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  • There was mark xp (4) back there a bit.

    Assuming Crutch turns down Spector, that's Gritch, Crutch, and Marlene gone, leaving me and Spector. I'm thinking about priorities, with my instinct leaning toward going down to the lockup and seeing if I can get something out of that Violetta right here and now.

    But, ok, those gunshots in the market. Mo isn't back yet, is she? Sure, it hasn't actually been that long, but it's irrational to go running after Jean, clutching at straws, when something's wrong about the hold. I nod that way.

    "Walk with me, Spector. Where's the girl? Left her up on the mountain?"

    I'm making like I'm just checking or whatever, no big deal. But, yeah, there's a note of disapproval.
  • Crutch does. He nods, 'I got him' on his way out the doo... er, hole in the front of the building.
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    Yup. You haven't heard from Mo yet, Uncle. It's only been a few minutes though. No more gunshots at least.

    So, Marlene, are you going right through the marketplace? Cause if so, you might see it first. You can avoid it if you want though and just head right down to your place.
  • Marlene's trying to avoid running into anyone else, so as to avoid spreading the disease, if she has it. If there's a way to the dock that involves less people, she'll take that, even if it's a bit longer.
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    Sounds good. You're there. Are you wanting to do anything in particular once you arrive?
  • Play with the kids. It's been a rough day.
  • Haha. Right on.
  • I'll fall in with Lars as he walks wherever we're going. "Yeah, it's been a rough day for her. She's very...humane. And she needed a nap after her bath, but your boys came for me. Y'know. She might be coming down with something, I'm not sure yet. But she's got access to the lab and there are alarms that'll go off if someone tries to get in. She'll be fine."

    I pause for a moment as we're walking. "What a fucked up day this is. I guess I should explain something. I shot one of your boys...if you heard me talkin' 'bout it with Marlene a minute ago. Fucker was raping her while some of your other people stood around cheering. I know you need your guys, but I didn't know what else I could do. Anyway, sorry about the strain."
  • I've talked to Spector many times, and I haven't really known him to lie about shit, but still. A man shoots one of my guys, he might color the truth a bit.

    I'm going to try to read him. I haven't succeeded at reading a person yet this session, and this'll be my forth try, but I'm still going to give it a shot, dammit. Either way, I'll need to talk to Marlene later to see if I can get her side of the story and determine what, if any, punishment I need to hand down, but let's see what I take from Spector: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    Well, there we go. And mark xp (5), and what the hell: pack alpha. Are you telling the truth, Spector? I know that you are, so I'll just carry on, but feel free to elaborate on that if you see fit.

    So I grumble, but I can't complain. I'd be the first to admit my crew's a bunch of fucking savages (and hell, I like 'em that way), but I don't hold with directing violence towards civilians. Not my civilians, at any rate. I don't need the locals to think I'm their friend, but they mostly trust that I'm not going to fuck them over, and I like to keep that relationship. Like I was thinking, I'm going to have to look into this.

    "I did catch part of that. Who'd you kill, then?"

    "And hold on. Pamming's coming down with something? Like what, Crutch's plague of crazy? You left her up there like that?"
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    "I don't know."

    My breath catches in my throat and I heave a heavy sigh. You've probably caught on that I don't really care for the killing business, but the fact that I don't even know who it was, just caught me off-guard.

    "Dunno. It was really beyond my normal shooting range but I got lucky. Or he didn't. Or something. But hopefully you don't have so many people that took a shot to the neck today that it'll be hard to figure. All's I could tell was that he was a pretty fat thing."

    "And Pamming ain't got whatever that fella has. Well...she might, I s'pose, but she was puking this morning before they showed up. She might be sick or maybe just knocked up. I'll keep an eye on her and maybe we'll make out real good at this hospital."
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    Just knocked up! No, ok, it doesn't matter.

    "Alright. What do you think about Crutch's idea? That it's some kind of rabies or something, making people violent? Doesn't make sense to me. Sure, there's been some killing today, but of the people that might be infected ... well, there's you. But I guess we're putting that down to reasonable causes, right?"

    "And there's Fido, but fuck. Man took on a coupla men with machine guns, and that's crazy, but not more crazy than is usual for him, if you take my meaning. You had visitors this morning, you said ... did they do for anyone? You had to kill one, or something like that."

    Um, I'm trying to figure out if there's a good Read a Person question for: "Seeing as you have killed at least two people today, are you secretly possessed by an irrational urge to do murder?"

