, shadowed people. With you, suspended with you are other ghostly visages.

    The woman has twigs embedded in her hair, and a necklace made from bone and gems. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and looks directly at you. It's startling, the small movement, since everything else was paused.

    Her deep, emerald eyes penetrate your soul.

    And, you're back.

    Sitting in the crater.
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    Everyone else sees Gritch's wounds heal. He's in this weird trance, and all of a sudden, after Spector put out the fire, his burns seem to just look better.

    Gritch, go here.
  • Marlene, are you doing anything at the moment? How do you feel?
  • Right on. Well, let's see how Uncle handles Crutch's report.
  • You doing anything, Spector? Still sitting in the crater?
  • No, I'm coming back in, but I figure it's Lars' turn to act/talk so that there's something I can come in on the middle of.
  • At this point, I come back in. "There's somat strange goin' on Lars. Some kind of force -- related to Seville, is stirring up the local souls. Might account for all the weird stuff that's been going on today."

    And with that, I turn to Marlene. "Speaking of, you doin' alright? That feller tried to take you earlier, I wonder if he had a spiritual problem..." Trailing off, I kind of stare off while scratching the back of my head and thinking about Marlene's husband.
  • Crutch is baffled. He's touching Gritch's neck.

    "His burns look like they're not as bad as I first thought. But, I'm not feeling a pulse."

    He puts his ear right up close to Gritch's mouth.

    "I don't think he's breathing either."

    He sits up, not standing, but arching his back tall.

    "No. No other symptoms yet. I'd maybe have to examine them further. We can sedate them, lock them up in one of my rooms, and go from there. If half the people you've met today could already be infected, we should act quickly."
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    "...well, I think your husband approached me about the situation. I was actually up there taking aim on the balloon when things didn't seem right, but I couldn't be sure that the balloon wasn't Lars'. So, I kind of peeked into the spirit's world, hoping to figure things out and there your man was, hiking up the hill toward me and asking me to stop that animal from having his way with you. Even then, I had to take in the people who're just watching you and cheering the situation before I trusted that it called for a shootin'."
  • You sense Crutch's eye on you both as you talk. But, he doesn't do anything outside of wait for Uncle's orders.
  • "Sometime, when we've got some spare time, come up to my place and we'll see what we can do."

    To Crutch, "What?"
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    Crutch's eyes divert from you, Spector, to Gritch's body lying there still smoking slightly. Crutch is fucking unreadable, Uncle. Something else is going through his head and he seems lost.

    "Uncle, I'll take care of the body. Least I could do."
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  • Posted By: yellowparisYou guys talking, like,quietlyMarlene and Spector?
    Hey, I missed this. No, my ears are still ringing and I'm not exactly capable to talking quietly yet.
  • What do you know about Backwater? They are supposed to pay tribute. But, their share hasn't come in this month.

    "Alright, Uncle."

    Crutch starts to clumsily haul Gritch's body up onto his shoulder.
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    Crutch is struggling to get Gritch positioned right on his shoulder. He damn nears falls over and almost drops Gritch.

    "Maybe. I'll get him back to my place and see what I can find out. Oh, and your kid was down there too."

    Crutch finally gets Gritch situated on his shoulder.

    "Yeah, Uncle. I forgot about that. Her kid was down there and exposed too. Might wanna find out who all she's been in contact with since an quarantine them also."

    Marlene, for now, you get the sense that Crutch is gonna do as told. You can tell he's frightened of Uncle and Uncle said no cutting. He'll probably store him somewhere. Somewhere cold.
  • To Crutch, "You got him OK? Need help?"
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  • Backwater sounds delightful. There's a man there, goes by the name Walters. Lots of folks call him, 'Sergeant Walters' for some reason. You don't know. He ain't no warrior. Not in your day. Long as you known him, he's been a cripple. Missing half of one of his legs. Big guy though. Burly. Red haired. Has a couple kids. Boy and a girl.

    It ain't like Walters not to send tribute.

    And, yeah. You've got some radios around. They're fickle. Sometimes they work OK. Other times, not so OK. Let's hope they keep a charge.
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