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    Oh, yeah. I don't know who's squad he's in. You tell me. The read bonus is definitely applicable. Gotta love perfect instincts.

    He doesn't hesitate. He tosses the girl to the side and trains his magnum on you, Uncle. She goes to the ground and hurriedly crawls away from the guy.

    "You ain't throwin' me in the dungeon, Uncle. I ain't no animal. Not like Fido. You fuckers are holding out food from us! And, I don't give a fuck who's runnin' the show no more; you or Fleece, either can suck my dick! Now, where is it? Where's the grub?!"

    Spector, are you still moving toward the injured? Uncle has Panzer's undivided attention at this point.

    Uncle, you should be on the lookout for Panzer's itchy trigger finger at this point.
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  • Yeah, I'm moving up and letting him respond.
  • Spector, there's two men there. Both of them dead as fuck.

    One of 'em is face-up. He's got one hole in his face and two in his chest. The other looks like he ran. He's a few yards further away. He's got four shots in his back.

    Anything in particular you're looking for?
  • Nope, just seeing if there was someone to save. I'll back away from the situation -- it's all Lars.
  • Alright.

    How you wanna handle this, Uncle? You wanna read him?
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  • It's going to be 2-harm total (3-harm magnum -1 for little harm). You're wearing armor right? Gimme a suffer harm roll.
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    Gosh, I'd hate to take away Gritch's stuff that makes him cool. :/ It's tempting... I can't! I just can't!

    Yeah. I can.

    So, Panzer sees the look in your eyes and he goes off like a switch. That itchy trigger finger starts pulling as hard and fast as he can. The magnum's spitting out fire and roaring like a dragon. But, you're already moving, smg blazing as well. The bullet's hit Panzer all over his body, and little pockets of blood are exploding and popping up bursts of red mist. Mo and Cedar have both come out and opened fire on Panzer too. He doesn't go down though, he just keeps yanking on that magnum's trigger and hoping to hit something.

    But, you're too quick, old man. The one bullet that does hit you just grazes off your armor and you get behind cover just as everyone's guns run out of ammo. The dust settles and you hear Panzer's heavy frame hit the dirt. He's dead. And, his leather vest is FUCKED.

    Your heart is racing and you don't even realize Gritch's pain grenade is gone.
  • Spector, you just standing there the whole time? You're not really in the line of fire or anything. But, I figure you might have done something.
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    Yeah, just kinda watching how it goes down. Maybe not the smartest, but it feels like an oddly safe situtation. I figure everyone in the market was gone or under cover, but once the firing stops, I'll look to find any collateral casualties.
  • The only casualty from the gunfire is Panzer and his vest. Uncle might've been shot. But, he's not wincing in pain or anything.
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    Mo turns to you, Uncle.

    "You ok, pops? Asshole didn't shoot you did he?"

    Most of the crowd is dispersing. Some people are packing up and looking to head out. Clearly, today's not going to be the best day for the market.
  • Something suddenly strikes me and I take the few steps back toward Panzer's corpse. I stoop and pick up the magnum from where it skittered after he hit the ground. Then I'll walk back over to Uncle. "What next, Lars? The girl? The infirmary?"
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  • You recognize the two dead fellas. Mandy and... well, shit. You forgot the other guy's name. They're both farmers from Milltown. Milltown is run by Millions, of Dog Head's gang fame. He worked out a deal with you to run his own little town. Not sure how that worked out, considering the circumstances. How did Millions convince you to let him live, let alone run a place?

    Started out as Million's Town, but eventually became Milltown.

    Milltown, among others, hasn't shown up with tribute (food) yet as far as you know. You're still waiting to hear specifics from Rice.

    Most of the crowd is scared shitless though. You're not sure if they're not answering out of fear or because they simply don't know.
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  • Cedar salutes you and hops to, off to find one of his buddies. He's a good kid.

    Mo shrugs.

    "I don't know. Haven't seen him in a couple days actually. But, that's nothing new. Strange he didn't show up for the morning report though. He's usually on top of that. You want me to go get him for you?"
  • Spector, you wanna hang around? Or, do you have other plans?
  • I'm hanging out with Lars. He sent his boys to get me, but we haven't really had a chance to discuss whatever was on his mind. So I figure I'm here, I might as well see what he's up to -- and the situation is kind of interesting.
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  • Mo's on top of it.

    "You got it."

    She's sticking around of course until you give her the go ahead to depart.
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