    How about: How are you feeling, Spector?
  • Just gotta say I'm loving this conversation so far.
  • "I'm skeptical that the illness is increasing aggression. I mean...maybe, but I don't see it yet. If'n that's the case and it's at all virulent, then we're pretty well fucked. How good is your man Crutch? He seems a little off, but that don't mean he's ignorant."

    Now that you're looking for it, it's pretty clear that Spector is tired. And sad. And open. Bothered by killing the folks -- particularly the girl. And under all that, excited about something.

    "Two kids showed up. The boy was a bad'un and the girl, Matilda was just scared. I needed to kill the boy, but I got the wrong one. He didn't seem like he was bad because of a bug -- just 'cause some folks are bad. But what the fuck do I know?"
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    "Crutch is, he's good. But that don't mean this is something he's good at. Working for me, he gets mainly battle wounds. Accidental injuries. If this is some nasty, unknown disease, I've never seen him deal with something like that ... it's been a while since we had a really serious whatsit around here. Epidemic, I mean."

    "Remember that last one? That, uh, sleeping sickness? Old Scrimshaw definitely knew what to do then, but I don't know how much a that he taught Crutch. Died sudden - his heart. I think he expected to have more time. A fucking doctor, he should of known better, but."


    "Some people just need to be shot, and the world'll be a better place if we just do it for them. It's not something to agonize over. Take that Seville as a case of point. Well, I'd have liked to held onto that one longer - I don't think I got a word of truth out of him. But ... he's dead now, isn't he?"

    "I'm kind of out of options now. They got Jean, you hear that? Reckon that woman of his knows anything? ... Wait, fuck, nevermind. You've never even seen her, I guess."
  • I shrug, "yeah...dunno."

    "I do have to tell ya though -- and I know you don't exactly set store in this stuff, but I went out to the blast sight and felt around for that Seville's soul -- it seemed like you had more you needed from him. I had a strange vision. I think his soul belongs to someone -- it got sucked away by something. It looked like a woman with twigs in her hair and such -- hard to know how literal to take these thing, could be that there's some weird lady with twigs in her hair working against us that we need to find out about and maybe it's just some...natural, guess you could say, force. Anyway, it's weird. Weirder than usual..."
  • Gonna let this conversation go to it's natural conclusion and then we'll be in the market where Mo is.
  • I didn't think of it, but I want Gritch's gear ... his gun, any reloads, his pain grenade, his violation glove. If he's dead (or mostly dead), I don't want that floating around I-don't-know-where, particularly the last two things. Can we retcon and say I got that, or some/most of that? If no, well, alright.

    I go, "Hrnn." In the back of my throat. That's interesting, and all, but it's really ... not something that I can factor into my decision-making process. Seville's soul belongs to someone, maybe, except that it might not be a someone at all, it might just be some weird fucking thing. And what's that even mean? 'His soul belongs to someone.'

    I'm going silent for a moment, not sure how to follow up that, but I do have a last question: Spector, how could I get you to offer to go poking around in the maelstrom with your weird juju, trying to find my little girl? Without, y'know ... actually asking you to go poking around in the maelstrom, talking to ghosts, and doing similar things that I generally don't hold with.
  • Are you hip to his special gear? If so, you got it. Where you keeping it though?
  • Uncle's known Spector a long time. You know that all you'd have to do is indicate that you need this information and that the only people who could help you have all just died. Spector'd get the idea to follow up on his own. But when? If you wanted him to drop what he was doing and pursue this shit now, you'd probably have to come right out.
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    No, I still have one last lead with Violetta, so I'm not desperate enough to do more than just hinting. So I'm just kind of thinking out loud:

    "Well. That's it for Seville, and Navarre did for the men they brought in on that balloon. We took a prisoner, but I don't yet know if she'll be any help ... she got pretty beaten up. Shit, man, I don't know. If that doesn't work out, I guess I put out a bounty or something. Comb the holds, see if anyone's seen a balloon floating around. What're your thoughts?"

    I know Gritch carries that stuff around, and I've seen him use both his bits of special gear at least once, when he tried to kill Dog Head for me. I've probably seen them in use a few times beyond that, but not many.

    The grenade is weird, but it's still just a grenade (or, at least, I'm comfortable thinking of it that way). It's right there, clipped to his belt, and I've seen Gritch use it, so I know not to accidentally arm it when I just slip it inside the left pocket of my jacket.

    The glove is far freakier. I don't know. I don't really want to have it on my person, in case just touching it does something, but I didn't really feel like I should be lallygagging around taking the time to lock it up somewhere. Still, it's the thing I least want floating around, so I peel it off of his charred flesh.

    If one of Gritch's belt pouches just unsnaps from the belt, I shove it in that and move it to my right jacket pocket. If not, I guess I sort of ... roll it up, trying not to touch it too much, and wrap it in a handkerchief, and pocket it as described. I'm handling it like someone might handle, say, a dead mouse, like it's sort of nasty and distasteful, but not actually horrifying.

    It's pretty easy to see Gritch's gun isn't in its holster, so never mind that. Also, it'd take some time to search through all of this little pockets and pouches, so I don't go looking for bullets. Realistically, he's not going to be carrying enough ammo for me to have to worry about it.
  • "You should interrogate your prisoner. She's your best, most direct avenue to the information you need. You can ask around about the balloon if that doesn't pan out -- can't hide a giant flying thing for too long, but the asking will take time."

    (Dude! That was you coming to me for advice...if you take my advice, you get a +1 to any rolls in the doing and I mark experience.)

    "Marlene's man might know something, too. She wanted me to reach out to him -- if we can set that up, I'll try to ask him if he knows anything about Jean."

    Did I teach Jean? Or just your son(s) -- I don't recall where we talked about that.
  • All the kids. Jean being youngest, she'd be the most recent of them, too. In fact, do you still teach her? She's certainly done with whatever basic education, but Uncle refuses to give her a role in the hold, which is what cut off her brothers' education. If she was interested, she could still be seeing Spector less frequently, learning calculus or whatever.

    "Marlene's? ... oh."

    (I think we are largely wrapping this up, yeah? Might be approaching the market now.)
  • Sure.

    As you round the corner to the front lawn, you get full view of a showdown happening right there. Mo and Cedar have taken up cover behind a turned-over stall. Mo's got her weapon aimed at this Rough Rider, his name is Panzer, who's got this crying lady held up at gunpoint. Mo's screaming at him, all, "Let her fucking go, Panzer!" And, he's all like, "Fuck you! I ain't going to the dungeon over this shit!"

    What shit?

    Well, there's a couple bodies, all shot up and bloodied, scattered throughout the market. The immediate vicinity looks a wreck. Stalls and tables knocked over, carts tumped, goods strung across the field. On the far side of the market, you see some residents, your peeps, holed up and taking cover far enough away to not get shot, but still have a good view of the scene going down.

    Any questions? What do you two do?
  • I repeat: "Oh. Je-sus Christ."

    Do I recognize the hostage? And what's Panzer's chain of command? I've got my hands on my smg, not aiming or anything, though I could shoot from the hip if I had to. I'm not taking cover or any such shit, as I am supremely confident that Panzer is not stupid enough to try taking a potshot at me.

    I will, though, take a second to survey the situation and make sure I'm not missing anything. I check the corners, identify the people I recognize, look for any guns out that I might've overlooked. That kind of thing.

    Read Sitch (xp 1): #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    Oh my. Well.

    Who's in control? What's my enemy's true position?

    I get a third question, but I'll decide what to ask for that right after I get these two answered.
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    Yes, you recognize the hostage. It's a girl named Granola who you usually see hanging around the market trying to sell these lousy quilts she sews from various segments of old clothes and blankets. She's awfully plain looking, but frightened out of her wits.

    Panzer is a grunt. He's usually getting himself in trouble, but usually doesn't cause problems as far as murderin' and all that. But, you wouldn't put it past him to get himself in the thick of it seein' as how he tends to act before he thinks. He doesn't see you or Spector at the moment. His eyes are trained on Mo's gun. Although, you can tell he's gripping that pistol he's got a little harder than you'd like.

    Who's in control?

    Panzer's in control right now if anyone gives a shit about Granola. If not, Mo probably is, as she hasn't noticed you yet. You're not seeing much else. This is between Mo and Panzer right now.

    What's my enemy's true position?

    Panzer gets mad when he's hungry and his idea of civilized society goes right out the fucking window. Looks like the gunned down civilians were farmers here to trade.
  • I'm looking non-threatening and approaching the downed civilians. Maybe they're still alive.
  • Spector, if you come closer to the bodies, which are not too far from Panzer, he's going to notice you and it might complicate things. He's definitely not going to let you just waltz up there. You wanna go anyway and see what he says about it?
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